‘Beauty’ heals - In the eye of the beholder

Saira Liaqat squints through her one good eye as she brushes a woman’s hair. Her face, most of which the acid melted years ago, occasionally lights up with a smile. Her hands, largely undamaged, deftly handle the dark brown locks. A few steps away in this popular beauty salon, Urooj Akbar diligently trims, cleans and paints clients’ fingernails. Her face, severely scarred from the blaze that burned some 70 percent of her body, is somber. It’s hard to tell if she’s sad or if it’s just the way she now looks. Liaqat and Akbar are among Pakistan’s many female victims of arson and acid attacks. Such tales tend to involve a spurned or crazy lover and end in a life of despair and seclusion for the woman. The two instead became beauticians.

Click here to read the rest of article on Arab Times.

Picture caption: The above pic is taken from LA times with a similar article that was published on 16 August 2008. Click here to view the article. In the pic:
Saira Liaqat, 26, puts make up on a client at the Depilex beauty center in Lahore, Pakistan.


A Journal Entry said…
this made me tear up =(
mashallah i admire their will to go on..
awww maskeena, but she's strong mashalla ina she kept going on o ashya2..
Anonymous said…
i admire her for not giving up and moving on.
P-Ella said…
laaa poor her,mashalla 3leeha:) Gotta read the rest oh yea amu bf'67k shwaiy:P la7e'6t ur blogger list ena mar8adoosh feeha ;* ? :P confession please:P
Smarties said…
ya7lelha!! mashallah 3leeha.. bravo!
Ansam said…
This is a true fighter... which gives another definition for beauty
q8Honey said…
Strengh, will and motive! I admire that in her.
Big Pearls said…
Mashallah 3alaiha..

nice template;)
Intlxpatr said…
I love this entry, Amu, and I love it that YOU felt it important enough to share. It says something powerful about the power and resilience of the human spirit, doesn't it?
Anonymous said…
A Journal Entry: Me too Mashallah 3aleha...

Oranjina fadidra: I guess she is one of those women who never give up!

Killer M. : Some women really never give up!

P-Ella: lol that was mar8oo's nick and nothing more ;p

Smarties: ee wallah Mashallah!

Ansam : well said!

q8Honey: I guess thats how ever human should be!

Big Pearls: thanks :)

Intlxpatr: Oh yeah it does say a lot about human spirit. I read this article on Arab Times and then did a search on google to find a lot of similar articles!
Balqees said…

galbi 3awrni 3leha

ya 7liilha mashallah
NoNoWa said…
Wow...how inspiring. I mean what kind of courage she must have. Thats what i wud call beauty...pure beauty.
Sh7afana said…
this broke my heart ..
acid attacks? they should hang them!!
Teach said…
This was a dreadful story but unfortunately not a single episode. I fear it happens in varying degrees all too often on the Indian subcontinent.

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