Japan International Motor Show

You are the winner of a Mercedes Benz E.240 worth 140,000 US$ in a combination of world internet union. Call +254738776991

Have you been getting this message on your mobile? I am thinking how do these people get our numbers.


q8Honey said…
Wierd! How come it's you who always get those msgs! ana zain lail7een ma dazooly 7ag irmi'6an! ;/ bas they're annoying marat! tistanas ina u got a msg, when u look wila da3aya ;p
MO3ATH said…
انا خطي الوطنية ومامروا علي هالارقام الغريبة

بس حرقوني الشركات بالكويت الغانم وايكيا ومادري منو

شالسالفه بالضبط ؟

ارقامنا مالها خصوصية ؟
MeeMzZ said…
lool ana itha 6la3 da3yat or wataniya messages 3alla 6ool delete ma2grahoom;p
Anonymous said…
q8honey: madry I guess cuz I have a zain line :D I know sometimes they are too annoying!

Mo3ath: I have zain + I think Al ghanim and these other companies have some contract with zain and wataniya to send msgs to all the users.

Meemzz: No I always delete them :D maybe one day I will get a msg from Gulf Bank saying I won a million :D even though I dont have an account with them!
Seattle dude said…
this 140k e240 must be able to circle the solar system or something, wtf is that!
bb q8 said…
had the same msg. why don't you reply to it and tell us what happened? :)
:::ShoSho::: said…
So you won a car or what?
Anonymous said…
LOL!!! Does anybody actually fall for it?
Anonymous said…
Thats funny!
I receive these msges too, u shouldnt call them back!
but if u think about it, its great when someone wins something he never participated in :P
They are stupid!
Maybe they randomly choose numbers!
MeeMzZ said…
ee wallah i didn't thing about that:P
Technogal said…
Lol.. Last month I received the same messages as well! Those msgs are definetly scam!
Scammers used to send emails with such type of messages and now shifting to sms!
That's what frauds do to gain access to your personal info!!

Anonymous said…
Seattle dude: true WTF...

bb q8: hehe I am sure they will ask for my bank account ;p

:::ShoSho::: I wish :D

likeairillrise : I guess so thats the reason they are sending it again and again :p

ZaMaHReeR: Its gr8 only when someone wins it in real!!

MeeMzZ: hehe you should ;p

Technogal: I know I have got like a 100 of those before too bs I am safe ;p
Anonymous said…

ana yani msg '3air.

ur number is a winner of $950,000 please email blah blah blah at yahoo dot com
♥P-Ella♥ said…
yea it happend to my dad and a fiend of mine and it sent may ago bs kella cthebt cuz she even called them and they asked for id bs 6aaal ma yaboo el car ll7een :/:P
Anonymous said…

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