Last Years Failed Resolutions

Last year for the first time I had a few resolutions for this year that is about to end. I usually never go with the resolutions but it seems I was copying everyone who was writing it on their blogs.

So I was looking back at my last years post(Click here to view them) and I haven't achieved any resolution except one.

Honestly the post made me laugh as the only resolution I achieved was.....

...... 5) Get a new father for SPEEDO. I didn't get the father I mentioned there but I definitely got a monster :D and I truly love riding EDGE.

So who is planning for new resolutions for the coming year now? Did you plan any for this year? Share some of your resolutions here :)


Anonymous said…
LOL sis are always first ;p cuz they are always spying to tell mothers something bad about their BRO's ;)
MeeMzZ said…
OH AND SECOND HEHEHE!!;p well i wanna loose weight i'm not that fat but i wanna be fit exersize like i used to walk in the mamsha with my dad you know like old days!!;p

annnnnnd try to be nice to new ppl i'm normally rude!! not really rude honest but they see at as rude!!;p

and not to say every thing that comes to mind to the person that's infront of me...for example if i think that, that girl's nose is so big i would say that!!;p

sooo these all the things i want to achieve!!;p
Anonymous said…
welll well well sis ur RUDE j/k

and ba6a ;p j/k

and u wont loose weight ;)

and u will keep saying whatever comes to your mind :D

and yeah i guess I can joke with u, can't I?
MeeMzZ said…
broo mommy is gonna be really mad cause your making lil sis angry!!;p

you know i am gonna achieve them and your jelouse!!;p

NO you CAN'T only if your my BROOO and you admit that!!;p
Anonymous said…
KEFY I do all that I want ;p and y will I be jealous of my sis, ha?
hmmm i have a lot, i mean really A LOT ..!

but most importantly i guess is to try my best to make a positive difference in this world : )
s is for said…
no...i'm gonna share them on my blog :p
forbidden love said…
hahaha meemz "if i think that, that girl's nose is so big i would say that!!;p "
8oooowww ...

lol i have nothing to share aweehhh 7ayatee momelaaa
Cr8ivia said…
a lot
no really
aloooooooot :/
some in control
others out of my control

one for example getting a new job o akoon loving this job..
wayid :s

whats ur fashion project?:D number 2
for number 3 did u start the yr with a tear? if not then u accomplished number 3 :D
number 4 is wow
number 6 3ad kan too much did u travel to any of those countries ib hal yr? if yes the check right :P
number 7 did u get married? if not then ham accomplished

ur list was easy ..
Mar8adoosh said…
oooooooo wanaaasaaaa ok so my resolutions are :p :
1. a76 baaly 3ala nafse akthr
2. chill and take things easy
3. a3adil 9alaaaaateeeeee :(
4. arakiz ib derasty
5. ath3af shway szyada ;p
6. stop biting my nails ;p
7. a6awil sha3ry again ;p
8. at3alam shlon a9rif mithl ilawadim ;p

Balqees said…

i hate resolutions too
i never wrote on and never did one :P
i might MIGHT think about doing one this year
bs mo akeed
still in the works :P
+ i might write down easy stuff LOL
Anonymous said…
lool at least u have done one.. im gave up on my list a while ago.. the whole thing of resolution doesnt work for me
sadia said…
i just read your resolutions from last year....what fashion project?
Aurous said…
I'll plan my new year resolutions during my sunday lectures when I'm very bored :p
Anonymous said…
UmMmmmm wain abdi :P

Mine will be to stop being so
"7asasaa" 9ayra wayed bachaya oo i get emotional to fast :S

lool and the usual..loose weight, look better ..madri shino ..u now sowalef il banat hathi kekekeke
Nemo said…
me=no plans

do you think its important to make plans for 2009?

madri lesh ketabt 2010 awal shay! 9arly new months kel ma akteb el date .. akteb 2009!
Neoark said…
year resulotion? 1024x768? my resulotion same as always! a 1024x768 ;p
ZuZu said…
- amtan ,, 3al aqal o9al el 55
- atwa'6af as a part-timer
- a6awel sha3ri
- atkhala9 men chm shakh9 eb 7ayati malhom da3i
oo madriii ba3ad wayed ashya2 ;D
MeeMzZ said…
amu it happiness bro's get jelous from their sisters and sister get jelous from they brothers the only thing you have to do is GET OVER IT!! and don't act like your not jelous from me!!;p

and forbidden love we girls don't keep things on our minds it has to be said either way!!;p
Reem B. said…
loooool.... you know what's funnt about me??

i can't even remember what resolution I put last year!! Omg this is really bad! LOL
Ruby Woo said…
I didn't put new years resolutions last year, cuz I knew I won't get them done!

but, I'm planning on reaching my ideal weight as a new year resolution for next year ;p
Cloudy Stars said…
i wanna find a job! :@
Anonymous said…
I am not going to have any for this year! I never stick to them!
Anonymous said…
Wow i have lots of plans but i don't know whether i could achieve =(

1) Lose weight =P , i wish to weight 110 lbs
2) Pass all my exams with GPA 3.7 and above!(which is kinda imposible =P)

and a lot more, they will come by day =D
Anonymous said…
no resolutions... Just self-assessment constantly and depending on results some changes.
libero anima said…
hmm.. that never came to my mind ..


i wanna get my license ..
i wanna finish the story i'm writing
i will open my own business inshala
i want a high GPA
i want to go somewhere exotic
i want to participate in more volunteering activities
i want to participate in more art galleries
i want to have a great birthday=p
i want to go to the USA

ok i won't shut up =p
here's Some of the things .. now that u opened the subject .. there's alot of things that i want to do =p
i wanna stop making failed resolutions! =D

hows that for a resolution?! ;)
Fa6ma said…
I didn't post my last year's resolutions, for some reason I decided to keep them for myself. I lost them so now I dunno if I've done them..


- Weigh less than 66 KG throughout the year (I've done the under 73 KG and then the under 70 KG fa I'm gonna drop it o we'll see =p)
- Plan and make my second trip to Iran and this time go EVERYWHERE and really see EVERYTHING..
- Have my wedding.
- Not get pregnant before hajj because I wanna...
- Go to hajj!

They are plans more than resolutions, but at least stuff that are possible to achieve!!
Anonymous said…
..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..Enshallah u will :)

s is for: fine I will visit u then ;p

forbidden love: so you are bold like naughty meemz ;p

Cr8ivia: Well I achieved none of them :D only number 5 and u know about my business now ;p

Mar8adoosh: good girl :D

Balqees : good luck nyways!

ZaMaHReeR: hehe I copied others but it didnt work for me either :D

sadia: will tell ya later ;p

Aurous: LOL ur sooo bad, atleast u got a new post to write now :D

ilsul6ana: most of u here want to loose weight :D

Nemo: well I would say its good to plan but only if u will act on them :D

Neoark: interesting!

ZuZu: good luck!

MeeMzZ: OK!

Reem B.: LOL ur crazy!!

Ruby Woo: good luck then..

Cloudy Stars: inshallah :)

bsanctuary: same like me...

Zara: good luck :)

Batoul A.: sounds interesting...hope u have a nice one!

libero anima: Good luck in all u want!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: thats a gr8 one :D

Fa6ma: I wish u all the best in what ever you decide to do :)
Anonymous said…
u didn't get married dude! so #7 is done !
didn't put my finger on my new years resolutions.. still working on them, Gosh their too many...
L.R.643 said…
hmm.. i like to be spontaneous..

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