thanks *_^_* for this pic - I dunno the reason behind this link you have attached with your message on my c box but I got scared for a second as the image size is really big on a 21' screen and wasn't expecting that :)

These days every person is nearly asking me the same question as if its one of the tags that is going around if you had any super power or you were a super hero what would that be?

And my reply is Spider Man!

They ask why?

Cuz I want to fly around the world and finish all the cruelty from the world and make it a good place for Humans!

and I ask the same Q to all of you...


Amethyst said…
Why Spiderman? Superman, Batman, and all the rest fly around and finish cruelty.

I would be me, but with the power to read minds.
Intlxpatr said…
(ooooohhhh! Love the music!)

"With great power comes great responsibility" I love the superheroes who are also all too human, humanly vulnerable and subject to human flaws. . .

I would have a magic wand that I could touch people with and they would have empathy . . they would FEEL what others are feeling, they would understand how the animals felt, they would have compassion for others, weak and strong, rich and poor, etc.
Anonymous said…
amethyst: cuz Spider man has something extra that both the others dont have (web)!

intlxpatr: nice one :)
OutOfReach said…
i would be a good witch lol
i would like that being able to make spells and do magical stuff that would be nice dont you think so :)
Zia said…
gosh i don't know. i think spiderman is a pretty good one. hmm i guess i would want the power to make people feel better or happier so that no matter what was going on, they would feel ok.. madri that's the best i could do for right now! :P
Anonymous said…
outofreach: thats scary :?

zia: hehe me and you think the same...I agree with you on that too :P
OutOfReach said…
lol you think so ,
i think its cute :P did you see sandra bullock and nicole kidman movie practical magic will i love the movie :P and i like the idea mm i dont think its scary lol
Navy Girl said…
well i think reading people's minds & being able to fly is the best ever ! by reading someone's mind you can be ahead of them with a step ! means you can always win !
Anonymous said…
outofreach: No I didnt watch that but I might watch it soon :)

navy girl: is it always about winning? :p
'Grey' said…
No superman cz of Cryptonite
No Batman Cz he's Gay !
Not Spidey cz he's so poor !
I always wanted to be the 'Phantom the Ghost that walks '

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