Eye Infection

I have got a eye infection on my right eye. It was a small lump and I thought it would get better but it has really become like a ball now and its really irritating because every time I blink my eye its itching me. Now my eyes have started watering and its hurting too.


Anonymous said…

the pic is creapy !!!! :S

matshof shar .. go to the dr bedal la you post about it :@
q8Honey said…
lol i totally agree with anonymous!
Anonymous said…
Anon: the pic is there to scare u :/ I will go to the dr after work or in the evening if it doesnt gets better!

q8honey: thanks!
NoNoWa said…
Oohhhhh maskeen Amu..hope you get better soon- it sux if u have to wear lenses and u get an eye infection....believe me that I know...:/

Go to the doc....asap ... k? ;)
P-Ella said…
gosh dude slamat ma choof shar enshalla and quick to the Dr.
Bebe n' Noonie said…
go to the 6beeeeb !!
matshoof shar !
Big Pearls said…
il picture it5are3!
Smarties said…
salamat ma tshof shar!! rou7 el mustaw9if, kel shai wala el 3youn! rou7 ASAP.

enshallah you will get better soon :)
6amena 3ad sh9eer 3leek!
Technogal said…
Salamat! Ma tshoof shar amu. You better go to the doctor.
Anonymous said…
salamtik! :(
Anonymous said…
thanks everyone :) I feel better now but still in pain!
Anonymous said…
Nice photo...salamat
Squirreliya said…
oh! salamaat w matshoof shar ...stay away from el laptop.. it hurts the eye more

p.s: unlike the others, i liked the pic :p
Fashionated said…
ouch :(

go get it checked out !
SOS! said…
if its turned into a ball, then it might just be a cyst that they can just scoop out at the office! then eyedrops,and thats it :) feel better!
Hoodii said…
dammn thats a scary pic ;S but i hope it get better by tomorrow
Sh7afana said…
salamattttttt ... go see a doctor !
Ansam said…
salamat matshoof shar amu
marshmallows said…
Fe e5traa3 esma 6beeb lesh matro7

ambi klsh wla el3ain

ana yom l'3bar dsht traba feha jr7tha b'3eet amot

matshof shr inshalla
MO3ATH said…
سلامات ماتشوف شر

إلحق على عمرك موخوش سالفه بالعين

احس عيني تحكني لوووووول :)
Zabo0o6a said…
ooh matshoof shar amu , i got an infection as well .
my eyes looks as if someone gave me a punch!
Sherifa said…
ouch shakla it hurts... saalamat
salamat my sweetie ma tshoof shar
you have to go to the doctor
dont hesitate sweets
Anonymous said…
that pictures is SCARY!!!!
Anonymous said…
theadrenalinefix.com: Allah yesalmik :)

Squirreliya: Allah yesalmch...my work is on laptop how can I stay away from it ;p

Fashionated: When to the dr he gave me some eye drops!

SOS!: Its still the same after medication I hope it goes away soon!

Hoodii: Nothing yet..I hope it gets better too I wana go for diving!

Sh7afana: Allah yesalmch!

Ansam: What is stye??? Allah yesalmch :)

marshmallows: I hate dr's but finally I went yesterday and got it checked!

MO3ATH : Allah yesalmek

Zabo0o6a: I guess its a viral thing alot of people having it!

Sherifa: Allah yesalmch...it hurts badly!

├J o u j a┤™ : Allah yesalmch sweets :)

likeairillrise: thats to scare you ;p
Fa6ma said…
Is this is what you're suffering?


Grey said…
lol ! i have it in both my eyes for almost 8 years now , i think it happens when you are sleepless
Mar8adoosh said…
matshoof shar :( Roo7 i6abeeeeeeeeb !! Did u do kamadat chay and stuff like that tara it's gd ..

poor amu 3ad its annoying lama the eye itches, go to the doctor ya 9bay !
Anonymous said…
Oh no, you've got Tool eye!

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