Swear Box

How often do we swear at others in our daily life? I am usually not a person who swears a lot but for the past one month I have noticed I have started swearing when I ride Speedo.

All the time I am riding I swear at people or at other riders for riding roughly or sometimes for no reason! WTF..ops! did I swear again....

So here is a list of my swear words:

Fuck Off
Kalb or Chalb - Whatever!
Maynoon or maynoona
Son of a B**** :O (I don't know how I got the hang of this word)
and the T and K words in Arabic too.

and here is a list of all the swear words people use in different languages!

Add your sweet words list in the comment box....


Anonymous said…
looool, wat a funny fu*** post!

Did I just swaer ?!

well, I only use the F word wen I swear!
Chirp said…
Whats the T word?
Anonymous said…
cat: no you didnt that was slip of tongue :P

chirp: its the ass word :? but in Arabic
Amethyst said…
The T and K words?
'Grey' said…
Thanks for the link ! now i can swear in universal languages !

I like french "Go fuck a cow !"

vas faire foutre
a la vache ... kinda sexy !
Anonymous said…
LooooL the strongest one has to be 7maar lol! Really I can't swear.. and i rarely say it..
Zia said…
ubaih i swear A LOT in the car.. i used to be worse with swearing bas i'm trying to get better... a7is it makes me look bad in front of others.. i need to get it under control LOL
Anonymous said…
I swear a lot when driving. It became natural, I guess...
GreyShorts said…
You think that's swearing . I swear like a goddamn 3askarie and i flip them off . But ,honestly , i recently stopped flipping after I was going to be beaten up by some guy . Aaah nice memories .
Navy Girl said…
@@ what the hell is going on !! take off that site , its way tooo abusive!!!!! my godness !! :/
Shather said…

when i get upset and angry all i say is "maleeeq" "sakheef" "wkeeee7" hehe
Anonymous said…
amethyst: t & k are the worse words and really bad so think u might get it :)

grey: lool

shosho: you are an angel :PpP

zia: be my partner we both have to quit it together :P

cece: welcome back girl..i guess driving makes u swear :)

greyshorts: 3askarie ?? why how do they swear? welcome here :)

navy girl: chill out ! girl.we are learning how to swear o bs :P

shather: ahhh ur an angel then..join are devils team :P
sis4you said…
u know my swear words, coz u see me doing it everyday. I hate myself for it. Now Moon is learning the words!!!
Hate IT!!! But when she annoys me I use the words on her, I never did b4 but work makes u ugly evil mother!
loya said…
my all time favorite :P
Anonymous said…
what is the T AND K in arabic...:P

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