A Silent Heart Broken

Screaming silently
Crying silent tears
A silent heart broken
Nobody hears
Nobody sees
Nobody can feel
A silent past
A silent tear
A silent heart broken
Still nobody hears
As it shattered silently
& hit the ground
Nobody cared
Nobody saw
Nobody knew
I remain lost in a silent world
I remain heartbroken
A silent cry
A silent mind
This question
I ask
........in silence



Intlxpatr said…
Sweetie, it isn't that nobody cares, truly. It's that unless you write a poem like this, we don't hear the silent scream, all of us so occupied with our own affairs. We DO care. I've been wondering how you've been doing; you've sounded so cheerful, but we all know the long-lasting resonations of an unhappy love. It feels like it goes on forever. Thanks be to God . . . . it doesn't, but you won't believe it. Just know that you are not alone, and we are sorry for your pain.
Anonymous said…
I don't know you tell me!
Amethyst said…
"A silent past"

It's not silent, but it's a past. That's what it should be. Don't make it your present.

Navy Girl said…
it even hurts more to bottle things up .. i dont know .. there gotta be someone to listen ..
touching tho
nunu said…
sad, yet beautiful. take a deep breath and say to yourself: " life goes on!". the sadness will pass, and you never know what the future holds for you :)
Lamya said…
What can i say?We are always here to listen..We do care. I cant answer your question of why..Because i dont have all the answers.. But i can be here for you.
'Grey' said…
Awww ! poor you ! i thought you got over it ! i know some hurts leave scars for a lifetime ...

*Gives a Magical healing Jappi*
Ra-1 said…
Heartbroken person usually suffers alone :(
Zia said…
i'm sorry you feel that way ew inshallah you'll find a way to get past it soon.. i'm sure though that one day you will know "why"...
Canc3riaN said…
That's an amaaaaaaazing poem. Really touches the heart especially when getting closer towards the end.

i hope you're feeling better :)
Anonymous said…
Your post touched me!
Anonymous said…
I know one thing, when you speak out to someone you really trust, it helps.. I don't know when are you gonna get over it, I didn't think you were because sometimes you don't show it and you feel ok but then comes a day when you feel and know you are still hurt..
I hope you get past it as soon as possible, hurt is bad,, but it's part of life sadly..
Vixen said…
you need to go through it alone, in order to be able to stand up alone.. and not leaning on someone..
Anonymous said…
thanks everyone for all your lovely words :)
$ said…
sad poem.. even sometimes i feel tht..
god with us rite.. so i am still strong..
u be string too gurl..
fatbarbie22 said…
I know Exactly how you feel. It's like that poem is me right now.
Anonymous said…
i am heartbroken i want to know how to make the guy jealous what shall i do and my birthday is on the 10 december
I was in the same boat not too long ago!!! You can get out and walk on water!!!
After I hurt you I thought I lost you
I thought my words had struck you too far deep
Deep enough that I never wanted to forgive me
All I could do was wallow in shame and inwardly weep

I buried the shattering pain deep within my heart
My shattering heart becoming a hide away place for the pain I caused you
Others at times would see a mask for I had a hard time concealing the guilt
I held unto the pain of hurting you and as I did I began to lose what was true

After many years the burden became too heavy the density and lies overwhelming me
I held onto the guilt of hurting you because I wanted to hurt myself, believing I was still “okay”
Unaware that I was running from any guy for fear of recurring the same situation with you
I found no way of escape only desperation until I laid it down at the altar removing the pain for a light ray
Beautiful poem. Beautiful!

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