Week End with RH3

What a great weekend and it ended so well too. After a few months I had a lovely weekend. Didn't do anything special but did alot of riding with Speedo that was so much fun. This is the only motorcycle that I really like riding - Got my self two new eyes from French Connection :p - Ate some good food - spoke to dad for 20 minutes (thats a long one specially when we talk once in a blue moon) - went to Marina Mall for their 5th Anniversary - went to my business to finish some work - and finally watched Rush Hour 3.. N I would say don't miss it!!

But before I sleep I have a question - How does it feel when you know that you don't have any bills to pay and all of a sudden you receive a call and you are told that you have to pay KD600 for such and such thing which you haven't paid? :O

For me that will be the worse thing ever to happen before the start of weekend..One of my friend is going through this situation...I feel bad for that buddy...Well I gave my full support and said to that buddy don't worry If you need that much cash I am there :D can you find a buddy like me? I loan money without salary certificate :p


Zia said…
awww what a good friend :P 5th anniversary marina mall!! ma kint adri!! was there anything special?? glad you had a good weekend!! mine was pretty good too :D ew FULL!!
Navy Girl said…
hate bills .. and i cant sleep when i know that i owe someone money !! i just feel bad !! i pay my pills ooo everything right away !!

that movie was amazing !! it was soo funny !!
shather: :P

zia: I just went there on speedo for a quick ride they had a few bicycle events going at that time..hope your coming week is good too :)

navy girl: ahh me too I hate bills and wont sleep till I pay or get it out of my statements. Thats why I am not a credit card person!
Maze said…
hmmm...and u didnt call me??
'Grey' said…
Sorry i was away ( from my PC ) ... can you lend me 1 bizillion $ pwease ! ....
maze: sorry!

grey: all is yours :) just say when and where u need it?

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