Shame On You NBK!!!

I am tired of mentioning how terrible banking system we have here and whats worse than that is the customer service. I have to deal with NBK a lot usually as there is a few times in the month where it requires me to transfer funds to our supplier accounts for the goods.

In the beginning of last month I lost my dads ATM card and called their customer service and reported it lost. I informed them that my dad is away and the procedure I can collect the card and pin number on his behalf. I did the arrangements got the letter sent to my dad got it signed and got it back. My journey to receive the card became crazy and hectic. Below is the conversation I had with them in the last 2 days.

Yesterday to receive the card:

Me: Hi, I am here to receive the card. *Pass the necessary authorisation letters they requested*
NBK: Please have a seat. We will call you shortly.
*after 5 minutes*
NBK: Sir, here is your card but we cant give you the pin number as it requires another letter.
Me: Well I was informed that 1 letter from my father would do the needful.
NBK: No!! this letter states that please give you the ATM card and pin number but as we have a new process in order where we dont issue you a pin number and you select your personalised pin number so you have to get a new letter.
Me: Well I wasnt informed about this when I reported lost for the ATM card.
NBK: *ignoring to what I have said* but you have to bring the new letter.
Me: Ok!! thanks...

As I walk out I call the customer service asking them why wasnt I informed about the new description that needed to be mentioned in the letter and they inform me to go and complain to the nearest branch about this and I cant select my new pin from any of the branches. I visit 2 more branches and was informed that their system to issue pin number is down and I should visit them tomorrow.

Today Morning I visit the nearest NBK branch to select the pin and the person informs me that as my letter is adressed to the HO branch I have to visit them.

Today Morning at NBK HO....

Me: Hi...I am here to select the pin number as I received the ATM card yesterday and I believe your system was down yesterday so I couldnt select the pin.
NBK: Takes the documents from me and disappears for 5 mins.
*after 5 minutes*
NBK: Sir would you like to come with me...
*he takes me to the same person I ended up with yesterday*
NBK: I informed you yesterday that you need a new letter.
Me: Well I called your customer survice and they asked me to go to your nearest branch and complain about you to a manager there as this letter is good to choose the pin number.
NBK: No its not...
Me: Can I speak to the Manager?
*points me to the direction where the manager sits*
Me: again repeating all what I have said so far to the manager.
NBK: well we have a different format to receive the pin code.
Me: *really pissed at this point* Well why wasnt I informed about this earlier. You think its a joke to go from one place to another and I have informed you that my dad is not around at present and I have to send him the letter every time you ask for new letters.
NBK: well you should call the customer service again and complain about them informing you wrong.
*shocked, disapointed at the bloody bank* I walked out of her office went to the guy he calls a few places to check if there is such letter that exists in the organisation. Finally finds his way to get that letter and gives me the print.
Me: I have a blank paper with my dads signature on it. Can I print this on that and bring it again.
NBK: No you need to send this letter and get it signed.
Me: Thank you...
*I walk out of the bank angry*

I reach my work and ask my secretary to write the text that they have given me on the blank paper where I have my dads signature. Once its done I drive back to the nearest NBK. As the nearest one at that time was in Ardiya which I have never seen I call the F***** up customer service again asking them for the address of their branch location in Ardiya.

Me: Hi.. I am lost in Ardiya looking for your branch here. Can you please tell me which block is it located in?
NBK: Sir, its located on street number 50.
Me: Since when in kuwait we started following street numbers leaving the block address as they are not properly labelled on most of the streets. Can you tell me which block is it in?
NBK: Sir, I dont have that on the system but can you wait I will check it for you...
Me: Sure!
*after 2 minutes*
NBK: sorry to keep you waiting, We dont have the block address but its located near the central cooperative next to the Hardees Restaurant.
Me: I am telling you that I am lost in the area and how do you think I will find hardees in 12 different blocks when I dont even know the block number.
NBK: Sorry sir but we dont have the address and the one I am telling you is after asking a few collegues that are working with me.
Me: Ok thanks..bye...

I finally get out of the area drive to a neighbouring area branch give them the paper. This time the lady sitting there knew what she had to do and she verified the signature, I selected the signature and was out in less than 5 minutes.

WTF WTF WTF NBK....I am seriously pissed at the poor conditions around here. The banking system, the customer service, the managers its sad to know that no one knows their job. Whats shocking is that they are promoting to go and complain against their own people rather than sorting the problem. I guess its time to open a small bank in our houses rather than facing such people!!!!!


sadia said…
now i'm going back to read it ALL!
sadia said…
you know, it's the same EVERYWHERE. not just banks...and not just kuwait. it's frustrating. what happened to "the customer is always right" or "service with a smile"????
it's even worst when women are the ones behind the counter :S
sadia said…
i win the gold, silver, bronze and the consolation prize :p
Anonymous said…
Sadia: Hurray.... ;p

Sadia: go ahead :D

Sadia: Its worse in every way..I just hate it!

Sadia: hehe did you win all that for commenting 4 time :D
sadia said…
lol...yeah, i was first, second, third and fourth!
Anonymous said…
Sadia: mabroook :) make sure you keep it the same way ;p
sadia said…
i'll do my best!
must train hard to keep my record! :p
the pic is gross btw!
Anonymous said…
1st: il picture mosh momken! wee3

2nd: They now there good and you will come they dont care! why not have the customer do the work lol
o_O .. = O .. : s !!

they disgust the hell out of me !!

i'm so sorry that u had to go through all this : /
Anonymous said…
Sadia: must train hard for what? ;p btw I ahave sent 2 more...

ilsul6ana: If i had a better choice why would I go to them!

P.Anon: thanks :)
Anonymous said…
S and A, aww you two get a room =P,jk,ok i said i was jk,don't look at me in that way.No you ain't going anywhere *talk to myself*.Anyway i really feel your "anger" in front of my screen!This happen everywhere,i was lied and felt cheated and played.I used to piss at some customer services over the phone in a very harsh way.Well they deserved it.Wait until you come to Malaysia,you will jumping and screaming all the way and felt like you will kick those asses sooner or later.
Anonymous said…
NBK is trying to emulate the excellent business processes of Kuwait's Ministries.
Anonymous said…
*answer from S's blog* in Sadia blog,look at the last few lines,she wrote that some artificial flavours were even derived from cockroaches! Then i commented that i ate lots of them coz most junks i ate have artificial flavours and NO i don't eat cockroaches =P
Any time ; )

btw the pic. really suites the topic!! i mean both of them r so disgusting ;p
Anonymous said…
Zara: *gives Zara that scary look* ;p j/k

I guess its a regional issue!

Anon: Well thats not the best way they can take the things...they are loosing customers too...

Zara: got ya now ;p

P.Anon: I agree...
Anonymous said…
I think it's a world wide issue, it happen everywhere. Come live in KSA and feel it or you could read "His sweetheart" blog, lolz @ one of her post, similar issue happened to her.
MeeMzZ said…
loooooool!! ee 7ada who ever said the picture suited the topic is ru=ight!!;p HAHA
MeeMzZ said…
oh and yeah DO MY TAG!! or lil' meemz gets all angry at you!!
Mar8adoosh said…
looool maskeen walla kisart kha6ry ;p w i imagine il song in the background "ana il msaycheena ana ily ba3oony" looool ;p la bs u seem reaaly m3a9ib w i can see why they sure r annoying chan zafaythum ;p maybe kan y9er shway fun ;p
@ mar8adoosh obaai looooool wallah mawatenee mn il '67ik ; P aham shay (ana il msaicheena ana) 9ij 9ij sha5baree : P
allah ysam7ch 5alaiteenee a'3aneeha kilha ;p and now the song keeps on playing in my head over and over again .. hehehe!
libero anima said…
customer services everywhere is just down the drain if u ask me !!
i dnt know wats wrong with ppl ..

i mean if u have problems u shouldn't bring it to work with u ..

i was once at a restaurant and was talking to the manager about an issue ( btw the coffee shop is hediard ) anywaaay .. i was talking to him calmy and he kept screaming at my face !! i mean common , ur a grown man screaming at a teenager ?! WT? where are the manners ? .. sometimes ppl are so ignorant .. and i really hate scenarios based on racism .. grow up ppl ! just bcoz we're arabs , that doesn't mean we r stupid ! ..

ok sorry .. got drifted away ..=p

n sorry for the long irrelevant comment =p
Anonymous said…
NBK is the best bank in M E !

: )
Notorious said…
u see everything is going to change when i will graduate :P

I’ll open my own bank and u'll be my loyal costumer :P
thats strange!
ive never had a problem with NBK!

7athk mo shay =S
q8Honey said…
they're all like that!
Anonymous said…
want me to come and beat tha crap outta tha manager? =p

tarraa il dooo it..just for you! haha..take it eaasy..chillaax and forget these idiots =*
TOOTA said…
don't worry your not the first one and certainly not the last one!!

i feel sorry for you!!
Missy said…
ilwaaa6ny e5tyaari :P LOL
S E 7 E N said…

dude 3ayal don't open 7isab with BURGAN ..... i can live with that kind of stuff you went through HAPPY ba3ad ... inta 3ayal low itchoof BURGAN ishig ihdoomik

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