2 IN 1

On Friday I was in Avenues Mall and after having lunch I headed to wash my hands. When all of a sudden a guy wearing dishdasha enters the wash room folds his sleeves up, takes out this long pen from his pocket inserts it in his arm and starts giving himself shots. The guy looked so weird with his looks that I got so scared and locked my self in one of the toilets till I heard the cleaner walking in to clean.As far as I know if he was diabetic he should have given himself one shot. But giving himself 10 shots or less is scary.....

On Saturday I went to the airport to change the booking for my sister as she had to travel. Walking out towards my car all of a sudden I notice that the right side of the front bumper is scratched. Let me tell you I am a really sensitive person when it comes up to cars. My car is like a second home to me. So I bend down and start cleaning it for 5 mins till the mark is nearly gone. I get up walk towards the door and guess what!!!! The car wasn't mine :p It was the same color/car but not my car....WTH.... I looked around to see if no one was laughing at me and then walked away.


Hamitaf La B said…
First story.... maybe you should've reported him .. oh wait... never mind... good thinking locking urself in the toilet...

Second story.... WHAT THE..!!! Thats friggin' hilarious man.... 7asafa no one was there to take a picture or something ;p
Anonymous said…
laish etseee'e el than :P yemken yemken yemken ohwa 7ala khasa :P
Anonymous said…
looool definitely a diabetic 7aram 3alekom se2taw elthan feh. Look at the fact 1-he has a shot pen
2-he didnt bother to hide
3-shutting himself twice or thrice wouldnt make him a drug addict some diabetics should take more than one shot since there are many insulin types.
way la2 kela eb 9ob o salfat el car eb 9ob thani ;p
bada3t amu ;p
Anonymous said…
ahaha the 2nd story just cracked me upp! imagine if the owner came back to see you on the floor cleaning his car! he'd think u were some sort of clean freak lool aww yalla at least no one saw!

agool..do u carry a cloth and soap around with you? =P
Smarties said…
hehe, thany qe9a lool! et9adq mara 9arat fene, bs mu chthe, same car w same color.. w kanat mad3ouma! ana e5tara3t re7t aba6elha wla mu syarty! (ashwa!)

first story, madreee el 9ara7a! bs ان بعض الظن اثم yemken feh shai thany mu shar6 sekar or drugs! a7s shda3wa lil7een ma w9alna mar7alat eny a5th drugs eb 7mam el avenues!! :P
chan qeltla, salamat (<< razat waih!!) w shof shered! bs smart idea eneik u locked urself! a7s lw ana lol madree shasawy =S a6la3 eb ser3a!!
Ms Loala said…
@ 2
HAHAHAHAHH that was hilarious :P
Would you consider cleaning my car too?

@ 1
Good thing you left the guy alone, he would have dragged you to trouble even by just looking at him :\
Anonymous said…
Hamitaf: all that came to my mind was to lock my self :P

Anon: bs it was scary!

q8diet: I really go no clue bs the scene itself was so scary that I was like save ur self Amu! Welcome here :)

ghadooor: LOOOOOOOOl

deserpalms: la how can a cleaner wear white shorts while cleaning :P we are in Kuwait,sa7? :D I was rubbing it with my hand :P

Smarties: mmm lol but at least u knew from the beginning that its not ur car :P

Ms Loala: loool OMG i rubbed my fingers on the bumper just to make it shine again :P I was thinking of the same too when I was locked in the toilet but that was scary :/
Squirreliya said…
loool 3ala 6ari el avenues ..kint ma36ya sayarty el valet parking ..w 3ala ena kan za7ma sayarty w9alat bser3a fa estanast w dashait ...ashoof dakhil wela mo sayarty :| a6elll bara wela 9a7ebha wageff y6ali3ni :S mittt mn el fashlaaaaaaaa! bs ashwa sayarty was behind him fa he got it *i hope* ;s
Bebe n' Noonie said…
1- aham shay...thats scary
2-lol mu bs inta ily u think ina ur car is ur second home!! All guys !!;)
Canc3riaN said…
LMAO @ second story !!!

Oops@ First story! That must have been a weird thing to witness.

but back to the second story! HAHAHAHAHA
J o u j a™ said…
amu 9ij 9ij bad3at bel both stories u locked ur self ;p
and u cleaned someone's car :P
i wish i was there 3ashan i laugh 3adel when i see the look on ur face that its not ur car ;p
Ruby Woo said…
@ 1, It's a good thing u didn't butt in cuz both outcomes would've been bad. If he was diabetic indeed, chan 3a9ab on why would you assume that it's something else. If it was indeed drugs.. ohh well you know the rest!

@ 2, Hahaha that was stupid. 7asafa I wish someone filmed you and posted it on facebook for the WORLD to see!
kella met2a5er said…
LooooooooooooooL at the second one, hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..I wish I was there witha camera ;p

The first one, akeed mo drug addict hatha, if its a pen..I`ve seen lots of stuff like that...and I can asure you its not narcotics or psychotropics!! chill dude...bas amu seriously you locked your self in there, LoooooooooooooooooooL, enzein e6la3..ballah mat o mako a77ad bel7ammam ella enta o him?? then it would be a BiG problem.
Technogal said…
Thanks god it was not your car :) otherwise you'll be hating Saturdays + Fridays!
Technogal said…
he he he tawni astaw3ib that you spent 5 min cleaning the car loooooooool!!
Amethyst said…
First, I would get out of the bathroom ASAP!

Second, I feel you;p
Anonymous said…
Squirelliya: OMG thats worse than what I did :D

noonie: dont u think we guys are the best :D

Canc3rian: D

jouja: LoooL is that bad :p

Ruby: filmed o posted on FB ba3ad :p

KM: I will be a cleaner from a biker :D

Techno: I wish I had spend that much time on my car :p

Amethyst: D

missy: :p
MiYaFuSHi said…

omg thats hilarious!!
P-Ella said…
law 6la3t mn CR a7san mn locking:P
loool aham shay ena not ur car :P thank god not urs
Ansam said…
was anyone laughing at you when you looked around? :-P
Anonymous said…
Very funny post - You have some great adventures, he hehehehehe
powder said…
lool . im laughing right now :P
Anonymous said…
LOOOL salfat il car ibdaa3
Aurous said…
scary! @@

Zabo0o6a said…
the car incident , hilaaaaaarious !
Grey said…
LMAO! yeah ! the diabetics get that a lot ...

On cleaning someone else's car .... buwhahahaha ... awesome !
TooMa said…
awal salfa no comment ..

bs salfat elcar 9ij qahar bs yalla ya36ek el3afya :Pp

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