Woman As Explained By Engineers Part 2 - 5


'Grey' said…
looool ! so true so true !
grey: I know we are always right :P
LooooooL 7aram 3laikom.. ok many women are like that but believe me I HATE shopping like that, I rarely win an argument with ANYONE and I don't react much to gold platinum and stones lool!
ammaro.com said…
lol dude, is she getting on your nerves that much :p
Zia said…
LOOOOOOOOLL.... la la la FEE SHAY!! akeeed!! lol
Navy Girl said…
umm i bet your mad at someone oo taking it out on us .. thats so not nice !
Amethyst said…
The reason why men's chances of winning an argument decrease with time is because they discover that women are simply smarter and that there is no use in starting an argument they're going to lose because they are stupid.
shayouma: sounds like you are a nice wife :P I might exclude you...

ammaro.com: I got no one just sharing this with you :)

zia: la mafy shy :PpP

navy girl: I am not mad at any one :)

amethyst: YA RIGHT!!! Give me a break :P
Shather said…
thats why women can deal with many subjects in same time :P
women are complicated coz they are more sophisticate, smart, and oh pls what not .. women can do, be, make anything!
Thanks that's nice lol..
Cat said…

thats funny .. but nooooot so true !
the music really ROCKS !!!!
and the engineers have alot to say about how complicated the women are !

thanks i really cruising fi ur blog

keep it up \/ peace
shather: I dont think soooooo!

outofreach: Laish 7aram cuz its true :p

Orangina Fadira: lol I like that OH plz what not,hehe

shayouma: :D

cat: ahem ahem how can you say that its not!!

عتيج الصوف: thanks and welcome here!
Canc3riaN said…
hhehehehe i think the last one is the most hillarious and speaking for myself i must say it's true!! :P

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