Highlights of the Day

I cant be bothered to write a story so here are some shitty lines of the day...

1) I slept for 9 hours yesterday still didnt feel good when I woke up! :'(

2) Had a stupid silly argument at work was my mistake... :(

3) Had some problems at business... :(

4) Overall wasn't a pleasant day...... :((

5) Till my dad arrived and I spoke to him * I love you dady * :)

6) I heard from my best blogger friends Navy and 5r 5rrr 5rrrrrrrrr :)

7) I met a good friend for a quick juice at a cafe :)

Now I am back home and things just keep striking me....with people hurting my feeling to my mind mixed in a million things.....there is no good news for me today :(

and ya sorry for not replying to your comments in the last post!! I am just not in the best of my moods but I adore you all ..... Hope I have a pleasant day tomorrow!


Sh7afana said…
Theres always tommorrow .. hopefully it'll be a better day :)..
screw whoever hurt ur feeelings. ge6a ba7ar edenya ma teswa ;p ..
now SMILE!
Anonymous said…
Sh7afana: So truee...there is always tomorrow .... So shall I say CHEESE :D - thanks :)
Navy Girl said…
yalla yalla now everything is gonna be just fine .. yalla smile and come open up that jar for me :P
hope inshallah you will feel better soon sweets and that things works out for you cuz you deserve the best sweets :)
A Journal Entry said…
at least some parts of the day were good =)
Anonymous said…
sorry to hear that it was a shitty day to u.. cheer up and tomorrow will be better inshallah ;)
Anonymous said…
there are too many =( in this post..ma7ibbaa.

it shud be =D =D =D all the way, yala tomorows another day
Anonymous said…
grow up and get over youself! :)
Mar8adoosh said…
laish all of us are depressed or sad or just feeling something negative ?:(

Right now, I'm better so 9eer mithle loool ;p
Ur so lucky u have your family and friends .. go eat a chocolate molten cake ib chocolate bar for me:(

oooo and ur sweet lama tgool i luv u dady;p awwww cute amu ;p
OutOfReach said…
hope things will better for you today :)
allah y5lelek your dad and your true friends :D
Big Pearls said…
I hope today will be a better day inshalla..cheer up:)
Grey said…
I wonder what it is like to say " i love you dady " ... not in this life time , i guess .
Anonymous said…
Navy Girl: you and your jar ;p LOOOOOOL

J o u j a┤™ : thanks :)

A Journal Entry: yeah I should look at the positive side of the day..

ZaMaHReeR: Inshallah hope soo...

desertpalms: :D

Mar8adoosh: chocolate bar sounds yummyyy.....will have it for sure over the weekend?

OutOfReach: thanks :)

Big Pearls: enshallah :)

Grey: I have never said that to him in real ;p
Smarties said…
a7la shai meeting a friend for a quick drink at a cafe aw ay mukan.. marrat it changes my mood 3al 2a5er :)

b3deen wannasa tra youm zain youm shain.. mu kella zain y9eer malal! faker feha cthe.. w bacher yay w hopefully its going to be better :D
Ansam said…
I hope you feel better by now

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