Sunday, November 30, 2008

C 1 & C 2

C1 and C2 both like to go on long drives. They both are equally crazy and like to explore different cultures and places. C1 likes C2 and has a developing crush for her. C2 is cute, shy and as naughty as C1. They both have mutual understanding. They both walk every night under the moon light with their daily gossips to tell each other. C2 is scared of cats and has an ever lasting love for dogs but C1 hates animals.

Whats next?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Breakfast and Ride to Mutla

There was a group ride organized today by TriStar. I had my plans set and I woke up at 5:30am and was out by 7am. I headed straight to my usual bike wash place. Got Edge all shiny and good for todays ride and headed towards Marina Crescent for the meeting the guys. As I arrived there early I decided to have breakfast at Jhonny Rockets and I have to say that I havent had this tasty breakfast in the last few months. It was just YUMMY!

Soon I met with the other riders and head to Mutla for a group ride. I went a bit too crazy today and finally hit the 300km/hr speed on Edge. Thats the maximum speed on Edge so I guess I hit the finall target today. We were 8 bikers and 4 of them were cruising normally the rest 4 which included me went out of the way and we were racing on the empty road. It was fun riding with the group. I have to say that when I finally arrived home I just feel I just went a bit too hyper while riding today. I have to hold my self and be careful for my next ride!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

50 things about me...

Here you go:

1) My height is 175cm.
2) I love traveling.
3) I dont like heights and depths even though I am a diver.
4) I hate darkness kinda freaks me out!
5) I can speak 4 languages.
6) I am a shy person in gatherings but open in friends.
7) I am not a reader.
8) I am a giver and taker.
9) I am an easy forgiver.
10) I love chocolate and chocolate bar.
11) I live on fast food.
12) I work 13 hours a day.
13) I have an obsession for cars and motorcycles.
14) My favorite fruit is Mango.
15) I am a morning person and usually in bed by 10PM.
16) I am sensitive.
17) I love speed.
18) I hate facing problems - so I usually runaway from them.
19) I like walking by the sea and watch the sunrise and sunset.
20) I am moody at times.
21) If I am hungry I prefer to stay away from people (typical man)
22) I don't drink warm drinks i.e no coffee or tea.
23) I always get home sick when I travel.
24) I don't take medicines till its really needed.
25) I am a mummy's boy.
26) I am romantic.
27) I get headache from people smoking around me.
28) I once got a cup for winning a race in which I cheated.
29) I used to be a dreamer till I hit the reality.
30) I am very picky with my food and often have a hard time when going to a restaurant with friends or family.
31) I am a Leo and I don't believe in Astrology.
32) I don't have any close friends.
33) I love photography.
34) I prefer cakes than ice creams after meals.
35) I hate watching TV shows.
36) I love going for long drives though we don't have that much choice here.
37) I cant live without music even though my taste is pretty lame. I prefer old over new.
38) I love dancing but hate night clubs. I always felt when I went there that its group of people who get drunk and don't know about their acts.
39) It's my dream that I have wife and kids who are riders like me and we can all ride together.
40) My favorite color is Yellow and Sky Blue but I am always confused so it keeps changing.
41) My favorite number is 7.
42) We are a family of 6 members. Dad,mom, 3 sisters and me.
43) I hate touchy people and esp. guys who hold hands.
44) I enjoy hanging out in quiet places.
45) I cant play video games that have too much blood in them.
46) I can manage nicely between different groups of people.
47) I am a good businessman.
48) I like to collect stationary.
49) I cant remember most movies a few days after I have watched them.
50) I am Amu - A good friend, a strict uncle, a kind brother, a responsible son and EDGE rider.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meet the Rider

I know I have lately been posting a lot of pictures of EDGE. Well this is the only obsession I have these days. So I am enjoying it till the weather lasts.

I can't wait to leave my work to ride on EDGE ;p

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear Salary

Please come back to STAY with me.
You left in such a rush last month,
I didn't even have time to tell you about my plans.

I'm sorry about whatever it is I did.
I promise I'll be good.
Luv you

That brings a question to my mind. If you are working, are you broke by the end of the month? Are you in a situation where you can't wait to have your salary in your account?

P.S got this as a fwd in my email and though of sharing.

Monday, November 24, 2008

More On EDGE

As the riding experience has been amazing so far and the weather has been great. I have added a few more things on EDGE and bought two new items to add to my gear.

I am really thinking on changing the exhaust system but that will be the next stage. Honestly if there is something I am really enjoying these days its riding. I have been around some good bikers and every weekend is a new experience. The more I ride the more I learn.

I have added a black tinted visor to my helmet and a tank protector. I bought new pair of protective Dainese boots and gloves for riding from Tristar.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Employed, Self Employed Or Not Employed

This is something I have often noticed in Kuwait when I am having a conversation with someone or hearing two people talking and lets see how do you all answer it.

If you are not Employed and Self Employed would you say to others you are Not Employed and why?

Even if you have a small business that you have started recently why wouldn't you tell others that you are self employed?

Is it because people tend to avoid telling others till they have a well settled business?

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I woke up all of a sudden at 4AM after a nightmare and started surfing the net. I checked my e-mail, visited a few blogs and will be getting ready to go to work in the next hour.

All of a sudden a few mins back I could hear the salat elfajer prayers. Its been a long time since I last prayed this prayer on time. I will be heading to pray and you all have a good day.....

Do you guys pray on time? I dont!!! I do feel guilty but its sad that I dont work on it.

P.S: Please excuse any errors in typing as I cant see or read what I am typing in the post till I publish,hehe
Posted from Nokia E71

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Edge Incident

I reached home last night at 9PM to find out that EDGE was fully covered in thick layers of white cement. My building has been having some construction work on the roof and the labors working didn’t care of what was down and the result was what I wrote up.

I really didn’t know what to do at that time. I was kind of in a state of shock. I threw my wallet there, picked up the water hose and sprayed it on all over EDGE. The reason was the labors were working since 6AM in the morning and after 12 – 15 hours the cement was in a solid shape. I didn’t want to scratch the bike so I wanted it to get a bit soft so I could pick it up.

Once I sprayed enough water on the bike I slowly then started to pick up the stone shaped cement pieces that were on the bike. It took me nearly two hours to clean it but as it was dark I couldn’t see what the effect was.

In the morning I woke up with the sunrise at 6AM and left home at 7AM to take the bike to a service station to get it washed. I could see a lot of white and black marks on the bike. I really thought this would be the last day me riding it and I would probably sell it after the wash. I took it to the service station I usually go to and asked the guy to clean it with the best way he could ever do. The guy washed it a few times and then finally I could see the shine again. I was really relaxed. I still need to get it polished as I can see few scratches on the tank and covers.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spill It...

I was inspired by FourMe's post so decided on asking people here to spill out thing that has been burden on your shoulder.Did you ever want to tell someone something and you held your tongue back? Were you too embarrassed to say it? Were you too afraid to say it? Did you not have the courage to say it? What ever it is and to whom ever it is intended to just say it here if it was meant for a parent, sibling, loved one, an ex, a boss, a friend, someone that is no longer with you, a teacher, or Hitler. Just what ever it is that you wanted to say to a person and you couldn't. You have the chance to say it here..

Rules are as follows:
1. Comments MUST be left as ANONYMOUS.
2. State who is the person you wanted to tell them what ever it is.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ride to SAV3 Event

Kuwait BMW motorcycles club and Dar Al Shifa Hospital organized a Ride to Sav3 blood donating event for all bikers from around Kuwait last Saturday. Bikers drove from Green Island to Dar Al Shifa hospital in Hawally. The event was something different than the usual ones. There were around 150 bikers with police escorting them till they reached the hospital. The event was really one of its kind and as it was for a good cause there were good number of bikers present there. I met Marzouq and his group and a few other bikers who I haven't met in some time. It was really worth participating. Even though I kinda got scared after reaching the hospital and didn't donate blood I was glad that I was with the group while riding to the hospital.

And finally Bashar was there on his KTM too :D

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I had the worse experience of my life I could ever have with a bank. Let me tell you before I start that there was a time when I used to fight and fight till I get my right and now is the time when I don't see a solution ahead I just get up and walk away.

So today I visited my local KFH branch with my fixed deposit certificates in hand to cancel the auto renewal. Once I got called I went to one of the customer service representatives and told him what I wanted him to do. The next thing I know is that he is stamping my certificates with a stamp labeled 'Canceled'. I looked at him doing that and thought that he is canceling them because I have asked them to cancel the auto renew and probably that was the procedure. Well I was WRONG!!!!

When he nearly finished I asked him that why did he stamp them with this stamp? He said because I asked him to cancel all my deposits. I was shocked... I explained him again and he apologised. Well I was like its OK and walked out.

Sitting in the car I called one of my good friends who is the manager of one of the other KFH branches. He asked me not to be nice with them. He said that they should pay for all my loses. I explained him that the amount is not too big and I should just forget it. He wasn't convinced and asked me to visit my branch again tomorrow and speak directly to the branch manager. He said regardless of the amount I shouldn't let it go so easily. I am really angry at them but I just cant be bothered to argue.

My personal experience says that all banks in Kuwait are screwed up big time with really un experienced staff and terrible customer service!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday Riding

The weekend and weather could not be better than the last two weeks. I have really enjoyed riding every second of it. This Friday I woke up at 6AM to use scratch remover Turtle Wax which I bought from Ace Hardware last week as I had a small scratch on the tank of Edge. I was quite surprised with the way it perfectly removed the scratch but later on during the day I saw the mark was slightly visible.

I started off from Salwa went all the way to Free Trade Zone. Stopped by the petrol station on my way back and then headed towards Starbucks Julai'a. I was riding between 160km/hr - 180km/hr and you don't feel it while riding this beast. The roads were empty and it was just amazing.

I will leave you with the pictures now and sorry for being late in posting them. I was just looking for the best time to take them with my new Nikon.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!