Flash Back

A beautiful song just hit my mind and I have been singing it since yesterday.

Have a nice sunny weekend :)


haha never thought that your into that kinda music!
punk/heavy-metal dude more like you..? I guess
Balqees said…
yoh yoh yoh
mn wen jbtaha :P

ka2ni i know it
i heard it b4 mn gabl
its 70's wla wesho ???

cheers mate :P

p.s are the 2 dudes in black t-shirts gay ????
Anonymous said…
Oranjina fadidra: na na na I like smooth and soft music :p

balqees: hehe dont ask me when is it from...I just know I like it :) lool @ cheers mate..you are learning it! o yeah I dont know if they are gay's or no!
kella met2a5er said…
Dude, 3jeeeeeeeeeeeba elsong sha5bary..

I still listen to halsowalif, she`3il mazaaj...hehe

And stand by me, stand by me..*KM singing o do the twist yeforha* LooooooL
Ruby Woo said…
Tears stream down my cheeks as I listen to it.
Bad memories..
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
KM: LOL mate dont sing it people will run away :P

Ruby: I am sorry!! I felt the same too :(

Harlow: glad u liked it!
Grey said…
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