Wikipedia Tag

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  • go to Wikipedia
  • search for your birthday date
  • there is an "edit" next to the birth
  • write the exact codes they wrote and write what you wanna write about your self
  • use the print screen option and then post it on ur blog


Anonymous said…
7arakat! =D
becareful with the speed 3ad!
Anonymous said…
enshallah I will be careful :)
PaLoMiNo said…
sheno hatha ma fahmt shlon nsweeh ;D
shfeeni 9yra ma astw3b shay today ;D
Missy said…
wain the chatbox? :(
aham shi born to speed ;p
Chaotic pOsha said…
Palomino you and I are on the same track! ;p I dunno whats goin on here
Anonymous said…
Palo: follow the steps once you go on the website its pretty easy :)

Oranjina: hehe

missy: awww u want it back?

jouja: hehe in my blood :D

posha: Posha easy girl...just follow the steps once ur on the website!
Isn't this vandalism?
Anonymous said…
Radiant: I thought they have an error in their site!
Ansam said…
July 31, 1981 :-P your birthday!! Laish ana 3abali June!!! I dont like this Tag
Mar8adoosh said…
OMG I'm talking to a famous person ! ;O
Fa6ma said…
That looked so cool! I was about to do it cuz I'm a good girl and I listen to you =p .. But then I read this:
"Please do not add yourself or people without Wikipedia articles to this list."
So I decided not to, you know, being a good girl and all =D

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