WTF Airways

Yes . . . this is a WTF Airways. Damn I feel sad and would never want to travel on this airline again. Bad service ... Bad management ... Bad in kelshy you name it. From the time the plane takes off till it lands you just pray you arrive safely.

I was away for two days on a trip to a country where they have have site seeing tickets for $5 for a foreigner and $0.10 for a citizen. Now this for you to guess and me to tell you later!

Being a frequent traveler I like to have my peace of mind when I travel but this airline takes that away!

All bad things about this airline. Whatever I can remember now....

Extremely bad service

Not at all friendly staff

No leg room

You ask for a pen to fill out the landing form they reply 'I DON'T HAVE IT' . How rude!!!! ?

The plane smells like rotten egg

In temperatures nearly hitting 0'C they make you stand on the runway to identify your luggage. Where the hell in the world this thing happens. If you are so concerned about the security let one of your employees stand at the check in counter!

You ask for panadol and a glass of warm water. They come up after 15 minutes with cold glass of water!

I traveled on this airline after 6 years and wouldn't want to travel again till I die!

I say this airline should be called WTF airline.

And last you are responsible for me having fever today:@ Damn you!! eww ahh eee hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments said…
7elwa hathi WTF airlines. i think that should include most of the GCC airlines. call them WTFGCCAIR
Zia said…
aww that sucks! salamat! 9ij 9ij 9ij it's really embarassing that it's such a bad airlines. we used to travel on it when we were much younger but once they gave our seats to someone else RANDOMLY ew my dad was like: never again!!! ew 9ij, since then we haven't. it is SO poorly run that it's an embarassment, but ironically reflective of the country itself. allah kareem.
Blue Dress said…
Yes yes needs to either have another kuwaiti competition or privatize the damn thing!
Shoush said…
7ada switch to Qatar Airways!
loya said…
lel asaf inna most of the Kuwaiti ppl that fly ib Kuwait Airways think they own the plane... ooo u forgot to add the pee thats on the toilet seat!! LIFT THE SEATS UP!! :p
Grey said…
I remember how they once put me at the end next to the toilets- most pleasant smelling five hours of my life and the oh so flirtatious to the point of sexually harassing flight attendants . Good times .
Amethyst said…
Well.. el7emdillah 3ala elsalama?
Zi-One said…
nafs el7ala geltlahaaa abii 8alam tgoolii ma 3ndii ;/ swalefhom ma t5ale9 lol , be5te9aaar mara7 asafer m3ahom again
switch to UAE airways!
they have to pick WTF airline as their new slogan.
Cat said…
looks like u had such a bad trip! anyways el 7emdellah enek we9lt bel salamah!

I did'nt fly on kuwait airways since years ago .. I travel with emirates airlines and qatar airways recently bs.
outkasty said…
outkasty said…
outkasty said…
This Lady said…
Its ok! At least u got out of it safely..

Switch to Qatar Airways (excellent) or to Emirates. British Airways is great too.. flies everywhere.
'Grey' said…
.. .. .. .. .. i was here !
Enigma said…
Emirates Airlines, man. The transit is worth the trouble of going with Kuwait Airways
Anonymous said…
omg that's really bad. i'm so sorry. :x said…
damn.. i hit "publish comments" before writing my name. perfecty is the anonymous! hehe
Sis 4 you said…
None of u have anything good to say abt KWT Airways?
I am travelling at the end of Jan, n what amu made it sound like (standing on the runway in - temperatures), it sounds awful.

I have no choice though. I am travelling with a toddler and can't take any "via"airlines. KwtAirways is the only direct to my destination.

But standing outside with moon is going to be awful.

No3iK said…
agree, agree, agree and agree!!

worst airline its just shameful.

the best airlines ive tried so far are Qatar airline .. u really should try them ;)
powder said…
lol true true , i dont believe this is kuwait the rich country :P what do they exactly do with all that money ??
OutOfReach said…
lol e3jbtni WTF airlines ambeeh lazem nansherha :)
b3deen we all know how bad it is :S why did you travel with them GOD
i dont like traveling with kuwait airlines ambee you didnt hear about the mice lol
anyway ma tshoof shar ajer o 3afya o 7emdellah 3la el salama o0 '3yer el tickets 7g el raj3a :P
bs 9ij shay y'6yeg el 5lg !!!
Navy Girl said…
awal shy happy eid :P

thany shy .. i knowwwwwwwwww 7ada agree !!! sucks big time !
All : I wish I could get all your comments up on their website :)
::: ShoSho ::: said…
Yeah they SUCK!!
Remember what happened to me?
Send it to their wesite too lol
shosho: No i don't but I read it now and I feel like I was in your place except I am not married :D

How about a protest outside their office? hehe

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