Weekend Mixture and Cold

This weekend has officially given us the sign that the weather is cold now. It was damn cold yesterday morning when I went for a ride. I couldn't feel my hands or feet after I came back home. They were numb and I felt would break into pieces if anyone hits on them. Even with all this gear on I was freezing. I still kept on riding with a friend for few hours and it was fun like always. After I reached home I stayed under the shower till the hot water finished in the tank. I needed more...

Sleeping is my new hobby. I slept at 8pm last night and woke up at 7am and still wouldn't mind in sleeping more if I got the chance. I did mention in some post few days back that I just sleep for 6 hours in a day and now its double the hours and still not enough!!!

What else did I do over the weekend? mmmmm *thinking*

I have been eating a lot. Thanks to C2 ;) . All we do is eat/drink(hot chocolate and coolers) and then we walk like there is no tomorrow to loose a few kilos and then again we get back to our food. Its fun though as its a new routine for me.

Finally, C1 took C2 to the Animal Friends League over the weekend. C1 is starting to like dogs and C2 was over the moon to see all those little puppies. Not to mention the way she got scared when she entered the place as the dogs kinda jumped on her.

and yeaHHH I am C3 the driver :D

It was a cold, fun and relaxing weekend.


sadia said…
lol...c3, make your move!
..::Amu::.. said…
Sadia: what move? C3 is just enjoying the scene!!! @@
Nemo said…
glad u had fun :)
*and i need to sleep!*
Awww thats so sweeet of u c3 X D

well yeah the temp. yesterday was 2c at 6 am so it was so damn cold 5a9atan ur riding so with all the wind blowing which makes it worse!

oh and im so glad to hear that c1 and c2 worked it out : D
Charmbracelet said…
aham shay il tummy!!=)
And omg so its not only me who over slept yesterday that i missed my daily routine:/
i guess we can blame it on the weather hehe : P

noom il 3awafee : D
..::Amu::.. said…
Nemo: didn't u get to sleep enough in the 9 days ;p?

P.Anon: thanks :) y3afich...

Charmbracelet: hehe its all about food :D
MeeMzZ said…
ewww c3 is a lame name!!;p anyways c3 i am happy for your friends ohh and c3 c3 c3 c3 sleeping is not a hobby!! mom says it's not a hobby

and you better lose weight cause it ain't cool being fat!!;p STRIKE ONEE!!;p hehehe

stike one means in your face, got yeah!!

i still wanna ask my question you know!!;p

i almost forgot to add a BROO!!;P
Zara said…
Wow nice weekend. I need extra sleep too *yawn*

PS Lol @ the the pic, the way you draw the smiley is so cute =P
Reem B. said…
LOL... so C3, how you doing :P ?

Anyway... let's talk about sleep. I WANNA FIX MY SLEEEEEEEP. I wanna get myself into the habbit of sleeping early and waking up early! I am sick of not wanting to wake up and hitting the snooze button ten times every morning!

libero anima said…
pooooor c3 ... XD

i just got the feeling of wanting to go and drive too .. i need to get my head out of this stupid laptop !

*throwing it on the floor and jumping on it .. and then remembering that i have 4 freakin assignment to finish so i put it back on my lap*

ok that was lame -_-'
Aurous said…
so your new name is C3? :p

There is nothing more satisfying than sleep when the weather is cold ;)
baaaaaad amu!

have you not read zon's post on sleep? ;Pp
Mar8adoosh said…
i slept for 5 hours !! ;p hate u ;p
Ansam said…
3alaik bel3afia el fun :-) hehehe
you know its not even 11 and I want lunch! LOL
ZaMaHReeR said…
amu china il bike huge wila ytrawali?
cuz qabil ma kanat chethi.. is it bigger than the other bikes?
ee and were you showing off in my blog lama etqol you sleep for 6-7 hrs.. right now u sleep for 11 hr :P
..::Amu::.. said…
MeeMzZ: I am not FAT @@@@@

Zara: Seems like I was the only one who slept well!

Cloudy Stars: thanks :)

Reem B.: take panadol night!

libero anima: your poor laptop ;p I am sure he is scared of u now :D

Aurous: No its just in that story ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: I did but all this started after his post ;p

Mar8adoosh: awww u will sleep more once u get here :D

Ansam: hehe and you know I just had a big breakfast and am invited for a lunch today :D

ZaMaHReeR: la mo huge you just feel it in the pic :)

btw it just happened over the weekend...I guess I must be really exhausted to sleep that much :D
bsanctuary said…
There's nothing better that cold weather and hot chocolate!

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