Quote to all...

You punch me, I punch back. I do not believe it's good for ones self-respect to be a punching bag.

~Edward Koch

I am disappointed at the way few blogger treat others while commenting. We laugh, we joke, we share our good and bad but there is a point when it comes to our respect. There is a line we all should not cross. We all need to be equally respected. If one does not know how to respect another blogger they should not attack or refer him/her in any way. It's crossing limits now...

Respect Us to Respect You!!!

Do you all agree with me on this?


oh and i totally agree with what u said Amu .. there are limits that we should never cross not even jokingly :)
very well said *applause*
chikapappi said…
well, yes what you said is true but sometime bloggers ask for it, while posting on some certain topic, some tend to be mean hence they get it.. I do not tolerate racism you know that but even though, I try to be as diplomatic as possible :)

you remember when one bloggerette left a bad comment and I went insane? Now that pissed me off and I think that blogger - bloggerette should be ignored for a while.
MeeMzZ said…
oky one question who disrespected the other did i miss a cat fight?!;p

wait wait wait...i'm just curious did i do something wrong to my bro?!;p

oky here is when i say i agree with you for the first time!!;p hehehee
Anonymous said…
P.Anon & A Journal Entry: thanks :)

Chikapappi: that's the thing we do not mind negative comments but they need to be in a limit and in line of respect.

Well I have adopted that ignoring option for sometime now but still some just don't get it!
MeeMzZ said…
hey and make sure you post something tomorrow cause i'll be saying goodbye to my one and only bro!!;p
Anonymous said…
Meemz: lol no there was no cat fight :) and u didnt do anything wrong little sis...just have a safe trip and enjoy ur time :)

Charmbracelet: thanks :)
sadia said…
oooh...i hope i never hurt anyone!
forgive me if i did.
Anonymous said…
Hands up, legs up agree!
Cloudy Stars said…
i agree with u
bs did i upset u ib a comment or shay?
Navy Girl said…
umm i dont know what the hell are you talking about man .. cuz i know i've been away for a while oo things got different shwya :D

so yeah if you saw a stupid blogger with bad attitude .. just ignore him and delete his comments !
Technogal said…
I do extremely agree with you!
The Criticizer said…
No doubt that we all agree but there will always be @$$holes who tend to irritate others.
kella met2a5er said…
When? where? and who?

Dude, 6annish..ta3ish!
Ruby Woo said…
There's a thin line between criticizing and offending..
Anonymous said…
libero anima: thanks :)

sadia: No it wasn't you :)))

FourMe: thanks :)

Zara: LOL @ legs up!

B: thanks :)

Aurous: :)

Cloudy Stars: No you didn't :)

Navy Girl: you are always lost!

Technogal: thanks :)

The Criticizer: I agree and esp a few new blogger!

kella met2a5er: LOL will tell ya all about it :D

Ruby Woo: that's what they need to be aware about :)
Neoark said…
noo.... i just had internet drama, maby experienced one in blog :(

kafyeeni tha`36 >.<

totally agreeing
Anonymous said…
I agree, there needs to be limits.
and thats why there was get to terms with it a while back =)

ps: i apologize etha sawwait shay thayegk =(

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