Friday Afternoon


Light music

So quite

So peaceful

So relaxing

Silence please - I am just loving it today!

I guess sometimes we all need this change when there in no one around us and we can just relax to refresh our mind from our busy work and daily life.


♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
the best thing for relaxing bro;)
MO3ATH said…
بالعافيه عليك الهدوء :)

انا فبيت يدي وتسمع صيحة اليهال من اول الفريج :)
Technogal said…
We all do! Relax :) and enjoy it.
Seattle dude said…
We sure do need that peace of mind these days dont we?
MeeMzZ said…
i don't get why all of us need relaxing!!;p... anyways enjoy it:)
its the best thing to do.
enjoy your hours :)

i think i will need some of those hours as well :)
MeeMzZ said…
nice...i don't get way everyone do need to relax:p...anyways enjoy it!!
Anonymous said…
Enjoy!! relax take it eeeee-eeee-saaaaay;p
and yes we all really need to do that once in a while!
Bebe n' Noonie said…
have fun! Am jelous :p
Mar8adoosh said…
Silence is nice. =)
Anonymous said…
have fun dear =D
q8Honey said…
Peace and quiet, enjoy it ;D
Anonymous said…
Anonymous: I did...

♥ P-Ella ♥: It is lil sis :)

MO3ATH: y3afeek o5oy :)

Technogal: It was great...

Seattle dude: definitely once in a while we do need that :)

MeeMzZ: away from hard and hectic life you need some days like that n thanks :)

├J o u j a┤™ : I hope you enjoy it the way I did :)

purelyorchid: thanks,,thanks n thanks :D

Bebe n' Noonie: LOL why are u jealous?

Mar8adoosh: it is indeed!

Harlow: thanks :)

q8Honey: I will ;p
A Journal Entry said…
sometimes a peaceful day is all what u need to let go of the stress =)
Anonymous said…
enjoy it while it lasts!!;p
Navy Girl said…
i enjoyed it so very much that i started to feel sick of it already lol :D
silence is highly underestimated ;)

enjoy it while it lasts, and wish some upon me =D
Big Pearls said…
sometimes all we need is a peaceful day:)
ruby said…
i need one of those nights :(
Anonymous said…
A Journal Entry: I know :)

enchanteurs: thanks :)

Navy Girl: LOL awww I feel for you all this that you are going through!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: I will send all the wishes of silence for u ;p

Big Pearls: I know :)

ruby: awww dpmt ne sad u will get it soon..welcome here!
Smarties said…
mako arya7 mn el silence!:)
i hope u enjoyed it!

مرات الواحد وده يقعد بروحه شوي بين فترة وفترة يراجع نفسه.
Coconut said…
friday nights make me feel sad. I like peace and quiet, but a little too much quietness to me is scary :P
Welcome to "everyday" of my life..
Enjoy the moment!!
bb q8 said…
Hoping that by now your are so relaxed that you just can't wait to get back to work!
Shoush said…
That's true. Enjoy.
Anonymous said…
Smarties: wallah so true..sometimes we just need it!

Coconut: for me it was something different!

Disturbed Stranger : I am sorry to hear that!

bb q8: I am so not ready for it ;p

Shoush: thanks...
Intlxpatr said…
I had a fabulous iPod, and discovered I preferred silence! My lucky son got the iPod; I have the silence.
Great idea. I am enjoying the silence the older I get, whatever that means! There is a song with this title by Depeche Mode. Great song from the 80's. There has been a remix which is more alternative now which is also fun.

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