Orange County, Santa Ana, LA

Wired in LA

South Coast Plaza, Santa Ana - The best and the biggest mall I have been to - Beautiful Christmas Tree, lights and hall way

Laguna Beach California - Beautiful Sunset - This is the place where the mountains end right before the coast - Great view - I loved it!

Thats my house :)


zia said…
beautiful pics mashallah :)
Amethyst said…
I love the purple skies.

Santa is coming to town soon:)
nunu said…
nice pics :)
pic no.10 is the best! i want that house!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing i love the skies!! and that shirt!!
Purplecious said…
WOW lovely pics :D

i liked tha hall way i wanna run ;p

thats your house? thakartny eb da3ayat Zain ;pPp
Stewie said…
nice shots mashalla :)

I like the christmas decorations & I think I will capture the one around the city here too :D
Navy Girl said…
mashala !! i love the clouds !! they look soo amazing !!
outkasty said…
loved the view in the last-pic, o mashallah your house is loWely =o]
Anonymous said…
I loved the pics.
Desert-Roses said…
I loved the pics....
especially the tree!!
Anonymous said…
zia: thanks :)

Amethyst: who doesnt love it :P

nunu: sorry I have already taken it,hehe

shayouma: cheers

purple: you wana run...lets have a race :D

stewie: mate..I cant wait to see the pics around london

navy girl: mashallah

outkasty: thanks, that house is my dream :PpP

cat: thanks :)

orangina: thanks and welcome here :)

desert-roses: :)
Ra7aLaH said…
loved ur house man ;p
Anonymous said…
ra7alah: hehe wana exchange :P
Intlxpatr said…
Your photos are wonderful. Your house is GORGEOUS!
Canc3riaN said…

that house just looks sooo cozy!

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