60 Seconds of Silence and More

Till when will we Muslims take this blame on us for being terrorists?

Till when will our voices not be heard?

Till when will we be blamed?

Till when will innocent lives be taken on the name of terrorism?

Its now time not to shout slogans on the streets, or to write on blogs or to speak to the world leaders....Its now time for all the caring nations to stand up and unite and show the rest of the world that we are not weak!

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Anonymous said…
9a7 elsanik.. la hent 3al kalam il6aib.
I already e-mailed the CNN, and BBC.. 9ij mara7 tafreq ma3ahom bs 3ashan a6ali3 7arety.
320 ppl died in Gaza and 2 in Israel!!
"Top Israeli officials have vowed to continue attacks on militant group Hamas, as Israeli air strikes pounded the Gaza Strip for a third day." this one makes me laugh :D
Livingmylife said…
i got goose bumps just reading this ;(
The Extravagate said…
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The Extravagate said…
the question is when will we act on what we say ?

i've been hearing the same thing since forever but nothing ever changes EVER ...
we're strong CHECK
We're Rich Check
We're Millions of ppl Check
But are we Serious NEVER ,,,

sometimes i think the only thing we're good at is talking we never act on it girls arent allowed to go since their girls o as they say their place is in their homes .. guys are soo cought up with their lives going cazy ready to die for driving so fast but scared to death to go and fight for our fellow muslims ..

i got nothing to say '3ir 7sbi alla wa n3ma elwakil ... o alla ynte8m mnhom o yhdhom jamee3
Anonymous said…
I don't remember the Muslim street standing up for us when we got invaded.
the picture is heartbreaking
ur completely %100 right !! *sigh*

couldn't have said it better myself !
Technogal said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Technogal said…
Wallah 9idagt amu.. Allah ykoon eb3onhoomm!
S E 7 E N said…
said it before and will say it again

1 DAY INSHALLA ... yoomhoom yah
ZuZu said…
allah y3eenhum ;(
Mshkela net7acha aw la'a, nafs el shay =[
Mar8adoosh said…
allah ykon ib 3onhum misakeen
ams bil jareeda naas yaybeen hayfaa2 wahby w nas ib '3aza mayteen 3nduhum majzara !
Anonymous said…
=( Inshallah one day everyone will realize...Nice post!
Grey said…
I have no words to say ...there is innocent blood being shed ... when the leaders have failed ... only i hope God will step in and stop this madness before it gets out of hand.
Navy Girl said…
i have nothing to say .. it would be very silly to wish peace .. i think its impossible !
i think the archive you wirte is very good, but i think it will be better if you can say more..hehe,love your blog,,,

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