It's ugly, it's mean, it's rude, it's deadly
It's a contagious disease that is caught so easily
It can start out as just a rude insult then turn to violence or death
It could happen to you it has already happened to many already
Don't be a victim of this horrid disease
Help stop it before it's too late.


eshda3wa said…
its a fite that been going on since the beginning of time..
and it will go on till the end

all u can do is make sure that YOU as an individual are not a racist
perfecty.wordpress.com said…
eee it's so ugly. i agree with what you said.. i can't anything more to it..
Anonymous said…
Totally agree with you!
Shoush said…
Allah ykafeena shara.
Sara Gh. said…
it is one of the hardest issues to explain and to avoid explaining.
Amethyst said…
It's everywhere. As long as you are not a racist, you are okay because that's one thing I can't find myself able to change in people.
'Grey' said…
I hate it when it happens to me ... but somewhere down the line ... sometimes.... it happens ... you say or do something racist without thinking ! or is the society in Kuwait is so mixed .... everything is so complex ... words ought to be said very carefully ... or else people may confuse you for Racist ... i hope you know what i am saying !
Canc3riaN said…
Grey I know what you mean

and that's true..
When a population is so diverse people tend to find it hard to avoid certain words.... sometimes like you said, the words are not of any negative intention but are perceived in such way that makes it look like an insult.... and that's also becaus when a population is so diverse words are taken very sensitively!

Anyway... "termanology" is just one side of racism.... there is also all sorts of unjust discriminations.

chikapappi said…
yes I think it went too far !! :@
Ali said…
the problem is everyone is calling for wi7da wa6ania the way he likes it ... if you do anything which doesn't match someone else's agenda ... they call it racism and tafriqa!!! i mean when we want to fix the problem we have to be motivated towards the overall good of people not the hidden agenda every party has

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ammaro.com said…
many people do it without realizing. ever treat the indians around you as lesser people? the asians? the syrians/lebanese? in the end, they are people too, and it still racism. its not just about black and white.
Anonymous said…
eshda3wa: I totally agree that we have to remove the racism from us before pointing at others.

perfecty & shosho: thanks!

sara gh: it is the hardest of all! welcome here..

amethyst: we cant change anyone if they dont want to change!

grey: Oh grey I know what exactly you mean. *sad*

chika: it did!

Ali: what you said is so true..thanks for visiting my blog :)

Ammaro: we all are humans at the end!

ansam: thanks!
Ali said…
the link has been fixed
Anonymous said…
dude...absolutely right!! we need more guys like you here that have the same mind!! gr8 minds think alike...:)
cudn't agree more... its like flu fight it w/ vaccine!
peace out...
Anonymous said…
ali: thanks :)

maze: cheers mate!

orangina fadidra: peace
Nora-Cassandra said…
you are so right! i do wish such things would stop!
Sbecha said…
Thats one the best things u've wrote about.. i'd say it would be great if u got into details .. its one huge problem .. everywhere and specially here in kuwait .. Let them know that As muslims .. we should be Equal ..

I couldn't agree more ( for the First Time..lol)

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