Sunrise 31 Dec 2008

I woke up early today morning like always and was out by 6AM. I walked by the seaside for few minutes and then finally took few pics of the Sunrise.

I wish all of you A Happy New Year and hope the coming year brings all of us happiness and good health. Lets together make the world a better place to live.

See you all in the new year :)


S E 7 E N said…
walla see you next year buddy :) .... anything special for tonight ????
Anonymous said…
Wooo HOOOO, Amu! Look at that cloud, it looks like the Hand of God reaching down, maybe if God was wearing a mitten or a glove! :-)

I wish for you a sweet helpmate and partner in the coming year. Happy Happy New Year, Amu.
Karamilah said…
happy new year to u too
Thaanks! And the same to you too =]
Same to u Amu : D

btw the pic's are breath taking :D

just amazing .. *sigh*

i need to see more of ur hidden talents, meaning more of ur amazing pic's ; )
nameless said…
3adil! .. its great to have a pic of "the last sunrise in 2008" .. gawak alah
watcha doin tonight?
Anonymous said…
Lovely pictures. The secound is very good mshallah.
Happy new year to you too :)
sadia said…
gorgeous pics amu!
and happy new year to you!
Nemo said…
wish you a very happy new year :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pics, I love them!
Happy New Year for you hun!
Squirreliya said…
haappy new yeaar :)
Anonymous said…
wallah nice shots!!
hope that 2009 will fill ur heart with all the joy & the hapiness ^__^
The Extravagate said…
the pics are breathtaking

Happy new year to you and to all readers :))
Navy Girl said…
wow man that looks awesome !! in my way back the clouds looked totally different was so amazing .. i'll show you later ;P
Anonymous said…
chikapappi: thanks and same to you :)

S E 7 E N: Nothing special I am at home relaxing, what about you?

intlxpatr: I just noticed and both the pictured do look like that :)

btw thanks for the wishes ;p and happy new year to you too..

Karamilah: same to you..

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy: thanks..

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..: thanks for liking the pics :)

nameless: Allah gaweek...

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: Nothing and u? ;p

byteofcoffee: thanks for liking them :)

sadia: same to you sadia: :)

Nemo: Same to you NeMo:)

Zara: thanks zara...

Squirreliya: thanks :)

Venus: same to you venus..

The Extravagate: thanks :)

Navy Girl: I bet you never took the pics ;p
MeeMzZ said…

since i'm coming home i think i should plan something reaaaal bad so mom could make you stay home all day in other words ground you!!;p so you would hate the beging of a new year

mmmm...but what would that thing be i'll think about it in the airplan i'm sure i could come up with something!!;p
Anonymous said…
Wallah 6ala3t mo7taref ta9wer.. y6la3 minh il Nikon :P
Mashallah.. keep up the good work mate.
Anonymous said…
who's meshmesh?
PaLoMiNo said…
MacaholiQ8 said…
Beautiful. Happy New Year man... hope 2009 brings happiness and prosperity to you.. and ride safely.
Navy Girl said…
ya shagol wala i did :@
Navy Girl said…
you know what ? lets make a bet ! watch ya gonna do if i do really have those pics ??? ha :@
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year to you and your readers.
Khayala said…
Happy new year .

beautiful pics , very well taken.
Pourqoui said…
happy new yr and i just wanted to say that i love ur blog and i've been reading it all from the first post w u were one of the bloggers that made me feel i should start my own :)
Happy new year dear!
Love the pics!
B said…
Stunning View!

have a healthy and happy 2009!
Anonymous said…
MeeMzZ: hehe you are such a naughty sis ;p

ZoN: thanks :)

Anonymous: excuse me?????

A Journal Entry: thanks :)

PaLoMiNo: thanks :)

MacaholiQ8: thanks mate..hope you have a nice one too!

Navy Girl: show me, I wana see them :D thanks and hope you have a nice one with family :)

Khayala: thanks:) and welcome here!

Pourqoui: aww welcome to blog sphere and thanks for passing by :)

Music, Happiness, Love: thanks!

PHILYRA: thanks and same here :) welcome here!

B: thanks for liking the pics :)
Rashid said…
Endorsment: Please visit my blog:
another blog written by a guy so you can get a guys point of view ;)

Im sorry to use your blog to endorse mine bes shasawee ur famous :p
oo tara blogik 3ajeeeb! kil youm agra mashallah.
LiLaCs said…
Oh wow, the pictures are terrific!
Ansam said…
This post reminded me of intlxpatr's Good Morning Kuwait posts hehehehe

Nice pics :-)
Think-Become said…
happy belated new year, and amazing sunrise mashalla....
Happy New Year!!!!!

I said it first!! :D

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