My Side Effects

When I am in a bad or sad mood which is today for some unknown reason I have a lot of bad effects of these moods on my daily life. Some of the things I have done since today morning are:

I drove my car like a maniac to work cruising on 180km/hr - a danger to normal drivers!

I argued with the security guard for some unknown reason.

I hate smoking but I am craving for cigarette ;/

I start eating like a cow.

Not one of the best days of the year!!!

Stay away.............&........... Have a nice weekend everyone!


P-Ella said…
*stays away from Amu* dude chill @@ bs lazim fee reason sheno maku :0
Anonymous said…
I am chilled @@ there is a reason beyond my control!!!
Smarties said…
i know sh3our el cigarettes m3anny i hate it! w i don't smoke.. madree laish!!

el muhem, try to relax.. listen to music, watch TV, sw ay shai ye5aleek lahy shwai, w mu m3a a7ad (3lshan la tenfjer feh!)

w drink/eat ay shai feh caffeine, coffee, dark chocolate, Cocacola, ay shai.. el caffeine ye3adel el amazaj tra :)

w salamat, enshallah et9eer ok! 5u b3d el youm weekend!!
q8Honey said…
moody today are we? just like smarties said, take a breath, relax, listen to music..
Anonymous said…
Smarties: maskooor dr ;p you are such a gr8 bro...thanks for the gr8 tips mate :)

q8honey: yes ;/ inshallah might go for a ride in the evening!
Sh7afana said…
welcome to the world of PMS ;p ..
i'd say your growing a vagina somewhere
Anonymous said…
Sh7afana: Ya rite!!!!!!! ;p
Big Pearls said…
I hope u feel better soon.
Anonymous said…
People on 6th ring road ... watch out !

Mar8adoosh said…
salamat oo hope you feel better inshala.. use your energy and anger to do something good e.g. sports or something ya3ni ana il shrink ;p bas 9ij jogging or something helps

tc and dont u DARE drive 180 km/h what r u crazy? la y9eer feek shay or fee other people walla its dangerous amuuuu
Anonymous said…
Hope you feel better! :)
Ms Loala said…
This is bad :\
I really feel you. When it's just one of those bad days i make everyone hate me.

Hope you feel better soon.
Anonymous said…
Big Pearls: thanks :)

Grey: oh yaa please avoid 6th ring road!

Mar8adoosh: rem speed is my best friend?

likeairillrise: thanks :)

Ms Loala: Its really bad!! I hate my day!
Shoush said…
Hope this bad mood doesn't last!
Anonymous said…
i feel bad too :[ *hug*
Anonymous said…
Shoush: I hope sooo...

Killer M: awww *hugs*
why are you doing this to ur self ?
no reason in the entire world worth it !!
you should take care of your self
and what the hell with the driving and the smoking thing ??
is that how u are going to solve ur problems ya3ni !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said…
Jouja: @@ someone is angry ;p Ok will behave!!
i mean it amu
wallah itha dareet maracthanya that you did it again ,, you will see shno ra7 eyeek menni :@
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