Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Day In The History

My work mates surprised me with a party and sweet sis the one who knows that I am a blogger now at work got me this cute keyring for my new motorcycle. Aww she is so sweet and another work mate got me a toy motorcycle as they know I am kinda obsessed with motorcycles :pPp They finally rem it after 3 years!!!

A few friends started calling me since 5am in the morning on 30th as I have been giving them the wrong date of my birthday. I still lied to shymo though :p

but she didn't call!! I thought she might surprise me with a call to wish me Happy Birthday Amu but she didn't :(

At this moment I would like to thank some really imp people in my life in the last one year.

Fajor (Mango baby)
Rawan (Such a sweetheart and cute lil angel)
Shymo (A friend I can trust for anything and everything)
Dalal (Oh girl you are such a sweetest and cutest person ever. You make me feel happy even when I am sad)
Nita (A sister, friend and colleague)
Navy Girl (My best friend)
KM, Nonowa and 5rr 5rr 5rr 5roofa (best bloggers I could ever meet)

and not to forget all of you who have been by side... :)

Happy 27th Birthday Amu - 31 July 08

Monday, July 28, 2008

Batman Effect

As I was riding down the gulf road in my new Hayabusa I saw a few guys harassing a women in a yellow Lamborghini. I watched the action for few minutes then finally decided to talk to the guys.

I stopped by their SUV and asked them to stop this stupidity and let the women go. They replied me saying its non of my business and I shouldn't in the first place ask them to stop. Seeing the helpless pretty women in the car I couldn't hold my self and we ended up in a fight. A few passer by's stopped their cars and stopped us. The fight finally was over but it wasn't the end.

As I started cruising again in the hot weather I noticed in my side mirror that the same SUV is following me and flashing lights at me signaling to stop at the right lane again. Ignoring them I kept on cruising till I took a turn on the 6th Ring Road going towards the airport.

We both started speeding, racing and cursing each other as I was in the fastest lane and they were in the middle lane. This all got my attention diverted and when all of a sudden I looked ahead it was too late to save my self from crashing. I hit the Chevy truck and all I rem was my scream 'AAaaaAaaaaa'

The scream was so loud that I woke up terrified. I looked at the time it was Mondoy morning 7:25am. I was getting late for work.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hayabusa 2008 in Kuwait

I just got a call from Suzuki that the Hayabusa 2008 is now in the showroom. They got 4 colors Orange/Black, White/Silver, Black and Dark Blue. Mine is coming in the next shipment which is next month. The price is KD4000.

I am getting the white and silver one but I need to get a nice and good quality helmet before my bike arrives here next month. I also need to look around or order a jacket. These are the two things I really need before I get on the bike.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Muscle Cramps

Me to a friend who is half Dr: I have been getting a lot of muscle cramps lately on both my legs while sleeping at night. All the night I move from one side to the other just massaging my legs. It hurts badly!

Dr (LOL) : PMSing....

This dance might help to reduce the cramps...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

III Day Plan

Seems like a busy weekend coming ahead again. I have alot of plans but I hope I get to do a few things that are on my plate for now.

Well today I am heading to the Shooting Range to practice my shots again with a group of people from work. I am excited about it after a hectic working week.

Friday is a beach day and I will be going for swimming and jet ski and later in the evening to my business.

Saturday will be one hell of a day too. I need to go to my business and really look at the things that are making it collapse. I am so busy with my job that I hardly get time to look at my business. I really need to give it more time and make some positive decisions. Sometimes I feel sad thinking that being a son of a successful business man I shouldn't be failing.

Wish me luck and prayers :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kuwait Shooting Range

A few bloggers showed interest after my last post that they wanted to go visit The Shooting Range. So I decided after meeting last time with a few bloggers that lets get everyone with us and go there.

We are planning to go there next week Wednesday 30th July. If anyone of you is interested please leave a comment with your email or drop me an email and I will let you know the timings. The bigger the group the better so you can come with your friends too.

Note: The above image is taken from the blog

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Longest Tag


1. Male Friend: Junaid

2. Female Friend: The list is too long :p

3. Vacation: Italy


1. Time of the day: before I sleep

2. Day of the week: Sunday...the first day of the week always brings troubles

3. Color Crayon: all of them...


1. What are you doing now: writing this tag!

2. Wearing: Jeans and Shirt


1. Is: whatever!

2. Got any plans: Taking sis for dinner

3. Goal: To be successful

4. Dislikes about tomorrow: I am not a family person but have no choice!


1. Number: 7 month

2. Song: Many

3. Color: White


1. Missing someone: Yes

2. Mood: Happy

3. Wanting: A motorcycle

TRUE/ FALSE: *yes or no a7san*

1. I am a cuddler: Yes, but not everyone

2. I am a morning person: Yes

3. I am a perfectionist: No

4. I am an only child: Yes as in boys

5. I am currently in my pajamas: No

6. I am currently pregnant: No and can't - unless I have a sex change

7. I am currently suffering from a broken heart: Yes, shocked and disappointed!

8. I am left handed: No

9. I am addicted to Blogging: No I just blog once a day :P *liar*

10. I am online 24/7: Yes

11. I am very shy around the opposite gender: No

12. I can be paranoid at times: mmm y3ny!!

13. I currently have a crush on someone: I am over those crush days!

14. I currently regret something that I have done: Many

15. I enjoy country music: sometimes

16. I enjoy talking on the phone: Depends with who ;)

17. I have a hard time paying attention at school/work: Yes

18. I have a hidden talent: Who doesn't

19. I have a lot to learn: Yes

20. I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal: Yes


1. Are you currently mad at someone? No

2. Which of your friends has the worst temper? R.

3. Have you ever thrown something at anyone? mmm yeah tissue box

4. Ever had something thrown at you? Yes

5. When you’re mad do you prefer to stare angrily or yell and scream? anything that cools me down


1. Has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party for you? No...people forget my birthdays though

2. Are you easily excited? Yes

3. What are you most excited about? Everything ..and I always show it!

4. If you won a million dollars what would be your first thought? Let me win first! I stopped dreaming...

5. If you could have anything right now what would it be? A million dollars...I got excited now ;)


1. Name: Amu

2. Where were you born? AlWelada Hospital - in Hawally next to Mohalab -back in 1980's that used to be a Maternity hospital not any more!

3. What’s your main goal in life? Be a successful Business Man, Have a lovely wife and 2 sweet kids

4. How do you want to die? As a remembered person!


1. Sex before marriage? No!!! My friends still make fun of me cuz I am a virgin!!!

2. Gay Marriage? I am not that desperate....

3. Lower the Drinking age? As if i care

4. Recycling? gr8 idea..


1. What was your latest dream? Talking to my ex in my dream today hasn't changed in months!

2. Have any of your dreams come true? No

3. What was the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? I always wake up when I am about to die in a fight or battle so its a win win case :D


1. Straight, Gay, Bi? Straight

2. Do you have a gf? as in girl who are friends...yes

3. Do you have a crush? efffff

4. How many beds did you lay in yesterday? One

5. What color shirt are you wearing? white with blue stripes

6. Name one thing that you do everyday? Dance in the shower and talk to myself

7. What color are your walls? Black and white

8. How much cash do you have on you right now? KD179

9. When was the last time you saw your dad? exactly before 1 month

10. What did you have for dinner last night? Burger King

11. What’s the last piece of clothing you borrowed from someone? I never borrow...

12. Does anything hurt on your body right now? my fingers as this tag is still now over!!!!!

Have you ever:

1. Have you ever failed a class? Yes..tell me about it

2. Have you ever sung in front of a crowd? Not really...I was good in reciting Quran for which I won a few competitions

3. Have you ever not taken a shower for 3 days? Maybe when I was a kid but now I need twice a day!

4. Have you ever slept with a night light? Yes always..

5. Have you ever danced in the rain? Yes

6. Have you ever lied? Yes once a day :D

7. Have you ever had contacts? yes

8. Have you ever tripped over something stupid? Not that I recall

Pick One:

1. Sambosa, Pakora, Kebab: What is pakora? too spicy..but at times!

2. Bollywood, Lollywood, Hollywood: Hollywood...

3. Love marriage, Arranged marriage: None

4. Honeymoon, no moon: Honeymoon without marriage :p

5. How many kids would u like 1,2, 3+: let me get married first...

6. Kulfi, Ice cream: Ice cream

7. Shah ruk khan, Orlando Bloom: Ma7ad

8. Meenar-e-Pakistan, Eiffel Tower: Eiffel Tower

9. Lahore, Khi, Islamabad: mmm Islamabad a beautiful city but shitty people

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Me and London

London London London all on my mind day and night....Its not like that but I usually say this phrase when I miss that city. I often miss it when people talk about that city or some writes about it or I am looking at my old pics.

Some people think its a really expensive city others think why to visit it every year. Well I agree with both the things but still every time I go there I feel I haven't got enough of it. Its a second home for me. The reasons why I like that city are:

Its a mix of different cultures/races/languages.

Every year you visit there is something new to see.

Walking on the streets I don't have to show that I am wearing the best outfit.

It makes me feel human.

No Indian...No Bangladeshi....No Philippians!!!! We are all treated equally!!

The four beautiful seasons.

My hardworking and the most beautiful days of my college life.

Do I need to say more? YES its expensive but you don't need to travel in summer. I feel Summer is hot everywhere so why to travel...and yeah if its not expensive it wont be a LONDON!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Suzuki Hayabusa 2008

I just got to know that this monster will be in the market next week. Thanks to KM who told me about it and took my sleep away. I am so in love with this bike and hoping to get my hands on it first thing next week and the same color.

The link here shows that Hayabusa is the fastest bike and has the best performance so far.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is this you?

Hey Amu

I got this from a friend… couldn’t help relating this to you… wonder if its you!



Shocked!!! I didn't know what to reply and Navy/Fem were not that great help at that time when I was screaming I got Busted!!! HELPppPPP so I click Reply

Mmmmm eeeeee oooooooo ‘Yes’

Ssssshhhhhhh no one knows about that *secret* :)


xxxx replied:

I thought so …. Good piece, straight from the heart.

We all are anonymous here but someone somewhere is watching and relating our stories to someone!

Note: This is an email conversation between me and a colleague at work I could not lie and say 'NO it wasn't me', I consider her both a great sister and good friend and as far as I know she is not a blogger.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Selamat datang Rumah (Welcome Home)

Name: Noor
Age: Early - Mid 20's
Nationality - Indonesian
Status - Single
Arrived: 13th July 08
Languages: Spoken Indonesian and learning sign language
Sleeping Room: Kitchen

The first maid of our house. My mom never liked the idea of having a maid at home and I never felt that we needed one as my mom was the perfect house wife. We had cleaners coming in at times when there were some occasions going on.

This new lady can hardly speak English. We communicate in sign languages. All her day is spent in Kitchen or rooms working and cleaning and her nights sleeping in the same kitchen. Reason being behind is she doesn't wants to sleep in my niece's room and we never had a maid room in our house.

I feel really sorry for them as they leave their houses and come to a totally different country for better living of their family back home. I wish they could be treated like a family member. I have seen some of them being really treated badly and some are treated well but don't deserved to be. I just hope this lady has a good time as long as she stays with us and goes back safely to her country at the end.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Q8 Shooting Range

This past Thursday I went out with few colleagues from my work to the shooting range located in Subhan off the 6th Ring Road. Its been 10 years since I last used a gun. The last time I used it was in 1999 when I went for a NCC (National Cadet Corps) training which I did it after my high school just for fun. And it was really fun!!

They have different types of guns but the one that I used was a .40 caliber and it was good. It was kinda hard to aim but still I did pretty well. The recoil is really strong which I felt over the weekend with slight pain in my shoulders. The gun with 20 bullets costs around Kd6 but as I went with a member we ended up paying KD4.

While there we met the Manager of Shooting Ranges Complex who is also a Retired army colonel. A really great man who gave us a brief about the place and different guns they have. Most of the workers there are from Philippines. Its a must visit place if you want to experience something new. I am seriously thinking to become a member there.

The pics above shows the 20 bullets that I fired. Its easy to count the 19 bullets but you will be surprised to see that the last bullet is right on the top. I am assuming that this was the first shot that I fired :D

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Memories of Childhood

Just remembering my childhood days today makes me happy...

The way I was naughty and hyper.

The way mom used to run behind me to hit me with slippers and her food making tools.

The Way we all cousins used to go in one car for swimming at the Salmiya beach.

The way I used to act like I am drowned in the sea till my siblings used to get scared and pull me from my hair.

The way I used to make different things out of rice on the dinning table.

The way I got a cup for winning a race by cheating.

The way I used to bunk from my house by climbing off the terrace to play in the heat of summer with my friends.

The way I used to get packed lunch meals for school (early kindergarden years) and 100 fils from dad to buy a chocolate.

The way sitting next to a girl at school when I was 7 years old used to make me feel like I am so special.

The way I used to be grounded for days for not studying well.

The way I used to fail in all the subjects all the year except passing the midterms/finals.

Ohh Good Old Days...I wish I could have them back again :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

What mental disorder do you have?

I was bored sitting at home so decided to do some quizes...

What mental disorder do you have?
Your Result: Paranoia

You are constantly thinking about what others may be saying about you behind your back. You may also feel people have conspiracies against you, or they are out to get you. In crowds you may feel like everybody is watching to closely.

Manic Depressive
ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
What mental disorder do you have?

I don't even want to think of this quiz again as it makes me feel I am not nomal :D

Friday, July 11, 2008


My father once said if people will ever respect you in this family and world after your status and behavior is for the money you have in your account. I always said to myself that my dad is wrong. But now I feel he was right...

I have always helped my sisters whenever they required any financial support. I never asked anything in return neither I expected. My love for them has been unconditional. Money never mattered to me in life as it never bought me any happiness. I never felt that because my account has sufficient funds I am living a happy life. I always prayed and asked GOD for just one thing that is peace and happiness. Never got even one of them. I still keep thinking maybe its another exam from GOD and once I pass this happiness will soon come my way...

But recently I realized that my sisters are part of those people who are not with me for the love we have for each other. They have equally become part of this mean society where there is no love.

Its been 3 days and I am just trying to get answers to my questions....Is money everything in life that makes people forget their relation with their family? Does money gives one person superiority over another? Is that the reason we treat poor on the streets not worth our society and neglect them? Is that the reason when siblings argue after their parents death just to have the share of it? But this money doesn't gives us happiness. Is happiness worth sacrifying for money? Do you have answers to any of these questions and many other that are soaring my mind?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bloggers Day Out

We had a great time at the get2gether last night. I felt I added new members to my family. We laughed and talked about different topics from motorcycles, work, different blogs we move around and yeah we did discuss some of you here too but cant share that ;p

It was ....

Kella Met2a5er: (who was an hour late like his nick says) with great motorcycle experience and stories.

Nonowa: The perfect wife of KM with her 3 cute kids (Mashallah I adore this family sooo much)

OutOfReach: The shy lady with a cute smile and her son(naughty like me). It was great to see you there.

Navy Girl: mmm who is at work on time but late 15 mins here. Do I sound like your grandma now? ha? The bold, workoholic and full of spirit girl. Thanks for coming :)

Ra-1: The simplest and sweetest girl I have met in a while. Quiet, intellegent and like a baby.

Kaos: Was there for a short time. Didnt get to know him that much but it was nice meeting him too.

Amu: mmmm I leave that on you guys to tell me ?

and not to forget XoXo: you didnt show up in front of the group but I saw you there. Thank girl :* *hugs*

It was really one good evening meeting this group out of our hectic life. I will definetly be doing this more often.

KM has added a few words about the meetup here.

Note: the pic is from KM's blog. Sorry mate couldnt find a better one.

Monday, July 7, 2008


We are having the get2gether today evening at 5:30pm in a nearby cafe next to my area. I am really excited to meet a few bunch of new faces. Sorry we couldn't invite all of you who sent me emails as the group became really big. So the rest of the people will be joining us next week...

I have noticed on a few different occasions that people you meet in these meet ups change after sometime. I never could figure out what's the reason behind it.

It might be that the person they see hiding behind 'Amu' is not as real as his post?


It might be that they just feel they know him well enough now?

What do you think might be the possible reason for this?

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Dear Ex,

I passed by your house today after nearly one year. I didn't realize till my friend drove by the main street parallel to your house after we were coming back from lunch. I wish I could open the door and jump out. But that didn't happen! MY breath stopped as I stared at your house and felt it looks the same like I left it before a year promising my self never to return to this area again. I looked closely to see if there were the bridal lights lightening the sky. But it looked so dark....I looked again and recalled the past. Its been 9 months and 25 days since you left me without a closure. Without even saying BYE BYE AMU...

I still carry your nick 'Amu'. People around this sphere identify me with this name. I gave you so much love which I can never give to anyone else again. I left my family....Did I say I left my family? well I still rem the day I told my mom that I will run away with her as she has promised to stay with me. I recalled the pain I gave to my mom that day and the tears in her eyes. I recalled the 5 years of every day calls without missing a day. I recalled me being outside your house every day just to see the moon for 5 mins while you drive to work. I recalled me running to lawyers to find a way to get married to you. I recalled you going with me to the court to meet the lawyers who misused our love and took advantage of us by taking money and guiding us on the wrong path. I recalled me bunking my work and risking my job and staying with you at KU till 6pm just to spend few moments together. I recalled your mother's death as my ears could hear you screaming when you entered the ward where your mother was declared dead (Allah yer7amha). I recalled me being a stranger in your family placing your mother's name on her grave as your family didn't bother. I recall crying on her death as if it was a member of my family. I recalled me supporting you after that and saying I love you and wont marry you till your elder sis gets married. I recalled my heart saying me every day that you will leave me one day. I recalled the day you left me how I was going around the streets worrying about you. I recalled myself waking up every night with nightmares. I recalled you saying that I know you will never leave me because you cant live without me. I recalled your love. I still prayed at the end that please Allah keep her safe where ever she is.

I recalled people saying that you cheated me after you left me. I recalled no one being my side and I healed my own wounds with my tears. I recalled me telling my family members after you left that no she is not bad. My heart says that she loved me. She cant do this. She will give me a closure....But I was wrong!!!!! You never called me but still my heart says you are an angel. Why? Do you have an answer to why I still have so much respect and love for you....

But I was shocked to see all this didn't hurt me as much as I expected. I thought looking at your house will make me cry. Am I that strong or am I heartless?? I am not heartless I know I am not.

Why are my hands shivering while writing this post? I have no answer to many of my own questions. I just hope that you are happy where ever you are and I will always remember you in good words. Remember if you need a friend one day I am there. I hope you wont forget my non stop day and night love for 24 hours. I hope you wont forget me. I hope you wont......

I wish I could fill this blog with you ... you and you. I wish you and me were one today so I could have two sweet kids Abodi and Maryam as we planned our life's. I wish I could answer back these people who make fun of me and my love. Did I plan to much? The mirror of life broke in such a way that I couldn't even gather the pieces again.

Am I still asking too many questions to my self? I will leave because these questions are torturing me. I still care about everyone more than myself. I am still sensitive and shed my tears like a baby. I just want to tell you that I smile to show the world that I am strong, I try to make people around me happy, I want to see people smiling in their love life's but I am not feeling too good about myself. The peace of my life is gone. Till today I cant find a shoulder who I could hug and cry. Who I could share my feelings with....My breath is getting lesser as I am typing this. It still hurts being without you....................................



Random day

Its 2:07am and I am writing this post.

I just had a shower.

I hate liars

I always get hurt when I trust people

I slept alot yesterday.

I got a new HP laptop from my work. Its processing speed is really fast and it makes me feel so happy as if I am using computer for the first time, daaa Amu!

My room is so messy. I need some volunteers to help me :p

The BLOGGERS MEETUP is on coming Monday. I am so excited about it!

I hate when people try to control me.

I want to fire all the staff at my business. I wish they could work properly the way I pay them on time.

I am so missing riding a motorcycle.

It took me 11 minutes to write this post.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Crazy Ticket Prices

So today I got an email from my director saying that I have to use my balance days before 1st Jan 2009 or they will expire. The reason being behind it is that I have 70 days in my balance.

I called my cousin in Canada and asked him that I am planning to visit him next month for 2 weeks and from there we will go to Las Vegas and LA. After planning it all with him I decided to check the tickets online. To my surprise I was shocked to see the prices. There is nothing less that KD 600 - KD700 on economy class. Emirates was KD 765. Thats way too much for a ticket to Canada as I have been there a lot of times before.

Then I was like let me go to Malaysia and spend 2 weeks there. I was shocked the ticket to Malaysia is KD450.

OMG!!!! whats this sudden crazy increase in prices?? I did a bit of research and got to know that all this hike in prices is because of the increase in prices of petrol and not to forget its kinda peak season too.

Now the question is where do I travel next? I mean I don't mind spending money for traveling but spending that much on a ticket is just way too much.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Sky Is The Limit

If people can make world records elsewhere in the world ... Well there you go we have our own records.

Can you do this?

Note: The attached pic is from a flickr but I lost the address while copying the pic to my desktop.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Get2Gether

As we are in the peak summer and nearly everyone is getting bored at home so Sis4you(Ex blogger/my sis), Navy Girl and myself decided to gather few new faces to join us in some ice cream parlor or cafe to meet up. I was invited to a similar event last year and I met few nice male/female bloggers and had a good time.

So how does it work? Well if any one of you is interested in joining us please feel free to drop me an email or leave your email in the comment box and you will contacted with the time and details of the place. We always use our blog nick names to identify our self at the place so you can still keep your names as anonymous.

What do we discuss or talk about? well its not a formal meeting. Its just a small gathering of bloggers to introduce each other if you want to. I know many of you might not want to join us because you have issues like what's the use of us blogging if we are not anonymous bla bla bla....well no one is forcing you so if you don't feel good about it no need to leave a comment we accept your privacy.

Well lets start with this neither sis4you or myself have ever met Navy Girl. We will be meeting her first time :) So who is there to join us?? Ops!!! that doesn't means that all the bloggers I have met before are not invited, everyone is invited to join us....

KM and family I know you are in so don't say NO :D

who's next?