Slow Day

Its one of those days when time just doesnt seems to pass. Its 3:30pm and I cant with the clock clicks 5 and I am free. Its like you are trapped in a cage. I hate such days, they come once in a while and are so slow. I guess its the weather outside that makes us so tempted to leave our works too.

Its beautiful outside, here in the middle of desert I just feel like driving 10 more minutes going in the middle of the desert placing a chair and table. I have my own small tent and I just stay there and watch the sunset. I have done enough chatting, business phone calls, sending e-mails, calling mom like twice, she thinks I miss her so much :p well mom I am bored but still nothing works. Not too many bloggers posting today. I guess everyone is enjoying the weather or sleeping warm in their beds.

I am traveling again soon so I am looking forward to that trip too :) 3eed will be spent outside Kuwait this year but for new years I am coming back :{ I am sure there will be something nice to do here.

Its still 3:42pm...tooo slow.. I guess I will pray now and then play some PSP.

Have a nice weekend :)

Update: It seems my laptop is not in a mood too. The clock on my computer is running 15 minutes fast than the time at present :D


Anonymous said…
I thought you quit!
what happend you went back!?
Anonymous said…
bd: yes hand over 15 days :/
Anonymous said…
Oh okay , goodluck with thatAmigo.
Zia said…
loool bd!! haha... i HATE those days.. i haven't been doing much on my blog, SUPER busy these days... where will you be during 3eed? each yr we used to go to dubai bas THANK god we're staying here this year fa shakilna binroo7 shalaih!! anyways have a good weekend :)) ew 2 weeks until u're free YAYYYYYYY :D
'Grey' said…
Where were you today ? inside my head ? i too was think what a F##ked up day ,,,, sooo slow ! ... Then i went to Sony and bought a PSP for my cousin brother !...
You quit ? sorry i missed the ocassion ! Goodluck ! there is only the best ahead for you ! Write it on the wall if need be !
Canc3riaN said…
with me it's the opposite :O !!! TIME IS FLYING i wish i could freeze it to finish everything i got on top of my head and then relax for a million years! uff and ufffff and ufffffff

and yes the weather is also cool here in Dubai.... :)
Anonymous said…
traveling again ?!!!!
Anonymous said…
i guess ur going to far east this time...TOKYOOOOO???
Navy Girl said…
i hate such days .. it only happens when you are bored oo you really got nothing to do .. cuz when your busy time kinda fly by ..

good luck with that trip .. sheno kelaa trips ;P you didnt even bring me that brit. boy your promised me :(
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah that happens very often lol!
Anonymous said…
bd: thanks :) lol your bd makes me thinks always of Business Development :P

zia: thanks and good luck with your work :)

grey: I am always in your head.. Last night I saw in my dream your handsome looking son :)

Canc3rian: wait till you will go back slow :p

cat: YES :D

maze: thats for you to think and me to tell you :D

navy girl: No guy deserves you!!! You are much better than all of them..Sorry couldnt find anyone

shayouma: I know :(
Navy Girl said…
bs i'm still all alone :'(

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