Life has been going since birth on a track which I never bothered to change. Never had any resolutions. What ever came my way I said el7emdella and took off with it with most of the times kicking out the bad ones :p

So this year for the first time I feel I need resolutions for things that I hope I will accomplish by end of 2008.

1) Go for the 2008 GulfRun.

2) Launch my fashion project in march 08 and see some good results. I really have my eyes on this one. I have worked hard so much for this and cant see it going down.

3) Start a fresh new year with a new smile and a new ray for success in future.

4) Open a school for Orphans in any part of the world. I know this is something I cant accomplish by end of 2008 but its an ongoing project till it finishes.

5) Get a new father for Speedo.

6) Travel to Italy, Switzerland, Bangkok and Australia.

7) Not get married till I am 27 which will be July of 2008.

8) Bring a smile on every sad face.

Peace ! ! !

Did you ever have resolution? If you did have some for 2007, how many did you accomplish? What are your resolutions for the new year?


Blue Dress said…
Good luck , i hope you achieve yours.
SpiKeY said…
well good luck with yours...

am waiting to get inspired and think for mine :P
Kinano said…
Still havent figured out mine, but 2008 must be better than 2007!
Outkasty said…
#1, take me with you =F
blue dress: thanks for the luck I need that!

spikey: thanks!! No time to think you better get started on it soon :)

kinano: indeed it should be...Welcome here!

outkasty: 7ayach :)
'Grey' said…
Im 33 and i never had resolutions ! i think i will do fine without them !
Amethyst said…
I don't do resolutions because I'm satisfied.
Intlxpatr said…
You have some amazing resolutions! I especially love the one about the orphanage. Wow. What an impact you will have on so many lives.

Love the new jingle music, and also the jazzy music.

Do you ever see your lady-love?
grey: you are old to have resolutions bro,hehe (joking)

amethyst: good!

intlxpatr: no never :(
Deema said…
go to Japan!

do GREAT in my graduation project

Learn Japanese

go to Japan!

meet a new intersting friend!

i wana do photography exhibition.. but not a priority
Deema said…
deema: so its all about Japan :D thanks for the luck and welcome here :)
Grey said…
No i don't have any resolutions and never made any resolutions . Well maybe when i was 12 . No need to make them when i know I'll procrastinate them into oblivion.
OutOfReach said…
good luck :)
i have to think, ambeeh i want many things :S
inshallah 2008 will be better than 2007 :D
Zia said…
in a way, i constantly have resolutions.. ya3ni i'm always trying to change for the better.. bas a new year helps to encourage the change.. inshallah you'll acheive all the things you want and more!...
grey: goodluck bro

outofreach: think and tell me maybe I will need a few of them from you,hehe

zia: good least someone has resolutions like me :p
Maze said…
well i just want to meet my other part and get married...thats my 2008 resolution! said…
thats great! try to keep up the enthusiasm because i usually find that by the 2nd of january ive forgotten all about my new years resolutions...
sis4you said…
yeah got one secret resolution,hope I achieve it. But it's the kind which only prayers can get you and not ur work!
Canc3riaN said…
nice post F.Lane

My resolutions for 2008:

- Get an internship in an amazing place
- Graduate and then search for a good job offer
- Start writing propperly and get at least half way through publishing a book ( I AM SERIOUS !!!!!)

and THAT's IT. I don't wanna set too many goals cuz I love to go with the flow too ;P

Yalla inshalla everyone's resilutions get met this year said…
ana my resolution salfat-ha salfa. inshallah allah yewafgik. w il 3omour kilah :]

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