LiL Master

Rem this little master my niece I wrote about her few months back. She is so clever and adorable Mashallah.

She is just 3 1/2 and she knows how to operate I phone. I heard from my sis before and saw her playing around with the phone a few times but yesterday I sat with her and she knows her way around. She can enter the Ipod section and scroll through the list of music files listed there and then select the song. Even though she cant read whats written but the way she scrolls the list with her tiny fingers is like as if she knows all what she wants. Then she plays the songs and skips it if she doesn't like it. The other day she was asking her father 'baba I cant find the games here where are they now?'

Now when I compare her with me...Let see when I was 3 what was I like.... mmmm I guess I was nothing compared to her as far as I can think! Kids these days are mashallah so clever and smart.


Mar8adoosh said…
Mashalla 3alaiha ya 7ilooha *touch wood* :D .. Allah y5aleeha likum oo rabbi ya7fithha ;*

oo inshalla allah yarzigik ib banoota mithilha ;P
ismellah 3leeha she is adorable
i love her already :**

dont you EVER compare ur self m3aha ;p
A Journal Entry said…
mashallah how adorable!
kidz these days know everything it's scary!! my 9 urs old nephew knows more about politics than i do!!! afashil mo?!
Anonymous said…
Mar8adoosh: thanks :) let me get married first then I will have my kids all as naughty as I was :P

Jouja: she is cute!!

A Journal Entry: I am sure when I was 9 i didn't knew the ABC of politics :P and ya its embarrassing but time has changed :D
Anonymous said…
mashallah.. kids nowadays know more than adults about most of the stuff!!
i read in the news paper couple of days a go.. an 11 years kid was doing the whole operation under the supervision his father .. he have done it to several patients!!
what is he gonna be when he turns 22.. genius!!
Anonymous said…
you are tagged dude!
if im going down... i will take you all down with me :P
daber 3omrik bil tag :D
Smarties said…
yeema ye5ar3oun 3yal hal youmeen!!
ana til today, i don't know how to use el iphone, a7esa too much 3alai, too much technologia :Pp~

mashallah 3leeha :) 3a6oha laptop 5anshof shetbade3 :D
Squirreliya said…
mashAllaah ..Allah ykhaleelkum eyaha w y7afeth'ha :)
Anonymous said…
Zam: wow that 11 year old kid is amazing..mashallah :)

mate I am not doing that tag..I have been tagged by 3 people on that one :D

Smarties: lol they will start chatting on msn :D

Squirreliya: Ameen :)
Technogal said…
Mashallah 3leeeha.. allah ytamem 3leeha inshallah.
she is so cute Mashallah allah ykhaleha lekom.
Chaotic pOsha said…
Comparing my teenage sister to me i find lots of difference!
Comparing a lil kid to me, well, i didn't do that yet but am sure there would be a huge gap.
kids nowadays act like grown ups really.
I know this kid in third grade, She talks like old ladies do! you know with all those proverbs and old kuwaiti words hehe when i talk to her i feel like am talkin to some old lady. this is really surprising to me. Although i rather to see kids living their age.

Your niece's smile reminds me of Mona Lisa's hehe. I find her really cute and adorable. :)
Anonymous said…
Technogal: Ameen :)

Posha: every thing on one side but what made u think her smile is like Mona Lisa :P is the way she is sitting makes u feel that :D
Anonymous said…
Allah yikhaleeha! :)
Very cute..
Chaotic pOsha said…
Yeah! Maybe its the way she sat down!
cute really :)
Anonymous said…
God bless her :)
Anonymous said…
aww fidwa mashallah shes gonna be stunning when she grows up.

talk about kids these days.. my 5year old cousin has an email account and chats on msn!!!!!! 5 years old! at that age i could just about read and write let alone work a computer..i dont think its a good thing though, cuz it means theyre more exposed. kids should be kids, why are they growing up so fast!
TooMa said…
esmellah 3aleha tbarak elra7man
allah y5aleha ya rab ..
these days kids r so different they know everything and like you said smart and clever
marshmallows said…
mshalla so cute alla y7f'6ha inshalla

bs a7s ina mako kids now day =\
Anonymous said…
likeairillrise: thanks :)

Chaotic pOsha: she is like me :P

Harlow: thanks :)

desertpalms: I agree the are kinda too much this age i wasn't even allowed to watch satellite channels

TooMa: Allah yesalmch :)

marshmallows: what do u mean mako kids now a days?
PaLoMiNo said…
yaaaaaaaaaaay 3asolaa ;*
alla y7feth-ha ;*
Sh7afana said…
ya 7elooha walah .. alah e7afeth-ha enshalah
manutdfanatic said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
manutdfanatic said…
Hehe, yes they are. Brats, the lot of them. ;p
P-Ella said…
y7leel ha allah e5aleeha lkm enshalla :D ee yahal '3aiiiiiir mo mthel gabel "a7na" e7m @@

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