Meemz Tag

mmm like I always break the rules I will do it this time as well as it will be unfair to write about one person I will write about a few bloggers.

Anonymous, Missy, Mar8adosh, P.Anonymous, Fourme, Desert Palms, Sadia: Oh!!! you all are so cute blog buddies. I love the way you argue and fight to be number 1 always. Its like if you are not the first one to comment you will have a bad day ;p keep it up...its annoying at times but then again there is some fun in the blog world because of this!

Ansam, Intlxpatr and Technogal: You girls write good and gr8 stuff. Keep it going.....

Zon and SE7EN: Zon i feel Anonny has a crush on u and Se7en I feel Fourme has a crush on u. They are all over your blog (joking) Well you guys are gr8 mates around me and the blogs. I feel I have two supporters the day we turn against females ;p

Balqees: You are a superstar! I guess that says it all about what I think about u ;)

Nemo & Zdistrict: Your blogs are like breakfast blog to me. I open my eyes everyday reading about gadgets, cars and whats hapening around :D

BIG PEARLS: I hope you are doing well? Update us!!! I know you wont break your own set rules but we all hope you are ok!

Toota: Welcome to blogsphere and have a safe trip!

and last Meemz: you need to know this thing that I hate when girls call me BRO!!! Call me A.M.U or call me 3amer but not bro. Its one word I have hated always as I am happy with the 3 sisters I have! but u have called me and nagged about it soo many times that I finally accept u as my blog sphere sis :D ana yay finally I did your tag now can I ask you a question? ;p

I break another rule here being ur BRO that I wont tag anyone as it seems everyone is nearly tagged!


loooool .. i dont fight :P

awwww .. thank u for the sweets words *blushing*
FourMe said…
Yes Amu my soulmate will be SO happy to hear that you think I have a crush on another guy! I don't know who he'll beat up first you, me, or se7en! hehhehe nice one mate.. and I don't battle for first place I'm just up when all you people are asleep..

and you're just as 'cute' as we are :)
sadia said…
i can't help but feel your post was inspired by mine :p
desertpalms said…
hehe when have i fought for first placee =p never!

thankyouu though for mentioning me in the cute gang lool =D
Missy said…
@@ I don't fight 3ala 1st comment! ;P I fight 3ala better things hahaha
Notorious said…
lol that was cute
libero anima said…
looool !!

the trying to be the first one to comment thing was really funny =p
MeeMzZ said…
you kno that i hate you RIGHT?!

WHY? WHY? you know breaking rules are not ok if it was then i had breaked every rule in schoool!!

you know i'll make you wish you had never wrote this tag BRO cause BRO i am MEEMZ BRO i am a stuborn girl BRO...SO BRO don't tell me what you hate cause i might annoy you BROOO!! and what who said i accepted you as a blogsphere BRO?!;P J/K J/K!! you better accept me as a blogsphere sis wallah!!:P

well i'm not happy cause you BRO DIDN'T FOLLOW THE RULES!!;P well, yeah you can ask me a question!! but don't try playing this stupid ask you question game!! soo yeah can i STILL ASK YOU MY QUESTION BROOOOOOOO?!;P

daaamn my comment is kinda long!!
Omg MeeMzZ .. wallah ur sooo cute (^_^)
MeeMzZ said…
HeHe thanx p.anonymous!!;p
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
zwena said…
@@ @@ @@ @@

o ana :|

i think lazem etratheni o u buy me X1 :D
Anonymous said…
i only fight 3end FourMe :P if im 1st 3endek then its pure 9udfa :P

o ba3deen men ween yaw kil hatheel !! kilhom 1st :|

ZON :| me? crush/? did you see how i treat him ? :P

zooooooooon yengalik i have a crush on you :P
S E 7 E N said…
ooooooooooh some1 has a crush on me

FourMe tonight il sa3a 9 pm starbucks il bidi3 ana ile 7ad warda 7amra ib mokhbaty ;P
Nemo said…
loool @ this post
+ lool @ Meemz

MeeMzZ u welcome sweety ;)
Ansam said…
I dont understand this tag LOL but thanks for your kind words :-D
Anonymous said…
..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..: well you interrogate in a different way ;p

FourMe: well I got my 2 buddies to save me ;p I hope hey wont leave me and run where ur soul mate is coming to hit me with a slipper ;p

sadia: well I had it long back in mind ;p is it like great minds think alike!

desertpalms: you really think that gang is cute? ;p

Missy: Like what? ;p

Notorious: thanks!

libero anima: :)

MeeMzZ: WELL YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ASK ME ANY THING!!! O KEFYYYYY ;P and hate me as much as u can ;) now ur my registered sis!!! and I break the rules cuz KEFYYY again ;p
and ya ya ya ...

zwena: you are special you dont have to be with the naughty gang ;p

P.S I forgot to add u there I am sorry! ;p

Anonymous: hehe look u both are so happy and Zon is so shy that he didnt even comment till now ;p

S E 7 E N : kaaaaaak @ warda 7amra..

Nemo: hehe...

Ansam: it was some crazy tag by meemz ;p ur welcome :)
Balqees said…

that was so so so so so so sweeeeeeeeeeeet
thnx sweeti :)

dude don't suck up no crown :P
sadia said…
well...if you put it like that, then i'll let it go :p
Ruby Woo said…
that was nice of you..:)

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