On The Bridge

Standing on the bridge I look around to see that hundreds of people are in a mess. I look on my left to see people drunk and fighting with blood pouring off their heads and noses. I look on my right to see extreme racist people bullying each other. I look down to witness that people are gambling, raping, robbing, dancing and busy with their lives. I look at the far end corner of the street to see an old man and his wife witnessing all this but still silently enjoying their cup of tea. I look on the road to see the busy cars ignoring all these people and rushing to their destinations.

All this stops my breath for a second and makes me think is this the day of judgment. As the cool breeze makes my body shiver my thoughts flip to another side where I think I should go and stop these people for fighting, gambling…I should stop this racism among them but why am I not as helpful as before. Why am I not spreading my hand out to a stranger who I have never known is in need of a help? Where is my humanity? Why am I not spreading the message of love replacing the lies?

But then my heart stops and my mind takes over it telling me walk your way don’t look back and mind your own business. What have you got for being kind? Be kind to your self and the people who deserve to be kind with. As I fall down in pain I look at the far left corner of the road to see a friend is in need of help. I get up forgetting my pain move two steps forward to spread my hand for help then stop for a second. I look at the right to see my car parked on the road side waiting for me. I look at the left to see my once so called friend in pain that I have always helped in life but always got pain. It’s hard to choose my path but I ignore the world and its troubles, sit in my car drive crossing the bridge heading to my destination.


**The above is related to my life. Its not a story from a book. Its what I poured out of my heart yesterday at 4pm. El7emdella I am very happy in life : ) . Pouring out what one has in him is always good.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like you are in Amsterdam :)

Life is hard... if we had it easy, it wouldn't be called life. Just live it the best you can... that's all you can do. The rest... is in God's hands. :)

Hope you feel better!
Anonymous said…
likeairillrise: I am feeling perfectly fine :) ...Its always good to spill out whats inside ones heart :) I totally agree its all in God's hand!
Anonymous said…
this piece very dramatic and poignant, i can see the chaos infront of my own eyes unfurl as i read. very good job.

the whole word is selfish and cruel..bas if you dont look out for yourself from time to time, no one else will do it for you.

its a good relief huh.. releasing it all out so you can let it go. im happy your happy, hatha al ahem shi =)
Anonymous said…
Desertpalms: You said it all in this one sentence if you don't look out for yourself from time to time, no one else will do it for you and yeah its a great relief :)
PaLoMiNo said…
I'm speechless!
Very well written!!

thanks amuuuuu dear for sharing :)

Keep it up okik :)
Ruby Woo said…
Ignoring the world and its troubles will work perfectly but it's only a matter of time when your eyes will catch up to what's around. Believe me i'm one to know and it has been chaos ever since!

At least you're happy..
Aurous said…
Life is all about choices; some are easy and others are difficult, but that's life :)
Balqees said…
u know u'll never get the crown dont' u :P

i loved it << see i can be sweet :P
Mar8adoosh said…
Allah yahdy iljamee3 inshalla and thank god that you're not like them oo inshalla allah ma y6ig ib 3a9a :)

If you see people doing wrong stuff just pray that they become better people.. that's the best thing you can do i guess :)
Anonymous said…
i love how u wrote the post. mashallah so talented =D
Grey said…
Amu , Pouring out is good. It will sooth your heart. Life can be a biatch sometimes , but it will only make you a better stronger person.
Anonymous said…
Palomino: thanks for liking it :)

Ruby: Its sad!! I know what you are trying to say...

Aurous: true :)

Balqees: keep the crown :P thanks for liking it :)

Mar8adoosh: Even if people do wrong with me I just pray to Allah to forgive them and guide them to the right way :)

Harlow: thanks :)

grey: Life can be harsh sometimes!! I agree ...
Smarties said…
الحمدلله على كل حال، وهذا حال الدنيا من عمر.

atleast enta mu bain kel hal ma3ma3a! w lil7eenek human, mu methel hal ma5loqat, madree shnu ohma!

w 3ala qoltek pouring is always good :)
be happy, don't worry! 5alek methel el old couple.
We have to choose when to interfere and when not to.

We cant fight all the battles of the world.

Anonymous said…
Smarties: lol @ 5alek methel el old couple :D I will be like that watch the show from far and have my juice :p

Delicately realistic: I agree we cant fight all the battles of the world!
Squirreliya said…
wow mashAllah ..very well written :)
Navy Girl said…
amuooo yalla yalla jump off the bridge ;P lol

life has its up's and downs .. inshala everything is gonna be just fine :)
P-Ella said…
nice one let the feelings out of you,nothing new when someone whos trying to peace the world and the world seems don't understand what is really peace? most of them think without war is peace but dont they see crime,silly argument,rape,racism..w/e. glad ur feeling gr8:D dooms enshalla thats the matter
Anonymous said…
Squirreliya: thanks :)

Navy Girl: I jump off the bridge or I push you off the bridge...thanks for being there friend :)

p-ella: I agree!
manutdfanatic said…
All's been said already; what do I say?

You're a sweet person Amer, your kindness never ceases to amaze me. Take it easy, hang in there; things are never even half as bad as they might initially seem.

Sh7afana said…
if this is you pouring your heart out.. then you should do it more often :)

Anonymous said…
manut: thanks for the kind words!!!

Sh7afana: mmm someone is enjoying the story :D coming sooon!!!

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