Life On The Mean Lane

I have never learned lessons from my mistakes.

I have fallen badly so many times but still I get up and walk through the same steps again thinking no the coming steps will lead me to better people and better way.

My elders and friends always advised me to learn from my mistakes too but I never did.

I kept falling and falling till I lost the feeling of how it feels when people hurt you.

So I have decided to become MEAN from today.

A good friend advised 'Amu should only think about Amu for a while'

I need to change my attitude towards the humans in this world. I might learn something this time!!


FourMe said…
I couldn't agree more.. screw everyone the only one that matters is yourself..
A Journal Entry said…
good for u .. these days being good hearted is considered as weakness..
Ansam said…
should we be afraid of the new amu? :-P
Anonymous said…
Fourme: All that should matter is me me me n me :D

A Journal Entry: tell me about it my tears come out so quickly which I hate it!!!

Ansam: YES the mean amu is here :D j/k
Anonymous said…
:D :D i went down that same lane last's nice to think of yourself for a change...

but u know what amu? you wouldn't become mean for too long coz it is not in your would eventually learn ow to balance your needs with those of your loved ones.

and regarding how people keep hurting you--well what i learned is that people hurt you because your expectation of them is set according to your potentials...meaning you expect people to behave and react the exact same way you would if you were in their shoes...well, you are setting the bar too high for them...

it took me some time, but eventually i learned to only expect things from people that i know they can do (based on their background, mentality, culture, iq, etc)....and ever since then i have not been hurt one little bit
Zabo0o6a said…
I think you should .. change a lil' bit and put urself first..
that's what i keep telling myself *sigh*
Missy said…
sweety ur mean enough :P
Anonymous said…
good for u
Anonymous said…
Darya: I am sorry to hear that you have been through all that....thanks for the great tip! I am trying my best not to fall again...

Ruby Woo: awwww

Zabo0o6a: Amu first :P

Missy: lol that cracked me I am the King Mean :D

kuwaitia_habla: definitely its good for me!
Anonymous said…
:[ *hug*
PaLoMiNo said…
7adi i agree with u
Ruby Woo said…
you'll still end up hurt, trust me
Anonymous said…
Harlow: thanks sweets...

(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) : thanks and welcome here!

PaLoMiNo: I agree with my self too :p

Ruby Woo: bs why?? why can't we learn from our mistakes?
Smarties said…
zain etsawy! bs tra a7san shai, ena dont expect anything from anyone. w fek 3oumrek.. enta u act this way, le2nek enta cthe, this is who you are. fa dont do anything for the sake of expecting something in return (even thank you!).

w b3deen la79'a being mean ya3ny eneik bt9eer nafs'houm? wla bs btfaker fe nafsek akther (which is good). le2na ely beqoulek shai b3deen, ma 3inda salfa. u need to think about urself from time to time.

yala ana na6er what u might learn this time ;D
Anonymous said…
just be yourself don't change, let THEM change =p
Ruby Woo said…
you can learn, you can avoid, you can turn the tables but it'll still get to u
Anonymous said…
Smarties: walla adry I cant change my self bs atleast I can let it all out :D and when I learn will tell ya :P

Ourkasty: mmm let me try to change my self this time and see how it goes! btw welcome back you have been missed...

Ruby Woo: WHY WHY WHY?? give me the good reason :(

Outofreach: thanks :D

Squirreliya: cheersSSS
Sh7afana said…
been there.. tried that.. all thats gonna do is make people feel the same pain ur feeling? do u really want that? be mean to people that DESERVE it. and about u thinking abt YOU for a while. u should do that.
Big Pearls said…
be mean to those who are mean to you..
Ruby Woo said…
I tried.. I once turned into that so called dark side of Ruby Woo "the bitch" but that didn't work because I got hurt even more. I got scarred even more. So when I tell you trust me it won't work, I really mean it.
If you don't have a heart, it might work for you. I'm betting that you have one, therefore is won't work!
You can learn to be powerful in a loving way, Amer.

Life is like math,
With friends to add,
Enemies to subtract,
Happiness to multiply,
And sorrow to divide

Being mean to people won't bring you satisfaction- trusting your intuition and moving on and learning from your mistakes will. I've been in the void for the past couple of months and kinda thought about that but hey- it defeats my purpose on Earth.

Learn to discern and use your intuition and conscience as your moral compass. Surround yourself with uplifting people. Be uplifted by your creations and not trapped by them.

All the best 3mu.

Allah Ma3ak.

- Maya
Anonymous said…
Sh7afana: I hope I just become a stronger person!!

Big Pearls: thats what I want to do :)

Ruby Woo: I know it wont but I am just trying to make my heart strong!

Maya // مايا : I just loved your comments..thank you so much for the beautiful words and encouragement...thanks for passing by :)
Take care of yourself. Take some time out and do some soul searching. Hate or ignorance is never the answer. What annoys you most about someone else is what annoys you about *you*, Amu- people are merely mirrors for ourselves :)

Brightest blessings,
Ps. Love your taste in music :)
Anonymous said…
Maya: thanks again :) awww what is making you dance on the music box now? :D

how are ur studies? Do write me in detail!
lol yw :)

El7amdumilah :) Going on to the 4th year =)
if you find out how to pull this off, do let me know please

no matter how much i try to put myself before people and be mean, i can never seem to pull it off. i think its the way youre born, not a switch that you can simply turn off and on

bs like i said, if you succeed, then let me know your secret ;)
if you find out how to pull this off, do let me know please

no matter how much i try to put myself before people and be mean, i can never seem to pull it off. i think its the way youre born, not a switch that you can simply turn off and on

bs like i said, if you succeed, then let me know your secret ;)

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