Monday, August 11, 2008

Break Time


ZaMaHReeR said...

what a break??!
for how long is that break?!

Harlow said...


God bless you inshallah, bs please come back asap. :[[[[

desertpalms said...

have fun chillaxifyingg =D nuthin lyk time off to kick back and relax!

Ruby Woo said...

Not a long one I hope..

manutdfanatic said...


PaLoMiNo said...

sheno sj break wela bas chethe U baught a new cup!!!!!!!!!!!

amuuuuu I was gona post 9orat cup yedeeed my sis shareta for me ;D o 7adiiiiiiii 7abitaa! bas sobgtny ;D

btw mako breaks for u mamnoo3 ;p

yalla shoof my new blog pic o 3a6ny rayik?! is it scary also ;pPp
yalla if u dont like it baghyrha ;D

├J o u j a┤™ said...

dont be late
cuz you will be missed by many bloggers and specially by me :PpP~

Chaotic pOsha said...

Hey there,
am a mug addict..i just love to collect mugs. Did u buy it or its just a pic ;p
anyhow, Have a gr8 time.

Palomino: khanshoof ur mug ;p

P-Ella said...

wait wait lesh break:( ill miss u dude

Smarties said...

trou7 w terja3 bl salama =)
aham shai enjoy ur break :D

shnu nawy etsawy? sefar i guess??
anyway la e6awel!! !_!

Squirreliya said...

nice mug ;p

take care ;>

plastic said...

have fun and wow the comments above you are very popular with the girls huh ;P

likeairillrise said...

Don't leave!

TooMa said...

take care and don't be late :)
i love the mug

:::ShoSho::: said...

Hatha shino ba3ad I come and you leave?

kella met2a5er said...

Shako break, wein o shessalfa?

Fashionated said...

who approved this so called break?

Shoush said...


..::Amu::.. said...

ZaMaHReeR: 3 days and I am back!

Harlow: El7emdella I was ok!!! Just wanted to refresh my thoughts!

desertpalms: Yes it was great to be away!

Ruby Woo: Not at all....

manutdfanatic: Thanks :)

PaLoMiNo: I need to see the pic of the mug!

J o u j a┤™ : I can feel that in the air :)

Chaotic pOsha: Its just a pic :P

Palomino: eee sa7...posha show us ur mugs :P

P-Ella: awww I missed you all!

Smarties: I just took a break from daily posting!

Squirreliya: thanks :)

plastic: a7em a7em :p

likeairillrise: I am back...

TooMa: Am I late ? ;p

:::ShoSho::: I am back sis :D

kella met2a5er: Walla KM wanted a break to gather my thoughts!

Fashionated: mmMMmm I asked my mom and she said you can go on a break :p Sorry I forgot to ask you,hehe

Shoush: thanks :)