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Happy New Year

Happy Eid



OutBound: Kuwait /Sharjah/AbuDhabi/Antaliya/Istanbul/Kuwait - Happy Eid to all of you!!

Mubarek 3alekom Elshahar

A Year Older

Farwell To My Single Life

Country Cookies

Outdated Road Advertisements

The Yas Hotel

Caribou Coffee - Small Quotes

Free Meal At Mc Donalds

Happy Blog Birthday

Caught By The Weather

Interesting Friday

My Teenage Crush

Morning Traffic

Songs Playlist...

Boiling Temperature

Caribou Breakfast

Dusty Afternoon Movie

The New Ugly Porsche Cayenne

Pray for FourMe


To The Lady In Red Cadillac and 112

Guess Where Was I?

Off To Bahrain

Iron Man 2

No No No

Britain's Got Tallent - Must Watch

What Happens When Teacher Marries Former Student?



Saudi Man Immitating An Indian - Don't Miss It!!!

Hassan Opticians

Strange Incident

Al Kout @ 9AM

I love Abraaj


How To Train Your Dragon


Ecco Outlet

Coming Soon...

City Centre Promotion 900 Fills

Busy Days

Just Landed In DC

Too Late

Off to States


New Year Treat