Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Look

Thanks to Chikapappi and Blue Dress for giving my blog this great look.

Blue did the header and my display picture and chika helped me to set the fonts right and with the music.. .. Girls you both are sweet Angels.


JaNa GaNa Mana

Even though I am not Indian but I like their National Anthem. It has something strong in it that attracts me to listen to it.
I don't understand a word from it but out of the blue I just felt like listening to it today morning. Reminds me when I studied in Carmel School for 6 years. I guess today is a day for childhood memories!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

War of the Blogs - Part 1

Name 10 things that piss you off from women:

1) never true with their promises
2) mine is right
3) stubborn
4) When I am free you have to be free to talk to me
5) Will make you dream o then disappear
6) Selfish
7) Others bf or husbands are this this n this why are you not and when you change they say ahh ur too obsessed
8) When you give them a good advice its non of our business and when they give you advice its good for our future
9) I cant see what I am writting here as its not scrolling down any more…..
10) cant live with them and cant live without them :D

UPDATE: And for guys who want to change their sex for a day just to favor Wooooo Mean...Shame!! Be a MAN today :D

Note: This post is not directed to food addicted Chikapappi..its just for fun and laugh.


Did anyone get this message?

Your Phone Number:

965xxxxxxx won $9500 in the yahoo! 2007 Mail Alert programme.

Winners contact for FREE claims and delivery details.

I am wondering how did they get my number? :/

Monday, October 29, 2007

Nagging Nagging Nagging

So after all that weird faces I see when I enter my house every day which I can't take it any more I have decided to sell my motorcycle ...

Thats the sad story for today..

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reasons for being away.....

Forgot my laptop at work and didn't bother to drive back to the desert to get it :@

Been busy riding my bike :D

Arguing with mom over marriage / why did I buy a motorcycle and her typical issues :(

Working... working and working all weekend :s

Finally relocated to a new house after 20 years leaving old memories behind :/

Thursday, October 25, 2007


= 5000

Thanks to all the bloggerettes for passing by...

Honda CBR 1000

I finally bought this machine yesterday. Its a Honda CBR 1000cc 2007 model. The colour is as shown above...

I bought it with these accessories:

One extra helmet

Blue tooth rechargeable headset for my helmet

Full protective Shift gear that includes the leather jacket and the trouser.

A summer jacket

Pair of hand gloves

A small bag that I can carry as a back pack while ridding.

Cost of Bike KD 3850 + Accessories KD 500.

Dealer: Mutawa AlKazi Honda - 4818442

This morning was my first ride from the Honda dealership to my work and I have to say it felt so good getting back on it after this gap of few years. The weather was lovely and it just made the ride beautiful. I have to ride slowly for the first 1000km I am planning to do that over this weekend so I can do the first service by next week and then drive it to the maximum speed.

Drive Safely Amu...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I have been having these nightmares continuously for the past 1 week where I see her blaming me for everything that has happened to her in her life...

She is interrogating me with a lot of questions...

I am not relaxed in my sleep at all...

Last night it was the worst I got up in the middle of the night and prayed...

The worse part is that when I wake up in the morning I don't recall anything I am just scared...

I know I didn't do anything bad to her then why do I feel guilty? ? ?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fe Male

You Inner Gender is Female

You're sensitive, caring, and willing to connect with anyone who's open to you.
You make friends easily, and you enjoy all sorts of conversations.
You understand most people you meet - better than they understand themselves.
You're totally a woman... or at the very least, your soul is female.

The words are so true but not the gender :PpP

To know what my gender was highlight the part above the picture!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Welcome home...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Women | Men | Souk Mubarkiya

Its one of the markets in Kuwait where I am sure most of the people have been too. Its also called the Old Souk or the Heritage Souk. I am usually there everyday as my dad's business is located there and I go for a few hours just to see how things are going.

Just recently I noticed two incidents, I usually come across few of such incidents every month but last night these two are worth telling.

First incident: This fat women size of my house door with full make up comes to the souk wearing niqab bringing a group of her followers to say fat ass we are here for u. She comes sits on the chair and thats when the show begins. Every 5 minutes a new group of males admirers come and try their luck to make her happy and that she smiles back and takes their lucky number. For me I felt it was like a stage show where these guys were the presenters. Its funny to see the way they try to send number via blue tooth, different hand action, speaking on the phone and speaking out their numbers. Now here I don't blame the guy, I blame this women who has put so much artistic make up to attract guys... and damn you guys get a life!!!

Second incident: Now I see this beautiful old women really white in skin color wearing the traditional dress comes with her kids to do some shopping. Now when I say beautiful I mean really beautiful even though I could just see her hands and part of her eyes, but the henna on her fingers was looking really nice. For me beauty is a persons simplicity or I would say natural beauty. So whats next?? I see an old 50+ guy after her. OMG man half of your legs are already in grave what are you here for now? Go and pray, remember your GOD, do some good deeds rather than being a stalker..a few minutes later she left and the guy kept chasing her till when leaving with so many questions about this society...

Such incidents make me laugh for a few minutes but as I am really sensitive when I think about it an hour later makes me really sad... I start thinking with these topics and then the rest of my day becomes really sad because one topic leads me to the other and its a non stop circle.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Let the picture speak

Traveling to Liberty

Here is where I need some help and guide from all of you who have traveled to New York. As its my first visit there I am not aware of the places to visit and hotels to stay in. I will be traveling on the 16th November to NY for 6 nights and then will be in London for 1 day and then back to Kuwait. My cousin will be picking me from my Hotel either on 17th or 18th. So for 2 days I will be on my own..

Any hotel recommendations? places to visit? Dos and don't s are all welcome . Thanks!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Last week after a year of nagging by my mates in UK I finally decided to sign up for facebook. I kept my account for 2 days and then deleted it. My first thought about it was it is very confusing, too many things on one page and its just not me. Even though I uploaded one of the worse pictures I have of my self in 2 days you receive so many invites for different people which is really annoying.

Finally, the worse part is there are people who I have known in past and just don't want to know them any more and the first thing I did when I logged in there was to search them with their name and I was shocked to know that they all were there...That was the time I decided I have enough on my plate to have something more from here in future...

I deleted my account and here I am happy again :D

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Routine

My routine is still pretty messed up...

I left from from work at 12:30pm, went to see a friend.

Reached home at 1:30 and had to leave again at 3 to pick up my passport from American Embassy. I finally got my visa after 2 months and 25 days. Apparently it went for some clearance and I missed my meeting. But who cares I have a nice excuse now to travel to NY next month :)

Reached home and while watching this famous documentary by Al gore..I passed out on the couch.. I haven't been sleeping well lately and right now I have this severe headache as I woke up with my niece screaming..

I got to go to dad's office to finish a few pending issues and I need to make sure I sleep early tonight...

Blogsphere Rules

I just came across a bloggers meet up rules, its really funny to hear that bloggers have such rules:

1) The person should not be a citizen of that country

2) He should send his 3 recent pictures before they go further

3) Send his ID card number

4) There should be voice call between them on msn or yahoo

5) There should be video call between them

6) And the day they finally decide to meet up after the poor guy has passed all the tests :p, he needs to call her and wake her up in 30 minutes and if he succeeds they go for a breakfast...

loooool---I couldn't stop laughing, I never though I will ever hear these rules. I would like to hear more rules of people living in this sphere so share it with me :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007


This is for all of you who are smoking fags... sheesha..or whatever!!!

I guess the picture says it all...You know what is the end for you now!!

Nothing is impossible I am sure you can still do it...and please don't give yourself or others these lame excuses that it relieves stress or makes you feel better...I guess its just all in your mind...Once you take these thoughts out of your mind you can do it...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

People 'N' Status

Meeting new friends after 5 years is different to me and exciting experience. I feel it’s a totally new experience for me. I came across a few new friends in past few weeks and out of them there are people I could trust them then and I can’t trust them now and there are people I didn’t knew and want to know them more. I realize that 2 weeks or a month is a very short time to come to an conclusion but I guess I was looking for comfort in everything that was coming my way and I was wrong. I felt most people these days care about status. Correct me if I am wrong?

Talking about status I noticed to them what’s important is what I am driving or wearing then for what I am? Is that all in life that we need to be caring about these days? To me more than status is how I live my daily life. I know I dress pretty decent and I am happy with what I am moving around with. Then WTH is wrong with them...

I am just so frustrated with back stabbing and all these other issues that I guess I am happy the way I am…People if you think that living in that particular area is better than where I am, and you fancy car and your job is better than mine because I am not working in the field in which I graduated in then who asked you to move around with me. Just say me from the first day we chatted that I am like this and you are like that *full STOP* do I really give a F*** to if you are weld el flani or bent el whatever…

Friday, October 12, 2007

Book Of Life

Time: 11:54am

My life is like a book where one chapter finishes and the other is not bringing me any better story too ... In life I have never given up on my strength but today sadly at this moment I have given up ... I wish I can be wrapped in a cloth and wish farewell to this world and leave... I have no words to write and nothing to say... I have lost hopes to live!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Story....Can you complete it?

I always give riddles to solve and puzzles to complete. This time its something about me to complete...And there is a gift too!

I visit my house after a month... Enter my room.....Open my wardrobe and I am shocked, depressingly I am sitting on my bed and staring at the wardrobe ......... WHY? What can be the reason? What did I see inside it? What made me so sad?

Answer: I saw that my wardrobe is full of gifts and clothes gifted to me by someone I care about and is not there.....

Rania: You are the lucky one....Contact me to pick up your gift..
What's surprising is that all of you visit here everyday and she came here first time....

Guess people and who ever comes to the right answer or to the closest will get the gift...I wont post the pictures of the gift but its nice...Once the winning person is announced just contact me on my e-mail and you will be told how to get your gift :)

Good luck.....

N btw this time all of you can Google the answer,hehe

Monday, October 8, 2007

Missed the death by few seconds....

As I was really exhausted today oo sej sej maly 5lg to do anything at work. I decided to leave early from work to reach home and relax. And guess what I slept while driving :O. I slept like for 5 seconds and when I opened my eyes the distance between me and the school bus was less than 10 meters. I was on a speed of 120km/hr that time. I pressed the emergency breaks and steared my steering towards the left. I am sure if I did hit that bus I wont be here writting this post today. El7emdella nothing happened or anyone was injured.
I feel really bad about it. I risked my life and the other people on the rood because of my stupidity.... :(

Some more about me....

Every morning I wake up with this weird feeling in me....I have nightmares that someone hates me....then I pray that hope its not true and continue with the rest of my day.

My life has become so restless lately that I try to find a shoulder or peace in every second of the day....I feel I have hammered my own feet and now I am in pain........

I have planned for a vacation next month to England. I just hope that it takes me out of this disorder. In short I want to be back to normal life but I guess it will take its time or I am not doing it the right way...

This past week has been good...I try to give few hours to myself everyday where I do something out of normal routine...

Haven't shopped for EID.....just not in a mood...

My Angel is doing good...I am getting a lot of support and strong words (but all that are good for me) from her... She tells me what is good and bad for me which I know but I am not acting on them...

I miss ridding a motorcycle....The urge is still there in me, but why do I feel this time when I buy it I will bring me some bad accident...

I miss bloggers and blogging... They are family to me ...

N finally Happy 25th Birthday Maryam, did I just say your age :pPp Hope you have a great day full of fun :)

Saturday, October 6, 2007


This post is kinda related to the previous one... well I have felt maybe a few people got to a different direction and thought that AMU has a crush on that blogger.

Well my question is when two people meet and they feel good to be with each other, they like to be around each other's feelings, what kind of relation is that? Can that only happen when you have a crush on someone?

According to me NO NO NO... There is something beautiful about it that we are best friends till date I dunno whats coming next so wont predict till it happens and yes she is a Female blogger and yet I don't want to reveal her identity :) It's not that she has asked me not to but I just don't feel that its the right time now. And don't worry my sweet friends who are coming up with names... one day if Amu has a crush you will be the first one to know :) I share with you all my thoughts how can I miss that big event...

How about make it more interesting? That blogger is on my list so now that makes things easier for you to find out...

And today I feel like flying after listening to this song last night :)

Ps: this post is just to clear misunderstands if there were any created by me and I confused others..

Friday, October 5, 2007

I have a dream.....

I am person who dreams, plans and then takes them to come true. I know not all of them but atleast 80%. But with a few bad incidents I felt I have just lost it all and I can't plan my life again....

That is when I met someone from blogsphere recently which changed me completely. I started working again on my plans I want to live again and just because that night brought a big smile on my face. The night was nothing special to me but just made me think I am here for a reason. I came back to my motto "Live your day as if its your last one". I was glad that by the end of it 2 people were happy. And it felt so good when you hear "Baby I am there for you". You just feel yes you can do it. I just needed that push and I got it...

Have you ever met a person who you have never known before and then all of a sudden you feel in a click that you have known them for years. What you say is what they think and what they say is what you are about to speak. It was exactly like that!

I could see myself again where I will be in 10 years from today. I dunno who that person was but was an Angel for me. We chatted for nearly 1/4 of a day but it felt so good as if I have recovered my lost aim. We talked about life, about work, about our goals and it was like as if we both we on the same path but different people we were dealing with.

I don't know if that person will ever come across this post but if he/she does. This song is for you and to your dreams that will come true in 10 years...

Sorry that 'he/she' does not mean that person is a gay :p I am trying to tell my feelings keeping the privacy in mind...Cheers

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My latest addiction

I have never been into playing billiard in real. But for some reason my friend told me about this website and I am just addicted to GameZer

Once you register and login you just never wana stop like me...I am spending few hours on this site everyday :)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Events in the 10th month

October always comes in my family with a few occasions to mark...But this year It will bring a few more rough memories to it...I was just thinking about it today morning and here are the things that came to my mind for this month...

1) 3 birthdays on the 10th - 12th and 28th (Mom, elder sis and the youngest)

2) Eid in another 12 days :D

3) Today marks 20 days of no news :(

4) N 14th marks an incomplete 5th Anniversary.......?

5) 10th will mark a 1 month separation Anniversary :o

6) 16th One year since her mother passed away - Allah yer7ama

7) One year since I thought she will be more closer to me and day by day I saw that ray of hope disappearing.

8) Need to pray more n more n more... Last 10 days start from tonight.

9) Why every bad thing happens to me every year in Ramadan or before it begins! Or is it just my thinking.....

10) Mom's coming back on 21st...can't wait! I have never missed her this much *yumma want a hug*

I hope all of you have a pleasant and peaceful month with all your prayers come true :)