Two Interesting Blogs

Today morning while surfing through some blogs I came across two really interesting blogs and thought of sharing with you all.

If you are interested in some nice photography from Kuwait and around the world then visit BuYousef.

and as most of my readers are bookaholics here is Library Corner.


Oh yeah i know abt BuYousef's blog i always check it from time to time : )

and thanks a lot for sharing the other blog since im addicted to reading :p
will check it once im on my laptop inshallah ; )
MeeMzZ said…
i like buyousef's one!!;p thanks for sharing BROO

Thanks... They are great

You spoke of bookaholism as if it were a disease :P
Anonymous said…
eshda3wa sawlina d3aia too :P
ya36eek il 3afya.. will check them enshallah :)
Zon, blogik ash-har mn nar 3ala 3alam ; D
sadia said…
i'm already a regular at buyousef's! ;p
will check out the other one inshallah!
libero anima said…
loved Buyousef's pictures ..
they are really amazing ...
Enchanted said…
Allaah ! books ! Me Love =p thnxx
loved the library corner!

i always find it difficult to get proper reviews on books!

thanks for sharing =D
Cloudy Stars said…
thanks for sharing amu:D
Anonymous said…
Thank you AMU for the nice review and recommendation. Thank you also to everyone's nice comments above.

Library Corner is my wife's blog. I will tell her about this recommendation.

ps your blog is on my reading list now.
Anonymous said…
Mashalla..both are great blogs! 5e9oo9an the book club, I luv reading! oo a7eb agra reviews to now what to read next :) Thanks AMU!
Anonymous said…
I was aware of BuYousef's blogs, and am a regular visitor, but oh WOW! Library Corner is a wonderful blog! Thank you, Amu for pointing me toward a blog I never knew existed!
Anonymous said…
..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..: you are welcome :)

Nemo: welcome :)

MeeMzZ: you are not welcome sis ;p

Sham3at Al Jillas: well I am not into books so for me it is ;p

ZaMaHReeR: Allah ye3afeek ... so I should put u as my header or footer of the page in advertisement ;p

sadia: you should check it out!

libero anima: glad you liked them..

Enchanted: :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: now you know where to go :)

Cloudy Stars: you are welcome! you are welcome mate..I didnt do blog says it all :) you both are doing a great job!

ilsul6ana: thats great...

intlxpatr: You are welcome :)
Anonymous said…
I'm a bookworm :D
Anonymous said…
Thanks AMU. I appreciate your post about LibraryCorner and the positive comments - especially since I only started recently. It makes it worthwhile.

It's always nice to have new visitors and I appreciate the advertising :)

Thanks for all the wonderful comments by everyone and I hope you keep coming back.
A Journal Entry said…
oh i love buyoufes's blog!
il pics that he posts are amazing!

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