The Dawn

As I sat by the window of my dark room after midnight a flow of thoughts started flowing my mind. The mean world, racism, good people, lovely friends, innocent kids they all were part of my collection of thoughts. But the thing that took my mind was you. I thought about you from how we met to how we got separated as I stared at the dark scary sky. A ray of light from the bright moon was lightening my face.

With each hour passing the colors of the sky kept changing from dark to lighter and lighter. This is how I compared my life with you. The beautiful colors of the sky made me happy because this is how beautiful my life was with you. With great memories to fold and save them in my heart I still can look back at those days with a smile. I kept waiting for that one call from you as the needles of my wrist watch were moving with my breath. I knew I was getting late for work but felt you would call as I sat there in vain waiting for that one last wake up call......


Anonymous said…

i pray that u find happiness wherever u go. *hug*
Anonymous said…
oh i fell asleep i didnt know u were waiting for my call :P

Anonymous said…
Killer m: thanks and ya I need that hug!

Anonymous: shhhhhh :@
P-Ella said…
*Push's Amus arm* aaaah you're such dramatic emotional young man, if that person doesnt call you then its not worth to wait and hopping that someday will come more hopes just move on and everything will be just exactly beautful as it was.
Go out have fun,hope ur doing good and not being the the the topic you wrote about >> the side effect<<

Just Smile 7tta law no reason*HUGS*
Sh7afana said…
are u for real? cuz if u are im getting on one knee right now and proposing!
and shutup um mit3ib i am NOT a hopeless romantic !
well maybe a little bit ;p

Anonymous said…
P-Ella: expressing ur feelings or what you have been through cant be dramatic!! thanks for the hugs though :)

Sh7afana: Yes!!!
Anonymous said…
im speechless and i dont know what to say

but i can tell you that i love you and i will never stop loving you no matter what happens because you do mean the world to me ..
i dont know why you thought that i gave up on you .. i dont want you to doubt my love to you cuz it is true..
i dont want no one but you..
A Journal Entry said…
i hope u find a better persin soon =)
Mar8adoosh said…

Allah yarzigik ib someone better inshala
When you lose something in life you gain something back :)

E.g. ana I know I won't get to marry beckham or figo but I'm still happy ;p
manutdfanatic said…
You never cease to surprise me.

Lovely piece; I could almost imagine sitting by the very same window too.

Time, heals all. Your time will come too..
P-Ella said…
ofcourse im dramatic i was jst tryin to act cool dont get angry at me:(
Big Pearls said…
very nicely written:)
Sh7afana said…
amu!!! i neeeeeeed ur help with something ..
Balqees said…


nyxxie said…
This song is so nostalgic!
Nice post.
Hoodii said…
thats a nice song u got and a really cute post i like it alot
q8Honey said…
did that last wake up call come? ;/ i loved this post
Grey said…
Nice Amu , Dont know what else to say .
Anonymous said…
Anonymous: I am glad I bought light into your life :) It makes me so happy to see when I see sad faces smiling again - Love u2....

A Journal Entry: Enshallah :)

Mar8adoosh: LOL @ beckham .... u really made me laugh :D enshallah we all get someone better in our lifes!

manutdfanatic: So true...time is a healer... thanks for liking it!

P-Ella: awww Princess I am not angry :D *hugs*

Big Pearls: thanks :)

Sh7afana: Amu is hereeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Balqees: thank youuUUUUU :*

nyxxie: glad you liked it! welcome here!

Hoodii: thanks for liking it...keep visiting!

q8Honey: NO and I have stoped waiting!

Grey: thanks bro :) You read it thats more than enough!
P-Ella said…
dooms enshalla *hugs back* :D
icon said…
God, this is very tiring, I know it well. It's tiring me too, every single minute !!
Anonymous said…
P-Ella: ajma3een inshallah :)

Squirreliya: thanks :)

icon: I hope you feel better soon! Welcome here!
This comment has been removed by the author.
desertpalms said…
sowie late comment =P soo did the call come?
aoc gold said…
O wind , why do you never rest,

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