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There is something missing in my daily life. All of a sudden over the weekend I have started to feel that there is something bad coming my way. I was kinda scared over the weekend. I acted strange at different times. I apologized to someone who I felt I might have hurt in past. I spoke to my mom. I decided to pay Zakat on my income. I did everything that could make me feel better but inside me there is something that is bothering me. I woke up today morning I prayed even though it was late. I was driving to work in the morning and saw all these bad accidents on the road. I felt like it was the day of judgment with all the chaos on the road. I don't know really the reason behind me feeling so blue but there is something not happening well and I have to figure that out...


Mako ila il 3afyaa inshallah ..

just stick to ur prayers n pray them on time ..
and i hope all these bad feelings fade away : /

hope u feel better soon Amu ..
Oh and la t5alee iblees ywaswslk these bad thoughts !
Tafa2alo bil 5ayr tajidoh : )

keep on saying athkar il 9aba7 wil masa2 ..

o allah il 7af'6 inshalla .. 3asallah ya7f'6k mn kil shar !
Anonymous said…
Inshallah everything will be fine. Don't worry just pray. I hope you get over this blues soon. I'm sure nothing is going to happen to you hun =)
Nemo said…
edfa3 9adaqa whenever you wakeup o 7as enek mo merta7 .. thats it

inshalla mafi ila kel khair
Anonymous said…
OMG! Amss i was talking to my friend and teliing her the exact same thing! Allah yaster!
kella met2a5er said…
Dude, you are PMS-ing..LooooL, just give your self a week...hehe


Te3awwath min iblees, and go on your bike and take a lo0o0oOng ride on the high way, it will clear your mind..

And keep praying..
Grey said…
Shaadi karo bhayya ... sab teek hoyega ... sacchi ! say it by experience.
A Journal Entry said…
enshallah mako ila il 3afya.. it's just one of those days..
Kuwait-Moda said…
ta3awath men ebless, mako ella el3afia enshala, 9al rek3etain o edfa3 chm dinar 7g elmesakeen, daf3at bala2, o enshala tet3adal nafsetek :)
Technogal said…
Everything will be just fine amu.. ta3awath min Ebleees :) mako elaa el3afia.. sometimes stress could make you feel this way. so calm down & read quran and hopefully you'll feel better.
Anonymous said…
Making prayers when you awake is always a good thing. :-)

Amu, we are told not to worry. We are told that our great Creator is in charge of all things.

The Devil is the father of anxiety and worries, he is the Father of Lies. When you worry, you are worried about things that are wisps and fantasies - that feeling can bring you down. It's not part of who you are.

Pay zakat. Pray - those are good things. Do not let the devil whisper in your ear and make you fearful!
Aurous said…
et3awath mn eblees
enshallah mako ella el3afya :)
Anonymous said…
Repeat "7asbya allah la elah ela ho 3alaih tawakalt waho rab el3arsh el3a'6eem" .. it cures depression
ZuZu said…
el9adaqa ra7 t3adel ur mood ;)
yea...that happens to me sometimes =S
feeling 7adda wai3 =(

it usually goes away after i do something exciting...u know reading a good book or going somewhere cool

hope you feel better soon bro =D
Nooni said…
te3awath min ebleees... usually when something happens like that to me i think if i ever hurted someone .. even if it was saying no to something i didn't want at that time that might hurt someone.
Neoark said…
I had a dream, meaning of dream was I have to avoid conflicts, I understood it after I gotten 2 damn unpleasant events.

you see, during this time, punishments, everything will turn against ya.

avoid been punished >.>
Anonymous said…
Am guessing it's Anas slide last weekend :-)
Mar8adoosh said…
igra ilma3oothataain :)
Ansam said…
hopefully its a phase you will get out of soooooon :-)
We go to sleep each night, not knowing if we will get up the next morning even though we have the asinine convention that we will, that we will get a sign when it's time to die. In truth, none of us is that special. A bad feeling doesn't indicate the end of something; it might only indicate you're going through some internal crisis. I'm guessing an unknown need to be fulfilled.

I'm sorry if I sounded hauty tauty, it's not my intention.

About 6 months ago, all my siblings (5 in all) dreamed bad dreams about me, in the same night. I went, this is it, I'm going to die tomorrow. I wasted about a week of my life terrified of what might happen. Nothing happened.

And now a few weeks back, I woke up to find 2 lumps close to my breast (hopefully it's nothing, and let’s hope somewhere that cancer is not hereditary. Since almost everyone related to me have died of cancer or a complication of its treatment) and you see this time, nobody had bad dreams about me.

A bad feeling doesn't indicate the coming of something bad. Bad things just tend to happen with hardly any indication. And if an indication was present, then it was purely coincidental.

Allah yktblik ely fyh 5yrah :) and insh'Allah it'll pass.
I just sounded like a total A-hole. That's what happens when I run out of coffee.

The final point: Good luck! And hopefully it'll pass :)
sadia said…
ditto p.anonymous!
This Lady said…
It happens to us all.. Sometimes I feel like "This is going to be a bad day", and it does end up a bad day, but only because of my crappy mood..

Don't think about it, its probably just a bit of a down mood..
Anonymous said…
we all go through that sometimes... don't worry and Amu you have to think positive... everything will be ok inshalla.. hope you feel better soon:)
libero anima said…
duuuuude ! we all get those kinda days ..
bss aham shaiy that u dnt keep thinking about it a lot ..

and as P.Anonymous said akther men el do3aaa2 ..

i dnt wanna scare u , but i believe that each day should be lived as if it's ur last ..
Navy Girl said…
ahm shy papa 3oood 9ara7a lol :D

amuooo la ykon you did what i told you not to ??? my god if you did your totally hopeless and useless !!! oh and i'm pretty mad at u !!
The Extravagate said…
I think sometimes you need days like that to remind you that this life isn’t permanent and we need to spend every day wisely …
Squirreliya said…
ta3awath mn eblees w enshAllah mako ela kel khair..
Ruby Woo said…
Ta3awath min iblees..

and better prepared than sorry!
S E 7 E N said…
igra il mo3awithat oo mako ila il 3afiya inshala :)
Anonymous said…
..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..: Allah ye3afich..thanks :)

Zara, Nemo: thanks :)

ilsul6ana: la I guess its just the weather ;p

kella met2a5er: I did and it worked :D

Grey: LOL you cracked me on that ;p

A Journal Entry: yeah el7emdella I am feeling better now :)

Kuwait-Moda: thanks for passing by, I feel much better now :)

Technogal: I did and I feel better now :)

intlxpatr: you know your comments are always so straight and beautiful :) thanksss

Aurous: Allah ye3afich :)

Anonymous: I did..thanks!

ZuZu: it did.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: I am feeling better thanks :)

Nooni: I did that too...

Neoark: I will...

theadrenalinefix.com: no I am always prepared for that sort of action ;p

Mar8adoosh: enshallah :)

Ansam: I hope soo...

8-bits of Coffee: I hope it all passes by soon...and the lumps on your breast are nothing bad...thanks for passing by and dont be sorry...sometimes its good to let it out :) and ya welcome here!

sadia: thanks :)

This Lady: I am trying to change my surroundings!

purelyorchid: I will ... thanks :)

libero anima: thanks for the care!

Navy Girl: mmmm you are soo sweet ;p

The Extravagate: I totally agree!

Squirreliya: enshallah..

Ruby Woo: thanks :)

S E 7 E N: Allah ye3afeek :)

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