Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eid Mubarak

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Eid :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ten Best Ways To Impress

Ten Best Ways For A Man To Impress A Woman. Link

Ten Best Ways For A Woman To Impress A Man. Link

Friday, September 26, 2008

I am feeling....

I am not in my best mood...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Motorcycle Traffic Fine

I have been riding different motorcycles since 2001 and this is the second time I got a ticket. The first time was a few years back when I had a rider behind me without wearing a helmet which was fair enough but today's fine didn't make any sense to me.

I have been parking my bike in the same place on top of the foot path in embarkiya for the past 7 years and I never got a fine. But today at 11pm I just went to pick up something from my shop and when I came back I saw a ticket on the seat saying 'No Parking - Parked on the foot path'.

Its really weird because there are no proper places for bikers to park their motorcycles and the paid parking's in Kuwait City don't allow motorcycles to enter in. So where shall we park then?

Anyways I didn't bother to go and argue with the police there so he can have a big head and just left. I sometimes feel they get some reward for filling up their fine books or some bonus.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2 IN 1

My 5 Addictions

I was tagged by ShoSho, thanks :)

1) Stationary: I have a big collection of pens, pencils and other stationary items. I keep buying them and saying to my self I will use it at a better time and that time never comes as I always feel I like them so much and don't want them to be lost. I finally end up giving it to people after a year or so.

2) Chocolates: I live on chocolates. I can eat 3 - 5 chocolates of different tastes at the same time without caring about how different they taste.

3) Photography: I love taking pictures. I like each and every picture that I take to be perfect in my own way and I have this habit of deleting unwanted pics the same time. So often I miss the scene as I am busy in deleting pictures.

4) Motorcycle: I love riding them in all weather. I call it my first love. I just feel that speeding and riding is in my blood. I often try to be safe as its good to die then to kill others with you.

5) Ice cream: This is my new addiction these days. I never used to be a big ice cream fan but for some reason I am having at least one ice cream per day this year.

10 things I hate about girls

I was tagged by Mar8adoosh. The tag is to write 5 things I hate in boys and girl but I am sure as most my readers are females they will have enough to write bad about us. So I have added the other 5 and made it to 10 things I hate about girls.

1- Girls who wear excess make-up, over do their hairstyles and wear clothes like they are going to party at the mall !

2- Girls with puffed 7ijab (go6y roob) : p

3- Girls who try so hard to copy 7aleema Boland and end up with new not understandable language !!

4- Girls who flirts with boys and start following them also if the guy didn't flirt back.

5- Girls who wear make-up for 3azaa !

6- Girls who go like, I can't repeat wearing the same clothes again shafouni fee hal libs !

7- Girls who wear extremely TIGHT 3abaya !!

8- Girls who make sure to show their earrings and fake blond hair strands under 7ijab .

9- Girls who keeps hitting on married men although his wife is NEXT to him but she just gives 6aaf to her .

10- Girls who try not to smudged their make-up while they eat so they end up looking so freaking weird (tara 3adee shda3waa eat and fix ur make up)

I tag P-Ella, q8Honey, Princess Famme and Grey.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Father/Dad/Baba/Yuba ....

Do you feel you have the perfect father? What I mean by perfect is the kind of father who is understanding, caring, helping, friends and the list is endless...

Something really made me love my dad more yesterday. Let me tell you I never had a strong relation with my dad comparing to my mom. I am always closer to my mom but still keep a distance because my mom gets too emotional at times and sharing with her my hard times kind of turns against me. So to avoid the back fire I tell mom the much she can take it.

On the other hand my dad being very understanding but was always away from me. He would sit and talk to my sisters for hours and I was left alone. He always used to criticize me by saying he doesn't knows how to dress, how to eat, how to sit, he doesn't studies well. Well part of that was true but I never got that encouragement a son would need. Let’s say it this way that we were never friends till his retirement. Living in the same house we often never use to see or even greet each other. Even for my pocket money back in school days I used to ask my mom for which he used to get pissed off. I don't know what was the reason behind all this but I feel its because all his life he spent to establish his career and which he finally achieved. What was the end result? - A better future for his kids and family. Note that my dad comes from under middle class family but his hard work gave him a status for which everyone looks at him with respect and especially me being his only son.

So apart from all what I used to get from him I always had this thing that I want to have a very high name and I want to work hard. When I moved back to Kuwait after completing my education in London dad wanted me to help him in his business and I was against it. So I moved out and used to get the usual blames what will people say that the son of a business man is working in this company and how will he survive in a job of few hundred and all that usual. My hard work proved him wrong. But still I am not here to tell that my father was wrong. I am here to tell you that how proud I am to be his son.

Last year after his retirement he handed me over the business and said this business is yours. You keep it ... you sell it or close it that is up to you. We had a deal as I wanted to take the business in a hard way and not the easy way so it all went well. But today when I look back at my success in life there is only one person who I can give 100% credits too and that person is my father and my parent’s prayers. I feel I am closer to him after his retirement. I feel I love him more. I feel when I talk he listens. He is always there to give me advises. His words are stronger than before. He trusts me more than anyone of my other siblings. He has made me forget all the past years and made me feel so proud of him. Today when I walk near the office the respect I get from the people there is more than an honor. I have no words to express my love for him. I am so proud to have a father like him.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Week


Life in Picture

Source: Email


I think I mistakenly broke my fast on Thursday as I had really bad eye allergic and I went down to the clinic at my work and got some eye drops and used them. Does that break my fast?? Any ways I didn't realize that till the same day in the evening when I was thinking about it.


My eyes lenses are not suiting my eyes and reason me dumb been using an expired solution. I was reading the expiry date and didn't realize that it says on them 'Once opened should be used in 90 days'. The result now is my eyes are hot red. The Dr. yesterday advised me to stop using my lenses till all the redness goes and then I should try wearing the lenses again. If the same redness appears again. I should never wear lenses again. I don't usually wear lenses but I have to wear them when riding. Yesterday I was riding with my glasses on and for some reason I feel my view is much better than contact lenses.


Thanks to all the votes for the name. The motorcycle has finally been named EDGE.


Yesterday's riding on Edge was really good. I was out from 9PM to 2AM. I woke up late at around 8:20PM after fa6oor so couldn't catch up with KM and group. I did 200+ KM yesterday and still nearly 300KM left before I could take it for the first service. My bum and hands are hurting now but I guess I have to get used to that :)

I went from my home to embarkeya at 9PM. Left from there came back home by 11PM. Took my lenses out wore my glasses and then headed towards Banider to meet the group. I was in Banaider at the gahwa place by 11:40PM. Sat there for 45 mins and then headed back with a few guys as different people leave at different times. On the way everyone left us except me and KM continued riding till Love street or Share3 el7ub. Surprisingly it wasnt crowded at all. We passed that heading towards the Gulf Street and then towards Maseela. There were some crazy drivers like always. I finally took a turn in Salwa and KM headed to his house. Apart from a few crazy drivers on the road the ride was fun.

A small advice to all the car drivers: Please Respect People On Motorcycles On The Road. We need atleast a car space on the road in our lanes. Don't assume that if our Motorcycles are small you can cut us from the side by just giving us half the space in the lane. Thanks :)

Have a nice weekend .. .. .. .. .. . . .

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just Another Day...

How does it feel to meet the CEO of an organization that has 30,000 employees spread across 550 offices in 100 countries around the world?

Would you be nervous? feeling scared? thinking he might be too bossy? etc...

I got the opportunity to spend an hour with our CEO and it feels great to meet such a person. Its not that I have never met him before but never really in a direct face to face conversation. Great personality, smart, intelligent business man. Looking at him made me think I want to have such success in my business one day.

Have you ever met someone who you might look up at and say yes this is the kind of success and position I need one day?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Charita Ghabga

FIVE60 is pleased to announce its first charity event; KACCH-athon Ghabga. The event will take place today Wednesday September 17th 2008 to help raise money and awareness about Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospitals - KACCH

Venue: FIVE60 - Rawda, Block 5, Street 60, House # 4 - Opposite Jamal Abdulnaser Park
Time: 9:00PM - 12:00AM

I was thinking that I might not be able to go there as I was planning to ride tonight but as the weather is dusty and I can't ride why not do something good. See ya there....

Note: The title, pic and information is all copied from Ansam's blog.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ramadan and Crazy Driver

Where there must be peace among people in Ramadan I have always noticed the opposite. The most chaos is on the roads. Drivers have gone crazy. People drive insane like if they wont reach home on time they wont get their fa6oor. A lot more accidents and more arguing drivers on the road including me. I am more scared of the female drivers on the road than the males. They drive insanely!!!!

I mean where in the world there is this law that once you give an indicator to turn left or right and that's it after that u just change your lane. The road is yours the kings and queens are crossing the road.

Then another incident this lady is tailgating me like if I press my breaks she will hit my car and the next thing I will know is that she will be sitting next to me. In front of me there is a camera and on my right there is another car but that lady doesn't cares about the fines so she is still speeding. Finally I manage to give her way and the next thing I know is after she crosses me she wants to go right on the highway. Now why the hell in the world u want me to move out of the lane if you want to change your lane after crossing me.

These drivers are just going insane without their dose of caffeine. As for me I drive like a lazy driver in the middle lane till fa6oor. Once I get my tummy filled that's when the lanes are mine :D

Monday, September 15, 2008

Medical Doctors and Patients

Do you know what this bag holds? For some it holds death for others it holds life.

Who is a Medical Doctor? If you don't know then here is the link. Who is a patient?

A doctor is someone we visit when we are ill. I know some are good and some are literally playing with patient's life. I have heard plenty of stories here in Kuwait. But everyone of us has visited a doctor at some point in our life.

Below are three different examples:

A patient keeps visiting a doctor for headache for several weeks and the doctor keeps giving them pain killers. A few months later the headache becomes severe and few family friends advice that they should visit another doctor and guess what they find out? The patient had a brain tumor and is in the last stages. Few months later the person passes away!!! Here is a life is gone and the doctor is still alive. He/Her is not affected in any way and will keep working or shall I say taking more lives.

Now here is my example of visiting a good dentist. A few years back I visited Salwa clinic as my tooth was half broken and I couldn't bare the pain so went to get it taken out. Generally doctors don't even care but my conversation with her started like this ' I hate dentists' she looked at me with a smile and said 'Why? we don't bite!' and that's how it all started. She treated me so well that I was amazed. She advised me not to take out my tooth and she worked on it and did my root canal. I had several visits including on her day off she went with me to the Salmiya medical center to do my major root canal there.

And lastly here is an example of a patient who never visited doctor as she was too scared getting the treatment and when finally she collapsed and wanted to get back to a normal life it was too late. She left everything in GOD's hand from the beginning. Her both kidneys were weak and after dialyzes they found out that she had breast cancer and couldn't treat her even with chemotherapy as her body was too weak to take that strong medicine. Within 2 months a walking lady was laid to rest in peace.

So here is a peace of advise for all of us? There is nothing better than a normal and healthy life. Health is a gift. If you are ill get up and visit the doctor. If you cant visit ask someone in your family or friend for help. Don't just sit on things that you will be fine some day. If you don't feel good with one doctor visit the other one. There are plenty others in the country. Its true that GOD is the one to give us the cure apart from our medicines. But remember GOD helps those who help themselves.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Its Your Birthday Again...

Its your birthday again after 369 days of disappearance. You never cared to look back or give me a closure and I closed the doors my self. I locked the memories in a bag that still lies in my cupboard.

Well you can lock few pieces of paper but you cant lock whats in your mind. But don't worry I still remember the good memories and look back at our days with a smile. Isn't that kind enough?

People might think that I am nagging again, NuNu might give me a big lecture tomorrow, Friends will hit me hard again after knowing that I am wishing you.... But you know what I will still wish you a very Happy Birthday and pray that you keep smiling and remain happy all your life :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lost Motorcycle Registration Book

Last night while riding back from Starbucks in Jlaiaa I forgot to zip my bag pack and I was racing with my friend on his corvette speeding at 220km/hr. I didn't realize when my book flew out of my bag till I reached the traffic light under Maseela bridge. A few guys in the car next to me pointed out that my bag was open and one of them helped me in closing the zip.

After the traffic light I stopped at the bus stop to check my items as I had my wallet, keys and registration book inside. Lucky me the wallet and the keys were there and the only thing that was missing was the registration book.

I have to go tomorrow to the traffic department to get a new registration book. I have inquired about the process and it sounds simple but I hope they wont make me run around to different places just to get a copy of a book.

The bad side is I can't ride tonight :?

YSL’s Touche Eclat For Men.

My friend NuNu is a cosmetic junkie but this is new to her so she shared with me. I seriously think it is so gay......Whats left after this for men to do now? Here is the link to the article.

Would you (or your man) wear Touche Eclat For Men?

Friday, September 12, 2008


I went out with M for a drive and in her car we just had Nasheed on all the time. I came back and since then two of the below ones are just on my mind so thought of sharing.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Eye Wonders

While going for a small ride an hour back my eye lens was kinda bugging me and just then all of a sudden it hit my mind that our eyes are one of the wonders of our body. Its with us in our good and bad days of life. It sees what we force it to see and sleeps when we close its shutters. It goes through so much. Its like a friend without which we cant live.

In the same way my sweet little eyes have been through a lot with me in the stream of last one year and they have been complaining that I have tempered them badly and here they are to share their views about me.

"Today we mark one year since we haven't seen that face but we are happy to see our owner smiling again. We have gone weaker than before because the flow of tears kept on going for few months in the beginning and the glass enabling us to view better has become more thicker. But we didn't mind as we read some interesting stories about you bloggers. We did meet some great people from this world. We did have some colorful moments too. We visited some new places around the globe and saw few beautiful wonders of the world. We felt loved and are proud to be with our owner"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ride to the 120th Floor

Have you ever felt that you are with a group of people in a lift and still you feel that there is just no one except you and them...

Have you ever felt like you are in a meeting and your mind has been taken away...

Have you every felt that you are talking to them on the phone and still you miss them...

Have you ever looked at someone and felt like you have known them for years.

Have you ever stared at someone and you feel you like everything in them...

Have you ever wished to hear some good words from someone and the wait seems to be too long...

Have you ever felt comfortable with a stranger...

I don't know the status of our relationship but whatever it is its making me smile from the time when I wake up to I sleep. Her fragrance, her smile, her hands, her dressing has just taken over me. I guess some times simple things in life just make us happy.

I know she wont know this but this is the only place I can let it out and tell her that

I Miss You

Monday, September 8, 2008

Butcher in Saloon

Yesterday's Lesson: Never go to a new Saloon for shaving your beard if you have never been there before. Men there can shave you like a butcher takes off the skin of an animal.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

People Politics

How does it feels when your family and friends know that there is this person you don't talk to or meet them for whatever reason and they still invite you and them together??

I came across a similar incident yesterday when I was invited for fa6oor and when I arrived at the place I saw the person I last want to meet in my life. I really felt uncomfortable for all the 5 minutes I spent there and as soon as I opened my fast I just left without even saying bye to anyone(well I informed few people there). I just hate such situations and often tend to stay away in such times. Then I didn't have anything in the morning either as the maid forgot to wake me up. I cant blame her I should be more responsible! So now I am at work and my stomach keeps sounding which is so embarrassing ;p

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Catch me if you can...

I have nothing else on my mind these days more than to ride this beauty. I am just loving every hour riding it regardless of this humid weather. I couldn't ride much yesterday as the weather got a bit windy by late night.

Finally there is a picture for all you readers to see how my bike looks so start coming up with good names. It looks exactly like the above pic so no confusion. Ansam suggested Vader and Voom in my last post. I kinda like Vader as it sounds as aggressive as this motorcycle is. But keep you suggestions flowing. I will finally then choose the best 5 names and will do a polling on that :)

btw sorry for not posting the real pics till now as I am still looking for the best time to take a few nice shots. So far day time its really hot and humid and night is too dark and humid which makes it the worse time to take few good shots.

Friday, September 5, 2008

First Ride

After fa6oor I went to Suzuki - Mustafa Karam to pick up my motorcycle. I reached there at 8:15pm and as I already did sign all the necessary papers yesterday and had my registration book with me it was all about taking the keys and getting on the bike. Again not to mention the service was bad. The salesman didn't even have the patience to stay with me for 2 minutes till I leave the showroom. The cashier was standing there to say bye. WTF? Anyways I was too exited to get on it that I didn't care and left.

Once I got on to it the amazing experience started. I loved every minute I spent riding it. I headed towards road 40 or Malik Fahad expressway as there were 20+ bikers riding towards Naweeseeb. We were supposed to meet up at Al Dahar petrol station but I caught a few bikers on my way. We stopped at the petrol station to fill our tanks and then went non stop towards Sultan center near Kheran Resort. We sat there for like 45 minutes and then headed back.

On my way back I left the other bikers and went speeding ahead. I was riding at 120km/hr and there was a time I didn't realize but I was at 180km/hr. It was sad that I had to slow down as I need to run the engine properly till the first 1000km. It was a ride I really needed in a while. I got the bike with ODO meter on 'O' and when I parked at home the meter showed 198km's. In 3 hours I nearly did 200km's. This makes me feel that I might be able to complete a 1000 km's by Sunday.

I entered home had my shower and as I am writing this post the shutter of my eyes is closing. I didn't take any pics today so sure I will be coming up with lods of pics soon. Thanks to Hellraiser for inviting me to ride with the group.

I still don't know what to name my bike so I will leave you all to suggest me some names?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Marriage Proposal

I was listening to this program on BBC radio the other day in my car and they were talking about some lady and all of a sudden they said that she got 29 proposals for marriage. That kinda made me think how odd it is for a women to count the number of proposals she gets. Does that gives her some kind of satisfaction? I might be totally wrong with my thinking as I have only proposed once so I am not aware of how it works.

So here is a question for you ladies: Do you count the number of proposals you get?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fill me in...

I have .................

Monday, September 1, 2008

Share your moments....

Its the time of the year when most of us are fasting. I was just recalling some old days in the morning and thinking that was there a time when I broke my fast on purpose or cheated in fasting. Nothing that I recall when I was old but there are two incidents that I rem when I was young.

The first one was back in 80's when me and my cousin closed the room of our bed room and started eating biscuits.

The second one was in 1991 when I was really starving and my mom was like fine go and eat ;p and I didn't even think about it twice and started eating.

What about you? if you feel embarrassed to spill it out leave your comments as Anonymous....