Colorful Day Out at Kubbar

It was bright sunny Friday afternoon 6 Adults and 4 kids on small boat headed towards Kubbar Island from Al Koot - Fahaheel. What can I say more that I just loved it all the way! It was great weather and good friends and the lovely sea and corals. I am so happy that I cant even write how great this change was for me!

The only worse and sad thing was to see gays and boya's and some stupid people there as usual. But the thing I loved the most was the coast guard was there and they were taking regular rounds so NO MORE LOUD MUSIC, NO MORE CLUB DANCING, NO MORE SHITTY STUFF which just made me enjoy the weather, swimming, snorkeling, boat sailing and eating lodz of JUNK food!

The above pic is taken from Kuwait Mantas website!


q8Honey said…
Zain.. ta'3yeer jaw is good for u ;D! i'm glad u enjoyed ur time there ..
Mar8adoosh said…
Sounds like you had so much fun :)

Ahh I miss Q8.. X-maas aaaaaah x-maas yalla ta3aaaal ;p

God those gays and boyas are EVERYWHERE ?!
Technogal said…
Good to hear that you had fun :) you really needed it!
MO3ATH said…
يامعود زين غيرت جو

طلعات البحر حلوه تنسيك التعب ، زين ماسويت ياخوك

الاشكال هذي عادي عطها طاف وعيش يومك
P-Ella said…
good ur enjoying ur day today ;)
Squirreliya said…
glad u had fun and enjoyed ur day :)

never been to kubbar, wedi aroo7laha
Sh7afana said…
hehe.. gays make me laugh.. bes some really disgcust me..

im glad u had fun :) .. then do this more often.. the thing is im DYING to go to the bneach but i have a nasty burn (long story involving a clutz (ME) and boiling water) .. so i cant be out in the sun .. not for the next 10 days.. doesnt that SUCK ?? :(
OutOfReach said…
wanasa abi aroo7
i'm glad you enjoyed your day ;)
manutdfanatic said…
Glad you had a good time. :)
manutdfanatic said…
Also, I'm lovin' the song you have on...
Bebe n' Noonie said…
7imdellah u had a good time;)

shoosha said…
am i the only ones not familiar with the names on the map?
Anonymous said…
glad to hear inah u had fun. eee amu always smile tara mako shay yeswa!!
are you kidding having gays over there is the best thing :P 3ashan u laugh :P

Glad that you had fun sweetie :*
kella met2a5er said…
yalla cool, 3aleik bel3afya..Im glad you enjoyed it Dude..

About the stupid ashkal, 6aaaaaf min ommah..they are everywhere, and they are just m5arbeen elsalfa..what to do!!
Smarties said…
wanassaaaaa.. al 7imdallah eneik estanast.. 3'aiart jaw shwaya!

3ad mako 9war ;O ??
Big Pearls said…
sounds really nice:)
Anonymous said…
q8Honey: ya that was a good change!

Mar8adoosh: come back then ;p

Technogal: thanks :)

MO3ATH: wallah i have been there and seen all that before!

P-Ella: thanks :)

Squirreliya: you should go there some day...its a change!

Sh7afana: that sucks big time!!! I hope u get well soon!

OutOfReach: you should visit there!

manutdfanatic: thanks n thanks:)

Bebe n' Noonie: it was a gr8 day!

shoosha: LOL maybe ;p I guess you are new here j/k

Killer: enshallah :)

├J o u j a┤™: I am not a gay fan ;p

kella met2a5er: y3afek bro :) I guess ya such people are every place!

Smarties: Sorry I didnt take any cam with me :) next time enshallah...

Big Pearls: Oh it was really nice!
Grey said…
Would love to go there someday .
Anonymous said…
grey: you should go there :)

delicately realistic: thanks : )
A Journal Entry said…
wanasa.. i've always wanted to go to one of kuwait's islands

glad u enjoyed it ;)
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