New Brand

I have been giving more hours to my business recently. With all this effort and hard work. I have got really good results. All this has given me the courage to invest more and expand the business further.

So with a few other things on my list to complete. One of them is to have a new name for my products.

Let me tell you about my business to give you a better idea on how it works. I basically import ready made garments and I have both wholesale and retail outlets. My main focus is on the retail part of the business.

I have got a few names in mind but I thought let me ask bloggers here. So what do you suggest would be a new name?


Have a nice Weekend...


MeeMzZ said…
mabroooook on your new brand and inshallah you become the next shayi3!!;p hehehe!!;p

anyways i don't know what the hell you where talk about it sound like gibrish!!;p

see after 13 days!!;p *hugs*
MeeMzZ said…
but i think you should make a polly and list your names like what you did with your bike!!;p
Anonymous said…
MeeMzz: thanks :) let me get some names then I might do the poll thing! you have a safe trip and enjoy your time...
Anonymous said…
Nemo: I need some names before I poll :D
sadia said…
how about "edge"?
Anonymous said…
Poll! What about Rider? =P
Anonymous said…
Sadia: mmm dont know...more names please :))

Zara: mmm NO :D dont mix my riding with the business!
Technogal said…
I don't have a specific name.. but I will think about it :)

Mubroook and beltawfeeeg.
Charmbracelet said…
aaah! Its very hard..I'll think wa36eek 5abar !=)
Anonymous said…
Men's garments or women's garments or children's garments?
Anonymous said…




Anonymous said…
Technogal: Allah yebarek feech o ajma3een enshallah :) please do think of some names..

Charmbracelet: please....

intlxpatr: Its mens, women and children :) thanks for the names and if you have any more please do share :)
awww mabrook :D o allah ywafgik inshallah o yakfeek shar 3youn il 7isad ;)

hmmm i like la mode which means the fashion but there is a saloon that is already called la mode : /

i'll think for more then reply later :)
Anonymous said…
Name it ILSUL6ANA :P
Anonymous said…
estilo << its the spanish for style
MeeMzZ said…
i thought about it...

how about

"Wear & Wear" or W2
Aurous said…
I can't think of anything..

name it Yanomami, I found it in one of my notes and I think it's a country or a city :p
Mabroook.. Thbe6na sawli discount =] looool ya7eb leq8iyeen 7ag el moft! :P T3ARF SHENO YA3NI MOOOOFT? :P
family stop

family wear

(the) one & only

final stop

3 in 1 / three in one .. (as in men, women n children so 3 in 1)

all in one

family world

family fashion

MWC (Men Women & Children)

family joy

hmmmmm thats it for now :P .. i'll still try to think of more :)

i came up with these names without knowing if these names are already taken/used or not : /
Anonymous said…
Not in any order:

Banana Leaves
Colour Coded
Style shhhh
The Wardrobe
sadia said…
A&E(amu and edge)
3anooda said…
all the rage (ATR for short if u like)


au courant (french for fashionable)




Navy Girl said…
X Y Z ! wala its sounds cool lol :D

or AMU :P

lol maybe you can call it NavyGirl !! a7la name !
Yousef said…
How about The Fast Lane ;)
libero anima said…

LOL ! ..

hmmm ..

it has to bee something catchy .. like gucci ..

succi ? =p

hmm ..

what about graph ?

or ..

prim ?
Seattle dude said…
My intuition says to pick something that has more of a local kind of theme.
Anonymous said…
Amu, I really like Yousef's idea - The Fast Lane!

i like the idea of edgewear =)

bs it really depends on what kind of customers your looking for and who's your target know, swalef business ;)

maybe you can elaborate more?
Anonymous said…
Thanks a ton everyone!!!

I have finally selected a name and will announce it soon...
This Lady said…
Good luck with it! Allah iwafgik inshallah.. I voted for EdgeWear - definitely not Amu :pP

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