How do you feel with the situation when you can not use your ATM card for your purchases just because k-net is down all over Kuwait? Mark posted about it yesterday too.

I experienced it yesterday when I was at Costa in Keifan and my transaction got declined luckily I had cash on me. I am not a credit card person and never rely on them so for me its a big headache when Knet is out of order. Later in the evening I went to Suzuki to pay for my motorcycle and my transaction got declined again.

I finally go to the bank to withdraw the cash and for testing I just withdraw KD5. So my account should be KD5 less but no its KD10 less because of these errors. So its not just on the purchases its even withdrawing from the ATM machines. I call the bank and they advice me that its not just with me there are many other customers who have had the same issues. Thats just redicilous!!!!!! They promised me that I will get my money back in 24 hours but its been more than 48 hours and nothing done yet.

Update: I just called NBK and they are saying that people who have been over charged will get their money refunded by 5pm today!


Grey said…
Shotgun !

Yeah and if you try calling K-net they are out of reach 'forever' ...
Anonymous said…
grey: I didnt call them I called the bank who are no better than anyone !
Ruby Woo said…
I'm a credit card person. If I have cash on me, I would spend it in a heartbeat.

But I suggest you call the bank again and give them a peice of your mind!!
Smarties said…
ufff ufff!! enba6at chabdy ams w qabl ams.. ma 3indy cash! w kent eb starbucks adris.. el muhem kent 7addy 3a6shan w ma 3indy cash w el k-net ma tesht3'el.. radait el bait, b3d shasawy =(

w eb nafs el youm, re7t chilies, w nafs el shai el k-net wasnt working.. ashwa my friend kan 3nda cash!! wla chan 9efena ne3'asel 97oon :P

ma tadree laish 9ar chthe? el 9ara7a 5eft 3ala malayenee :D
Anonymous said…
moshkila. i'm not a k-net person either bs ham 7eta lw 3endi credit card w feh iflous wayid bs mako cash, ham arou7 as7ab wala adfa3 bil k-net. kilish mako thiqa.
Anonymous said…
yesterday was a mess really! I am thinking of saving all my money at home.. :S
those bankers ..
sweets dont believe anything they tell you. you must KILL them ;p
Ms Loala said…
Thank god i didn't go out shopping yesterday. I can't live without my ATM cards, i use frequently instead of cash :\
Navy Girl said…
ambeeeeeeeeeeeeeh are you kidding me !! well you know me very well i dont ever have cash on i always use my knet easier , faster .. today i got screwed up twice ambeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh what the heck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i went to Black & White with my friend .. and when we were done .. i asked for the check and then i gave him my card and he was like not working and i was like i dont have cash on !! my friend ashwa saved me .. then again at starbucks the SAME THING !!! NO FREAKING KNET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE SHENO HATHA !!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm sooo pissed y3ny shenooo mako knet !!!! malaga !
Amethyst said…
I'm such a KNET person, so thank God I'm leaving soon;p
they said sorry today in the newspaper however, its annoying o be6i-chabding to the highest
Anonymous said…
I have a student who works at Knet and she explained that the problem was KEMS; they were upgrading their system and hadn't informed Knet that the system could be down for 2 days!!!
shoosha said…
oh u reminded me... i must pay my phone bill online
kella met2a5er said…
i have had my share of that. It's everywhere dude!
Mar8adoosh said…
eughh HATE HATE cards.. credit debit ALL of them !!

Here it's so annoying cuz I can't pay cash nearly everywhere.. the thing is I fall in love with something ba3dain I get the "I'm sorry maam we don't take cash" mila8 ;p
P-Ella said…
im like you not a credit card person.
Anonymous said…
Ruby Woo:why am I not shocked :p

Smarties: man thats sad!!!

Harlow: I used to be like that but not any more :)

Soul: loool thats a good idea.

├J o u j a┤™ : I will kill many people soon!

Ms Loala: you can go today :)

Navy Girl: you should have called me?

Amethyst: lucky you!

Oranjina fadidra: Sorry for the pain or sorry but they will do it again!

Darya: I heard that too...

Squirreliya: big time!

shoosha: LOL dont pay now or they will deduct twice!

kella met2a5er: they have been bad man!

Mar8adoosh: I know the life there is all on credits!

P-Ella: that's the best way to live a good life :)
Ruby Woo said…
You're not shocked?
I'm giving you this spender vibe, aren't I?
powder said…
yeah , sucks , happened to me too :S
Ansam said…
I dont usually carry cash! I was at sultan center that day and had to go to the ATM machine, and there I had to wait in line for my turn! It was bad
Anonymous said…
so glad didnt go shopping then !:P
Ahhhh !! So thats what it was !!
Makes sense now ;s

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