Phone Bell

This video is of a song that was ringing on almost every mobile phone here in Kuwait a few months back. The first video is the latest remix version and the second video is the original song I believe which dates back sometimes in 1970's if I am not mistaken (thats my guess) looking at the black and white video.

I like the first song but not the video. I have watched it twice and still trying to figure what the girl is up to :p The second video is just too outdated I could not allow my ears to listen to it for more than a few seconds.

First Video (remix):

Second Video (original):


Amethyst said…
Since, I don't understand the lyrics, I can't judge. Both videos suck. The lady's voice in the second one is disturbing;\
amethyst: well its the music that is in the beginning of the song that was used by most of the mobile users as a ring tone. You don't have to listen to the lyrics!
'Grey' said…
I got fastelco at work ! not enough speed , *sigh*
Navy Girl said…
neah 7ada not my type !
Oh I hate such videos where girls look so stupid OMG!
LoL don't laugh at the old vid it's a classic looool!
navy: I know :D

shayouma: Me too I hate such girls too :/ I have too laugh they are so not my type!

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