Lets welcome a new, talented and newly married blogger Just Nita. She writes really good and I am sure our warm welcome will push her to write more often. Her last post The Kid Story is a small example of how well she writes.


Bebe n' Noonie said…
nice song !;p
Shoush said…
Welcome to the blogosphere, Nita. :)
Smarties said…
welcome baack Nita, enshallah you will be surrounded by friends, not just bloggers behind screens.

bainy w bainek Amu m7ad ra7 yadree, cham daf3atlek 7q el da3aya ;Pp~~? (j/k!!)
Anonymous said…
welcome :]
Anonymous said…
Welcome, Nita! Amu, the song is wonderful . . . . is there any relation - the song, Nita?
shnu tzawajt? o your wife is blogging now? anyway welcome nita-speedo
Anonymous said…
Bebe n' Noonie: thanks :)

Shoush: thanks for the warm welcome!

Smarties: Yal shagoool wallah you made me laugh...she is just a collegue at work..mako shy baina

A Journal Entry, killer marshmallow: thanks for the warm welcome!

intlxpatr: you always like my song selection - thanks there is no connection between them..Nita is just a collegue from work :)

Oranjina fadidra: LOL la she is married to a sweeter guy than me...I am still single ;p

├J o u j a┤™ : thanks :)
Mar8adoosh said…
Welcome Nita ! ;D
P-Ella said…
oh really sounds amazing gotta check on her:D welcome Nita
Intlxpatr said…
She used the same photo - and it shows a bride and groom . . . . just hoped there was an unconscious undercurrent going on there!

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