Saturday, December 15, 2007

It wasn't me :?

I just loved this ,,, fun and fun by being evil ... evil and evil.

I wasn't what I did - It wasn't me :P.

I was out on Thursday and Friday on Speedo with a friend we sat at different cafes.

My friend introduced me to a new girl :? I am becoming bad :D - I said no - He thinks I am a loser!

I touched the speed of 250km/hr on my ride.

I had too many icy drinks from star bucks *cough cough*

Did a lot of bla bla bla bla bla on the messenger :D (too much of business :pPp)

Packing my suitcase again for my travel next week :)

and yes still thinking what my new year resolutions will be ?


Purplecious said...

it feels great being EVIL ha?? ;)

but the most devilish act was this one: "I had too many icy drinks from star bucks"

Naughty Boooooooy ;p

bs sij sij cute devil ;)

OutOfReach said...

enjoy your time :P
bs dont get use to it :P
t9deg t2theer el jaw lol

zia said...

i love icy drinks from starbucks!!! glad you had a great weekend :) me too wallah!!!

'Grey' said...

lol ! bad boy !

Be careful with the Speed ! Speed is not more than 'Life"....

Navy Girl said...

finally someone is having fun :D

..::Fast Lane::.. said...

purple: lol @ cute devil

outofreach: I am sure i wont :p

zia: I am happy for u too :)

grey: I will bro..cheers!

navy girl: yes it was one great weekend!

Cat said...

Happy that u enjoyed ur time

Maze said...

hmmm..but u don't look like an evil guy...:P it seems i must know you more...:)