Motorcycle Accident

I just came across this video on you tube and the first part of the video has a motorcycle accident from Kuwait. Its really scary!

Update: Chinese Backstreet Boys - - lol


'Grey' said…
ooops ! wrong comment !

Lol On Chinses boys and Ouch on the accidents !
cece: yes :s

ra7alah: yes s s s :(

grey: I was staring at your comments and reading it again and again when you deleted it :D I was like what is he upto :p
Shoush said…
LOL! Tha7aktni wala 3ala the xmas song ili 7a6ha! Hehe! K i'll watch the videos now.
Shoush said…
Is this Enya btw?
Shoush said…
Aaaai, so painful! :|
Intlxpatr said…
Q: What are the famous last words of American rednecks?

A. Hey! Watch this!

(the motorcycle accident vid reminds me of that old joke. It was painful watching)

The Merry Little Christmas song is SO sad I almost don't want to come to your blog. How about Jingle Bell Rock for a change?
intlxpatr: Ahh I dont want you to be sad so jingle bell is coming for u :) said…
bikes are nice and riding is fun, but the only reason i wont get one is because of the accidents! horrible wala... inshala you dont face anything like that said…
lol @ the chinese backstreet boys.

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