WARNING: This post might have sexual and rude language. If you are sensitive please do not proceed.

While surfing the blogs today I accidentally entered a blog which was locked and I got no clue how I entered inside till I was there. I wish I didn't enter there because that really made me so sick of blogsphere. I nearly wanted to throw up.

I couldn't believe that women or girls can be so vulgar and bad. I am still shocked. Explicit sexual language used and writing their personal experiences there is just crazy. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Me writing here wont explain anyone but if you would have read it there you will go crazy the way I am. I am not over reacting but it was terrible being there. Are they proud of all this? What are they trying to prove? Can a women go that low?

I am not saying that I am an angel but if I was ever bad I wouldn't go out and expose my self and invite others to come and read my shame. I would feel so bad about it that I wouldn't even want to think about it for the rest of my life.

I am not here to stop them its their life let them go do shit it doesn't even matters. I am just here to let it off my chest. But I am glad I cleaned up my BLOG ROLL.

This is for my readers with all respect if you were on my blog roll and you are not there anymore please don't comment on any of my posts going forward.

If you are a new reader or someone I haven't added because I didn't get time please feel free to comment.

The bloggers who are on my blog roll feel free to comment.

I am disabling anonymous comments for this post!


Anonymous said…
good im still there :P
what in hell have u seen there that drove u crazy!
i cant imagine what it was there!
dont bother urself mate.. its not a perfect world in the end :/
♥P-Ella♥ said…
hey amu whats up?
well i think i think i know whom blog you talked about lol bs ham at the same time i have no idea who @@ btw el song 7dda sad
Anonymous said…
ZaMaHReeR: I am not bothered anyway..It was just letting off...

♥P-Ella♥ : I am sure no one knows about it!

Anonymous: I know that you are not supporting it but the invite was kinda open to anyone. And I am here just expressing my thoughts about a blog and I have made it clear that I am not stopping them so they are more then welcome to keep it going.
Ms. D said…
woohoo! Am one of the goodies! Am still on ur blogroll

I know!! Its them gang of new girls blogger invading our blogosphere. I knw ths blog was invite only but hellooo! Theyre inviting us rite jedam 3yona! And lets admit it bany adam malgof and curious! So bloggers get sucked in o ybon echaykon ths new blog!
Zabo0o6a said…
wohoo , i'm still here :D
Anonymous said…
I can say one thing!

shoosha said…
zamhareer: you really dont wanna see

amu... awal i used to hear off people/girls doing stuff like that but didn't really believe it!! and now!! OH MY! i've never been that shocked!

allah yaster 3alaihum inshalla
shoosha said…
but i believe in freedom of speech.. and that every blogger can write whatever he/she wanted as people aren't obliged to even read it!
Missy said…
I KNOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! araf!
Noufa said…
you need to add the link or email it :P!

and maybe it's not real like a fictional one. i don't ever believe what i read on kuwait blogsphere, some blogger lie to increase their visitors, you can easily spot the over-writing :s
Anonymous said…
u cleaned up ur blog roll! I was there! now Im not!

what did I do!!!

Big Pearls said…
It is sad. Allah yaster 3alaihom, o yetamem 3alaina! Glad I am still in your blog roll;)
Aurous said…
Oh God! I can't even begin to imagine what could be [THAT] bad!

Allah yahdeehom
Ms Loala said…
Omg what went there!! :\
OutOfReach said…
allah yster 3la el kel
glad i'm still here
Anonymous said…
Ms. D: Allah ye7deehm..

Zabo0o6a: Yes you are :)

Soul: It is eww...

shoosha: I know I heard that too but I guess we just cant trust people!

shoosha: That is why I am not caring let them blog :D I was just expressing my views on a blog I accidentally got in!

Missy: ok.....

Noufa: Maybe I know alot of people fake up! so but still it was disgusting being there..

Soul: Heyyy you are have always been there :D You were Soul Portrait before and now just Soul :) or let me change to the previous one as there are two Soul's :D

Big Pearls: ee wallah Allah yestar 3alihom!

Aurous: Dont worry you didnt miss anything good :D

Ms Loala: you dont wana know ;p

OutOfReach: you will always be there :)
Anonymous said…
oh! ashwaaa ;p
Bebe n' Noonie said…
killa an6irik u put our blog up killa u never do :( :p
mm I think I know what ur talkin abt..!!
very very wai3 I was shocked to..!
I told her to kick me out ! W am out ashwa!
Smarties said…
ketabl comment waaaina =( ??
anyway ely kent baqola! الاشكَرَا موضه hal youmeen! ya3ny i'm cool!! < 3araft el nou3!!

al 7imdallah w al sheker! bs shestawy fehoum el blogging 7q kelmen, enta ely 3laiak bs la t3awir rasek teqralehoum.
Anonymous said…
Soul: :)

Bebe n' Noonie: I am sorry you are there now :) Well its just gross!!

Smarties: el7emdella I am better now. Its just makes u sick reading all that.
manutdfanatic said…
Glad I'm still there. :)
Bebe n' Noonie said…
Kibart eb 3ayniii

Anonymous said…
Yaaay I`m still here with my old blog b3ad! =D
q8Honey said…
poor amu, those ppl lost interest in what ppl think of them, o ygool il mathal, "in lam tasta7y fa if3al ma shi2t" o nas ma tisti7y ..
Adre which one youre talking about.. And I agree :S.. Too obscene..

I think its fictional :S !! Jad walla madree what kind of idiot puts their crazy experiences up chethe? La o it was SOOOOOO easy to figuire out her full name and a picture of her..

So my guess is its alll a fake act :s Even the name & pic prolly.. Mnu wa7da laih hal daraja ma te7terem sem3at-ha?!
Anonymous said…
manutdfanatic: you will be there :)

Bebe n' Noonie: thanks :)

Harlow: hehe I didnt get time to remove the old one,hehe...

q8Honey: Allah yehdeehom :)

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy: I know it was disgusting!
Navy Girl said…
okay okay i know where all of that came from lol :D i just say take it easy oo you know what i told you .. you can be really shocked how silly and ugly people can be .. such a shame ..

yalla ashwa your all good now ...
Navy Girl said…
amuoooooooooooooo anaaaaaaaaaaaaa NAVYGIRL my comments need your approval !!!!!!!!!!! YA WALEEEEEEEK MENY !
no idea who youre talking about, and i kinda dont wanna figure out :S

bs im glad im still here! ;)
EXzombie said…
you wanna bet I've seen worse

it's kind of funny, but some female bloggers now really freak me out, and thats comming from a pervert......!!!
Anonymous said…
hmmm interesting ;p I WANNA SEE!!!! :P
PaLoMiNo said…
meno meno meno?!!?!
abe agra abe agraa?!!

shno ajnb wela shoo ;p

3afia 3afia goloolee menooo??
Navy Girl said…
lol to make a long very long story short .. amu aint gonna talk about it anymore .. oo he forgot it already lol

and yeah they are a bunch of Kuwaiti girls ..
plastic said…
Anonymous said…
Plastic: Yes I did along with other comments. Let me reply you here. I do visit a few other blogs who have such contents but not in this way it was mentioned there. It made me really sick esp the way that women was displaying her pic there too.

I did write warning cuz there are some of my readers who are really young and others who probably wont like to read anything related to sex. I usually never delete any comments but for this post I felt I need to moderate a few comments just not to accelerate the issue further.
Anonymous said…
ee i was in it waaaaaaai3 9ij elaw3 il chabd... eheh i felt so innocent:P then asked to get kicked out... nothing i can add to what shoosha said:P she summed it all up:)
Fa6ma said…
I actually read some blogs of that sort and I was SO SHOCKED!!
I forgot to whom those blogs belonged but they were really disgusting, I couldn't believe girls would speak that way!
sweetd said…
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I heard about this salfitik:P yep yep I was asked to be invited there..the people seemed weird in the first place and the title just made me wanna throw up! I just believe there are something people shouldn't talk about publically! Mako respect killish..ilmuhim fe wayed nas they were excited about joining the place and I didn't even think twice...I feel sorry for those who will forever be damaged by this event!

P.S: why rnt I on ur blog roll?

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