How Beer Works Click Here

P.S Meeemz I didn't forget your tag but still thinking who to write about as my blog roll is pretty long :D


sadia said…
easy, write about me :p
Anonymous said…
Sadia: enshallah ... ;p

Nemo: :D
Unfortunately i wont be able to see it now since im connected via my mobile phone : /
once im on my laptop will check it out inshallah ; )
Anonymous said…
haha yabila beer :P
7ada cool mate :)
Anonymous said…
U need much much more than that
MeeMzZ said…
LOOOOL AHAM SHAY THE BEER THING!!;p looool wallah the last part!!;p

and btw...i was just about to scream at you!! but since you didn't forget imsam7tik well it's easy there are a million bloggers OTHER THAN SADIA!!:p j/k j/k!! but i picked you because i know who ever your gonna pick is a very great person!!;p good luck choosing that person!!:P

Anonymous said…
i feel sorry for the 1st woman...ya3ni she KNOWS theyve only hired her cuz shes ugly

=/ loooooooool poor thing!
TOOTA said…
LOOOOOL...i like the commerical but the last last part no comment... haha
what tag is that meemz?;p you know what forget i asked that i'll cheak your blog!!;p
S E 7 E N said…
hahahahahahahahahahaha niiiiiiiiice :)
Technogal said…
LoooooooL I like it!!!
so that means no drinks or you'll turn into pig XD got it captain !

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