I absolutely love this song!


'Grey' said…
BSB .... still rock ! said…
awal mara asma3ha..
CeCe said…
Er... Madry, bs BSB are so old-fashioned.
GreyShorts said…
you mean gay me no likey too
pink said…
it was my favorite..but isnt it girly song?! ..i thought men dont like this kind of music.(nice that u do :)
Cat said…
I liked d song
never been a BSB fan ;p
nice song tho
grey: yes they do :)

perfecty: I am sure you wont stop listening to it then :P

Amethyst: you no like why? :p

cece: I love the lyrics of their songs!

greyshorts: no gay.hehe

pinky: is it? I never knew there are songs just for girls :p

cat: thanks:)

orangina fadidra: still not late:)

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