London in 6 hours

On my way back from LA last week I had a stop over for 12 hours in London. I decided to have dinner with a friend in Oxford Circus then wanted to visit as much places as I can to refresh some good old memories and got them here :]

Oxford Circus

My Bank

My First work place McDonald. I still rem by dad was so mad at me working there. He was like did I send you there to work in this place. What will people say? hehe Well honestly its the best place to work. Its so much fun I enjoyed every day I worked there on the counter till I became a Floor Manager :p

Ernest Jones - My second work place stayed there for 6 months before I moved to BT. Worked there as Sales Executive.

Southall which is also called mini India but has all cultures in this small place

I love these moped's that move around London. So cute!

Waiting for Heathrow Express!


Anonymous said…
lovely pictures I love London! Not in the sumer though.. the best time is Nov and DEc..

*Waves to Shah Rukh*
Anonymous said…
shayouma: I was about to write below that pic SK for shayouma :PpP then I was like let everyone have parts of him,hehe
forget the mopeds!! check out the colors on those buildings!! i would sooo live there!
nunu said…
great pics. wished i was there :( yeah and i loved those funny houses too!
zia said…
that's so cool that you worked at those places!! that's amazing mashallah!! I bet it taught you a lot..
OutOfReach said…
nice nice nice
*Waves to Shah Rukh*
i like that guy too :P
Great pictures man!
i luv u'r shots too. and the mopeds ;p
Amethyst said…
I love the NatWest building.
Anonymous said…
nq: Yeah I loved it too :D

nunu: you will be there soon :)

zia: the most beautiful days of my life..I learned alot!

outofreach: why all you married women like him? :p

orangina: thanks :)

amethyst: thats a really old building!

organic kuwait: welcome here..London is a beautiful city..visit it again!
Anonymous said…
navy: thanks :P
Enigma said…
i wanna go to london !! <3 said…
god i miss london... i lived there for 4 years... 4 whole years! not to mention another 3 years when i was young... ahh... i miss it... *tear*

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