Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Riddle - Can you solve it?

What force and strength cannot get through, I with a gentle touch can do.

And many in the street would stand, were I not a friend at hand.

What am I?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A letter to blogsphere angels

Dear Bloggers,

I know I haven't been posting lately as much as I was in the beginning but I am really busy at work these days. And I doubt will get a break for another 6 months. I am drained, I miss blogging and I miss you all too. It's really nice to come online every morning and get a message with all these lovely comments from you all. But I guess there comes a time when life takes a turn and I guess I am going through that phrase.
I leave from my house at 8am every day and I am not back till 10pm or 11pm. To be honest I do enjoy it because I love keeping my self busy as I am not too much into social life. It's hectic at the same time but its good. At night when I am back I just have 2 things to do shower and sleep. And with the projects in hand I doubt I will be able to go with my travel plans to London, so I have left it for a while if it comes on the way I will take it, If it doesn't I am still ok because if I don't travel I will be saving some extra cash for a better one :-).
What else? ? ?
I watched Ratatouille and just would say without going into details don't miss it. I really enjoyed it.
Days are passing by so quickly that I feel I am racing on a track. I close by eyes and there comes another day and like I always say at work 'It's same bullshit with a different day'.
I can't dive any more :( been diagnosed with diabetes. Yes Yes Yes!!!I know I am young and its not my age but thats what the Dr. told me. I am still going through the routine check up before they can finally declare it that I have it or is it something else. So far the results have been ok but the symptoms say that I have it :s and I don't trust our doctors here. They will kill a patient even if he/she is ok. I need to take care of my meals and have them on time. Need to keep a candy and a water bottle in my car. In other words I get to eat more choclates :D which is the reason I am not that sad.
I will leave now as got few things to finish before I head with the rest of the day.. .. My future posts will be much shorter than this one and I will try to post atleast twice a week. I need lods of prayers, love and support.
See ya soon..

Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Riddle - Can you solve it?

This riddle is for few fellow bloggers who find mathematical riddles hard to answer.

What do these 3 have in common?



The Cabbage Patch Kids

Enjoy and have a nice weekend :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Seven Best Sleeping Positions

I got these pics from a friend and thought of sharing with everyone :) I love the 5th picture, the cats look so cute...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Riddle - Can you solve it?

mmm This is one nice riddle....lets see how many of you get it right? Good Luck

What time is it when the clock strikes 13?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

WARNING : A new blogger is just born

I just got an e-mail from blogsphere mother that a new blogger has just come into this world. I just wanted to warn you people out there that beware of this new blogger. She claims to be my sister and can be your's too for free *thinking* :s. I am sure she's not mine because I am the only son of 2 fathers and 1 mother. Now thats confusing I know but just wanted to warn you people out there.
Note: Enter at your own risk Sis 4 you

London London London all on my mind day and night....

Thats exactly what's happening. I am missing all my old days that I have spent there. Walking on the streets waiting for the underground train and bus to go to my college and many other things.

So today morning I got up at 5 AM and planned for this new vacation.

My plans are: travel to london stay there for 2 days then taking a tour around Europe.

Its called Treasures of Europe for 9 Days.
Paris: Eiffel Tower, Orientation Tour
Italy: Venice, St Marks Square, Gondola Ride, Murano Glass Showroom, Florence Orientation tour, Rome, Coliseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, Pisa, The leaning tower, Duomo
Switzerland: Geneva City Tour, Mt. Titlis with Ice flyer and Lunch, Luzern, Rhine Falls
Germany: Black forest & Cuckoo Clock Factory

So London here I come in few days......

Monday, August 13, 2007

My trip to the land of mountains

First of all sorry this post was meant to come much earliar but as I was not feeling well every thing got delayed. I hate writting long stories about each and every place so it will be one post with a few pics and a short story :)

How is the country? For travellers intending to travel there I would suggest if I got a 7 star service you need a 10 star when you go there. The country is beautiful, their culture is amazing but the people are not good which really makes me sick.

Fatima Jinnah Park:

The park is spread across a very big area. I didn't even get chance to walk from one corner to the other.
The white mosque you can see at the back of this pic is Faisal Mosque, one of the famous mosques in the capital.

This is the only monument that stands in the big park there. Note : This park is very scary at night as I saw a few pigs, cows and dogs there *ewwww* btw there is no zoo for animals there as they are free to go whichever place they want to.So don't be surpriced if you see them outside the airport welcoming you :D

Wood Factory:

This is the factory I visited with my dad. It's really interesting to see how they cut the wood. What I was surprised to see that apart from the wood cutting machine they have no other equipments to lift that tons of heavy wood and keep it on the table before cutting it.

Wood Cutting Machine

If you notice in this picture the worker is cutting the wood without wearing any safety equipment. There are no working rules or regulations in the country I guess or even if there are no one is ready to abide them.

This is a tractor which is supposed to be used in the farms but apparently they use it there even for carry goods behind it.

Pakistan Monument:

This is a very beautiful place with extremely beautiful engraving in the walls. This place is on the mountains and you can see the whole city for there. The view was insane. If you note it properly this monument says ALLAH in arabic.

The 3 words of the founder of Pakistan for his people 'Unity', 'Faith' and 'Discipline'.Engraving in the walls. The picture shows the Founder of the country, his sis and his tomb where he is burried.

I don't know what exactly is shown in this picture but on the top left corner is the Faisal Mosque.

The man in this picture is the late famous poet of Pakistan.

As I am sure you are bored by now so I got a few nice picture to share now.

Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban:

Presenting................ Spiderwomen of Pakistan :D

This picture was taken in PC Bhurban, a 7 star hotel on the mountains where the clouds are below you. I couldn't stop cracking even while taking the picture in one of the shops there.

This was funny sign board in the hotel so thought to take a picture and share. I have broken one of their rules :D

This picture is stolen by me from the frame in the staircase of the hotel and was warned then to close my camera,hehe

After this day I was too sick to even hold the camera so I guess its The End.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I have been tagged by sweetest Hessa. (Sorry for being late)

The system:

  • In the 8 facts about [name], you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. At the end, you tag 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Each blogger must post these rules first.
  • Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • At the end of the post, a blogger needs to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  • Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog…

Facts about Amu (Me^_^):

1) I am 173cm. I guess average height.
2) I am a home person, don't like deewaniya (a place where arab men sit and talk about daily life) and can stay for weeks at home without going out as long as I have good music to listen too =)
3) I hate pickles inside sandwiches but love to eat them seperately.
4) I am a mummy's boy, till today she makes me feel like I am just born a few hours back which I hate it that time but miss it when she travels.
5) I love speeding and I am crazy about motorcycles and racing car.
6) I hate window shopping, I would never go out to look for an item if I don't have money in my pocket.
7) All my friends are females.
8) I love going out on long drives with light music when people are busy shopping over the weekends.

Who is tagged? CeCe, Navy Girl, canc3rian, Sugar free sweetie, Macholiq8, Dynamic deeds, Fayoora, kuwait advertiser and everyone else who visits me here including any silent readers :)


Well I don't know where to start and where to end. But since I came back from my vacation, I just wasn't feeling well. Fever, cough, breathing issues and extremely exhausted. I guess that country, the people and the weather nothing suited me. It was to this extent that I even cancelled my future travelling plans. I have never been through such a stage in my life when I hated everything coming my way. I have been off and on with work too and I really need to get back on my desk and start working. All I need is luck :)

Thanks to all the care I got from my friends here and I am sorry if I missed anyone in replying to their comments which I didn't mean to :)

I am surely gonna get back with lods of posts as there is too much to talk about.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Riddle - Can you solve it?

A woman shoots her husband.

Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes.

Finally, she hangs him.

But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together.

How can this be?

Thursday, August 2, 2007


I am back and I really missed all of you and blogging :).

I have lods to write about my trip but at present I need to get back in shape before I can post. At present I have fever, flu, cough, insects bitten hands :p and shall I say bad tan on my hands and face. I will be posting in a few days till then BRB.